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A little understanding

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He still won't talk and that's infuriating and he has so much anger! It's going to take a lot to get through that thick skin of his but Sara might well be the one to do it.

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The Hotel, Friday 6.33am, 10.24.03

He could have sworn he recognised the guy in the coat as they passed on the corridor but he wasn't really thinking. He had been running and getting himself ready to go out around the streets and sights again. So far he'd found no leads on the missing boy and it annoyed him. He had never worked for the missing peoples section so the clues and hunting were poor grounds for him.

"Sara?" He heard something in the toilet and then stopped as he spotted the box on the table. Already opened and with his name and that of his friends scrawled on the top of it. "Sara are you okay did they hurt you?"

He burst in to the bathroom not really thinking about her privacy. He was more concerned for her well being, had they attacked her because he was missing? He moved towards her but she pushed him away and reared her head from the toilet. He guessed that meant she was not hurt just scared and headed back out to the room. He moved to the box. She'd left the hotel pen on the side, her laptop was moved. He looked in the box, saw the CD and sighed.

"Did you watch this?" He demanded as she walked out. "How much did you watch?" His eyes flared with anger, his jaw steeled in rage. She looked at him as his eyes became black pools of hatred, the soft features he usually held about him melted away under a torrent of stress. "How much?" He shouted at her.

"Not that much." She said quietly and stepped back towards the bathroom. There was an emergency pull cord in there at least. "I'm sorry Archard but... but I don't know what's going on and you won't tell me."

"You're not supposed to know." He said grabbing the box and throwing it at the wall. She was only mildly grateful it wasn't thrown at her. "No one needs to know."

"How can anyone help..." She began again and shut up as he glared at her.

"I don't need any fucking help." He barked at her. "I am quite capable of ruining my own life thank you very much."

Sara sighed and took a step forwards away from the door. No matter his anger it was deflected from her, back at himself and she couldn't help but wonder if anyone had ever asked him about the truth of the events. He seemed to block it out, block out life and she couldn't understand it. She leant down and picked up the box, scattered video and the CD.

"Archard are you looking for that young man?" She asked noting his shoulder drop as she didn't go to him and let him have his space. She watched his body language, something about it said he needed comfort but he was not going to allow it. "Archard?"

"Yes I am." He said walking towards the bathroom. He turned the hot shower on and shut the door. Sara knocked on it. "I am getting a shower. We'll go out after okay?"

"No." She kept her hand on the door, palm pressed to it. "I want to talk to you and I figured maybe while you shower," Archard stopped moving around, "I'm not going to burst in. I just want you to tell me to come in when you are ready."
"Sure." He opened the door in his shirt and boxers.

"Sure to me is like a woman saying fine Archie." She said to him and looked at his thighs; she saw scars over them and then looked up at him. He was trembling. "You've got a lot of scars outside and in." She told him and yanked his hair. "You shouldn't worry about me. I'm just plain ole Sara."

"You're not plain." He said by way of compliment though it was a hard thing for him as he felt exposed. "You're very pretty."

"Thank you. I am glad you finally decided to let me know that." She laughed. "So you going to take that shower?" She settled on top of the toilet seat and searched for the toothbrush and cleaned her teeth.

He stood there for some moments. He was deliberating over whether to undress. The bathroom seemed very bright and the whole room seemed far too large for one man and his body. He caught smell of his body from the gym and resigned himself to needing to do so. To refuse her company would likely mean more questions. He threw his shirt off and dived in. Sara didn't comment about him keeping his boxers on. She already felt he'd gone through enough.

Archard began to shower; she spotted a large scar on his back it ran dangerously close to his spinal cord she was sure. She looked at him moving about and through the steamed up glass she could see him staring at the shower head as if in a daze. She wondered what went through his mind. Was he still very angry with her? He soaped up his well toned arms with gel and she saw more scars on his side and front. What the hell had happened to him and that boy?

Sara didn't like the fact that there were more questions than there were answers. Something pretty big had happened, the evidence was the recording in the room but he wasn't prepared to tell her just yet. She mused that really it was a breakthrough that he had let something of his 'Ice King' nature out. She waited until she thought he had suffered long enough and then left the bathroom to collect her things to take the shower after him.

He came out of the room in a large robe and looked at her in a new light. She had not been there because he had invited her on a one night stand and she was not there because she was paid like some cheap whore. Perhaps he had finally met his match. That cocky sly grin found its way to his face. She looked at him and wondered why he was amused but none the less it suited his face better than anger.
"You want to share what is funny?" She asked heading to the bathroom.

"Just that you are so patient and I am not." He said openly. She laughed as he seemed to come out of his shell a little. "Look I'm sorry I got pissed at you okay?" He moved to collect his shirt and trousers. Suddenly he stiffed feeling Sara's hand on his arm but didn't look up.

"Archard you are so lovely when you are not angry." She told him and led him towards the bathroom. He followed her and sat on the toilet seat as she directed. "Firstly Doctor Vortigern, I would like you to understand that friends are there for one another and I am not going to live with you if I have not made friends with you."

"I see." He nodded and took the chance to shave whilst she was talking to him.
"I cannot believe you. Here I am naked going in to a shower and you are shaving your face instead of watching. Don't I attract you in the slightest?"

"Quiet the opposite." He said and drew the blade down his face. "But you just said it, friends." He told her and smirked before carrying on the shave and letting her finish her shower.

As she stepped out he was rinsing his face and he moved towards her. He kissed her softly on the lips, wrapping his arms around her waist and then moved back from her. Sara was immediately confused. What had she done to warrant that? Why all of a sudden was she thinking of dragging him to bed and undoing all that trust. She rolled her eyes as he walked out and began to dress. Archard had given her enough for now and she wasn't going to ruin it by being impatient.
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