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I Shall Never Love Again

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4 year old Julius is sitting at home with his babysitter, when he gets the news about his parents.(Oneshot)

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"What do you want to watch?" The voice that spoke was so sweet and soft. It belonged to a red head girl. She was in her late teens. Sixteen to be exact. She sat on a comfy blue couch with a little blonde boy leaning against her, he was four almost five. Every time she was over, which was often, he did this. Not because he was always tired. Actually he was never tired, well not when she was around. He leaned against her because that was what he liked to do. He didn't have a crush on her or anything. He was just a very affectionate little boy. He always liked to be close to people. The girl remembered when she had first applied for the job of being his babysitter. She remembered this one thing his dad had said. He said it right before he and his wife had first left their little boy alone with her, "Oh and Sarah. Julius is a very touchy person. He's not emotional. He just likes to be close to people." It was true at first she didn't realized how true it was, but she found out soon. He never liked to be alone. Even if she was just getting up for a drink he would follow her.

He loved everyone, sometimes he would go hug complete strangers, but he really loved his parents. Every time his parents had to leave Sarah would have to pull him off of them. It wasn't easy, he always had a firm grip on his mom or his dad's legs. Once they had left he couldn't wait for them to get back. Whenever he heard a car outside he would run to the window to see if it was them. Sarah thought it was cute.

However Julius could really be a pain sometimes. At night he wouldn't go to bed until his parents got home. So if it got really late Sarah would have to do the one thing that put Julius to sleep no matter what. She would play with the little hairs at the back of his neck. At first it would make him relax, then he would fall asleep.

In his high pitched voice Julius said, "Cartoons."

Sarah laughed, "I know, but which one."

Julius didn't answer as he heard the faint sound of a car outside. He jumped to his feet and ran towards the huge window. The window was on the other side of the room and to get there Julius had to run through the dinning room. As he ran through the dinning room his foot hit the leg of a chair which sent him flying to the ground. Sarah jumped up "Oh my god are you okay?!"

He didn't have to answer because immediately after he fell he got back up and kept running. He jumped onto the coffee table, that was pushed up against the wall, right underneath the window. Julius stood up and moved the curtain so he could see outside. He closed the curtain and sighed.

Sarah didn't have to ask if it was them. She could tell by his body language that it wasn't them. Julius got off the table and slowly walked back to the couch. He took a deep breath as he plopped down on the couch. Sarah looked at him. It looked like his eyes were watering, but she knew that a tear wouldn't drop from his eyes.

"That was a nasty fall. Let me take a look."

His voice was full of disappointment as he said, "No. I'm fine." Sarah leaned back on the couch. She knew he would be like this for awhile. It always took him a little while to cheer up after he got his hopes up.

Three cartoons later Julius was back to his normal self. He was leaning against Sarah as the doorbell rang. Julius jumped to his feet and screamed, "It's them! They're home!" He ran to the door. He had to stand on his tippy toes to reach the doorknob. He pulled the door open, but it only opened a few inches. The chain at the top of the door was on and there was no way Julius could reach that. So he yelled for his babysitter, "Sarah!" Julius turned around to see her standing right there.

Sarah reached up, unchained the door, and opened it fully. Julius hugged the pair of legs on the other side of the door. He expected his dad to pick him up, but he didn't. "Julius." He felt Sarah trying to pull him off. At first he didn't let go, but soon it felt weird so he let go. He looked up and saw that it wasn't his dad. It was some man he had never seen before. He looked past him and saw a lady sitting on the steps, crying. His voice sounded even sadder than before as he said, "It's not them." Julius walked inside and went to shut the door, but Sarah stuck her foot in the way so it wouldn't close. Julius ignored it and walked back to the living room.

Sarah turned to the man and asked, "What can I do to help you?"

The man held out his hand. "Hi. You must be Julius' babysitter. I'm Al. I worked with his parents." He took a deep shaky breath before he continued, "There's been an incident." If Al hadn't been wearing glasses, Sarah would have seen that he had tears in his eyes.

