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A package arrives for the secretive Coroner. Please R&R. I learn from feedback

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The Hotel, Friday 6am, 10.24.03

They had been there all week and he'd rarely spoken about anything other than places to visit. It was turning into a holiday but it was a curiously distant one. He'd spend hours heading out but had taken her to some attractive gardens, museums, places to eat and all-manner of wonderful experiences. All of it was keeping her highly entertained but did not help her shake the feeling that something very strange was going on.

She was expecting to wake up alone, it happened that way every morning. He went to the gym, had breakfast and spent a couple of hours out with his investigations of some kind. He would return with an itinerary of amazing places, go out that afternoon and then they'd find somewhere for dinner. It was just far too nice to be all that simple, fake happiness seemed to be what fuelled him on and it confused her.

When there was a knock at the door she expected it to be Archard forgetting his swipe card to the room or something similar. What she didn't expect was the tall middle-aged man with a package in one hand and a gun pointed from the other. This was an expensive hotel and the security should be around. Her eyes betrayed her fear as he moved towards her.

"Archard." He demanded simply. "The Gaijin."

"He's not here." She said after a couple of attempts to speak finding her mouth was dry. What the hell was going on?

"Give him this." He said in poorly practised English and shoved the package to her. "Tell him to go home." He said bluntly. She took it with a shaking hand and waited until he'd left before slamming the door tightly shut and bracing herself against the door to recover.

The package was just a box and no one had even bothered to close it. Inside as she opened it was a VHS tape and she looked at the label on it. It just had a date and some Kanji she did not recognise. She guessed they must be names or something and looked at the tape, it was half way through. She sighed and slowly placed it on the side table before she sat down and took several more deep breaths.

She noticed Archard's phone on the side. He was going to be at the gym and would have probably just left. That left her with a burning curiosity as to what was on the tape. There wasn't a function to play them here and she hadn't made any friends that she could ask so she poked at the black plastic case of the VHS tape and moved it gently with a hotel pen. She knew better than to get her fingerprints on it. He worked in a sterile place where the CSI's would remove fingerprints etc. She thought he'd probably do that. She didn't want to have him angry with her.

The tape fell to one side in the box and underneath there was a CD. That made the decision for her. She could load that in the laptop and put it back there. Whoever it was, whatever he was into, she was only going to find out if she could see it herself. He was never going to explain it. She knew him well enough to know that as an ME old habits died hard. She searched his black jacket pockets and smiled as she found what she wanted. The spare surgical gloves that they always seemed to have in films and it seemed that it was a true thing for him in real life. She slipped them on and lifted the CD and loaded her laptop.

She ended up spending the minute or so musing that it was time to clean up the darned thing. It was one of those moments where something that took seconds seemed to last ages. She didn't want him to walk in and catch her in the act. Then again would he even know a CD was with it? It seemed he wasn't expecting a package by the gun that was pointed at her. People who were expecting visits stuck around. She entered her password and waited for the programs to load. Yes, a defrag or something needed to be done.

With trepidation, nerves and a little excitement rolled in to one Sara realised that the idea of being caught was not a pleasant one. She resigned that she should watch it however as it was the truth and she desired it. The laptop finished loading and she put the CD in and waited for it to run. It was one file, mediaplayer opened. A video came up and she couldn't make anything out for a few seconds. Then what she saw made her gasp.

Archard was there and he was tied up to a post. It looked like a warehouse and there were boxes all over the place. In the background there were a group of men. Archard stirred, the video quality was extremely poor but she could tell who it was at any rate.

He looked badly injured and the cameraman panned round to show another younger Japanese man. Archard looked to be in his young twenties and the young man probably around just eighteen at best.

There was no sound but she made out the boy on the screen as three men moved forwards and punched him in the stomach. It didn't need sound on to guess he screamed from the look on his face. Archard must have done something because they turned to look at him for a moment.

She struggled to make out the features of the younger man at first but it was painfully obvious as they dragged him to the floor and rolled up his top that he was Japanese from his features when the camera panned closer. Sara felt as though she should turn it off but her hands failed to move and then they stripped the man and pinned him down. He was screaming she could tell as they kicked at him and then finally one of them unzipped his trousers and the mans hair was yanked back. Sara clicked the mediaplayer off and opened the drawer to the CD with a shaking hand. She pushed the CD into the box and left it on the table.

It took a few minutes for the ideas of what might have happened to filter further into her mind. She wondered about how far it had gone. Had Archard suffered a fate similar and was that why he hated anyone near him unless it was a one night stand with him in control? She was again jumping to her own conclusions as she realised she was feeling quite sick. She ripped the gloves from her hand and shoved them in her pocket before going to the toilet and finally throwing up.

It was then that Archard opened the door...
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