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Sleepless Night

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Archard lets down his guard and Sara is there patient as usual.

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The Hotel, Monday 10pm, 10.20.03

Sara woke up and realised that she was alone. She checked the bathroom and then a little annoyed that he had gone decided that he couldn't argue about her spending money on the facilities if he wasn't there. She ordered champagne and looked at the time again before sliding in to something more comfortable and checking the television guide. At least they put on the cable channels.

She had drank a bottle to herself after catching her dad before he went to work when he tried to sneak in the room at just past midnight. She looked around from the television and spotted him trying to avoid her thinking she was asleep.
"You could have left a note." Sara said sleepily. "Anything could have happened. It might have escaped your notice but I don't speak Japanese and I have no idea who I would call. I think you are being unfair, especially if I am playing your wife."

"Gomen." He said clearing his throat. "I mean I'm sorry. You were asleep and I thought it would be better to go whilst you weren't able to get involved."

"I can't get involved. I don't know anything so I mean where could I?" She sighed and put the wineglass to one side. "I don't know what's going on Archard but you have horrific scars on your body and you tell me you have killed someone, it's a lot to take in but I don't even know if you will talk about it."

"I didn't care to tell you." He said putting his jacket on the hanger and moving to the bed. "It's not something you need to know."

"Damn your hide Vortigern if you weren't so good to me for no reason I wouldn't be so curious. I'm wondering if I am some kind of gangsters token show now." She admitted. "What's to say you even are FBI if you've been up for trial here?"

"It got thrown out of court here." He told her and lay back on the bed. "It's not a court case anyone in their right mind would want. A Gaijin versus the Yakuza."

"Gaijin means you are foreign or something right? Yakuza?" She turned to look at him and wondered how he could just be so nonchalant. Then again that arrogance was what had drawn her to him in the first place.

"No one wants to involve themselves with the Yakuza. They are effectively the Japanese Mafia. I was stupid and young and I should never have got involved. It was my own fault. I just need to find this young friend of mine and get out of here before they realise I am here and come for me too." He told her. "Really I don't want to talk about it any more."

"Archard." Sara realised that he was getting short with her but she was still angry he had walked out. "At least tell me you are going next time. Maybe I was concerned."

"No one cared last time." He told her and headed through to get another shower.

Sara kept her mouth shut and flipped the television off thinking that her time here might not be easy at all. She wanted to sight see and enjoy some of the break but he wasn't going to give them chance now as he seemed angry with her for asking. She put the glass and bottle on the side and slipped into bed having changed. Archard came out in pyjamas a little while later and slid in beside her. She could smell his after-shave and it was so sexy. She sighed as she lay looking up at the ceiling listening as he did pretty much the same thing.

She must have fallen asleep at some point because she stirred hearing him mutter in his sleep. For Sara it was a few moments before she fully came to her senses. She heard him muttering for some time like maybe he was trying to calm someone down but again, she spoke none of the language and she didn't know if she should wake him up.

When he shouted himself awake she was sat there compassionate to a nightmare and waited to see what he would do. He began to cry not realising that she was there. Archard didn't ever think there would be anyone there. He was used to being alone and when she slowly moved it caused him to jump as he was shocked by her presence.

"It's okay." She said gently. "I'm not going to hurt you. I think you had a nightmare. Do you want to talk about it?"

"I don't ever want to talk about it." He said bluntly and took in several deep breaths. "It's too personal." She nodded and didn't push the issue. Maybe being here wasn't so good for his health because he seemed even more resolved to his darkest fears. She took his hand, he stiffened under her touch but she didn't care. She took a risk and moved to hold him.

Archard had numerous women touch him over the years but this, this felt different because he hadn't been able to hide that childish cry in the night. When she wrapped her arms around him but didn't move to push a kiss to him or demand anything for herself he was confused. He broke down, he didn't intend to. He didn't intend to let his fears and weakness wash over her the way it did. He was supposed to be strong, male, a figure of authority. He wasn't supposed to be crying.

"Archard." She whispered to him and held him closely. "How can anyone help if you they don't know what's wrong?"

"No one can help me. I can't even help me." He sighed after a long period of silence. "I'm sorry, I should leave you to sleep." He stood, gathered his laptop and didn't give her chance to argue. He headed to the other room to work on his own. She had not idea what he was working on.

"I want to help." She said long after he'd gone. She sighed, now she was awake too and it would be a good time to call her father. She picked up the phone and got ready too. She noticed that Archard had left his jacket on the side, his badge nearly falling out and she picked it up. "Hi dad. How's it going? Yeah it's very late here but I wanted to tell you all about the Imperial Palace..."
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