After Al explained everything to Sarah, well everything he was allowed to tell her, all three of them walked into the living room with tears in all of their eyes. "I'll tell him." Sarah walked towards the couch where Julius was sitting, while Al and the lady that was on the steps, who had introduced herself to Sarah as, Scarlett, stood back.

Sarah knelt down in front of Julius and held his hands. She kissed one of his hands as she started. "Julius you have to go with these people."

"I can't. I'm waiting for mommy and daddy to come home. You should know that Sarah."

She took a deep breath and kissed his hands again before she continued. "Julius they're not coming home."

Julius gave her a funny look. He noticed the tears in her eyes, but thought nothing of them. "Of course they're coming home. Don't you remember what daddy said before he left." Julius stuck out his chest and tried to use a deep voice as he did a weak impression of his dad, "Julius let go of my legs. Me and your mother will be back. I promise." Julius laughed, "Silly Sarah they'll be back any moment now." Julius looked away from Sarah and backed at the TV.

"Julius look at me." He didn't he just turned the TV volume up. Sarah grabbed the remote out of his hand and turned the TV off. "Julius look at me." Julius rolled his eyes as he looked at her. "They're not coming back."

"Yes they are. He promised."

"Julius they're not coming back. It doesn't matter if he promised."

"He promised!" Julius' eyes began to water up. He didn't want to, but slowly he began to realize that they weren't coming back.

"Julius please listen to me. They're... they're de... dead."

He stood up and screamed, "NOOOOO!" He ran upstairs to his bedroom. He opened his door and yelled, "He promised!" Then he slammed his door closed.

"I'll go get him." Sarah put her hand on the railing to go upstairs, but Al put his hand on her shoulder.

"Give him some time."

"Okay." Sarah sat on the stairs and her mind went to the one thing that Al hadn't talked about. "What are you going to do at their funeral?"

"What do you mean?"

"Julius, he's going to freak out."

"Oh, he won't be attending the ceremony."

"What why?"

"Awhile ago we got to talking about what would happen if any of us died and his parents said that they wouldn't want him to go to their funeral. Not if he was young and right now he's young. They said he probably wouldn't be able to handle it, he would snap. They're probably right."

"Yeah they're probably are." Right then they heard a banging coming from upstairs. Sarah stood up, "I'll go check on him." She walked upstairs and went into Julius' room. He was sitting on his bed hitting the back of his head against the wall. "Julius stop that." He did as he was told. Sarah sat on his bed beside him. His cheeks were soaked and his eyes were red. She put her arm around him in an attempt to comfort him.

"He's a liar." Julius sounded angry.

"Who are you talking about, Julius?"

"My dad. He promised he was coming back."

"There was no way he could know that this was going to happen."

"I don't care. I hate him."

"Julius don't say that."

"Well I do."

"Obviously you don't hate him because if you hate him you wouldn't cry now that he's gone." Julius didn't say anything.

After awhile Al walked into the room and said, "We have to get going Julius."

"I'm not going anywhere!"

Al was going to say something, but Sarah talk before he did "Julius, you have to."

"No I don't."

Sarah tried to pull him up, but he hit her arm. She let him go and sat next to him. "Fine Julius you don't have to go." Julius looked up at her and gave her a weak smile. He knew she was nice and wouldn't make him do anything that he didn't want to do. Al was going to say something, but Sarah held up her hand as a sign that she knew what she was doing. Julius leaned against Sarah. She moved her hand to the back of his neck and slowly rubbed her index finger there. Soon Julius' eyes lids got heavy and he fell asleep.

Later on Julius woke up in a foreign place, later he would call this place, the academy. He looked around and saw no one. Julius sat up and hugged his knees as he cried. He promised himself that he would never love again because love only brought more pain, but later on in life when he meets a girl named Delilah Devonshire he would break that promise.
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