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Okay Sorry it took so long! The coroner is getting closer to the trouble and to telling the truth of what started it all off...

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Shibuyu, Friday 10.17am, 10.24.03

Things were not great between the two Americans as they walked down the street but it could have been so much worse. Archard had at least attempted to improve the current situation and after dressing in one of his shirts and trousers they had headed out for breakfast and then to look around various shops.

"So exactly where are we going?" Sara asked having paraded around an area for some ten minutes.

"I need to try and get in to a house that I shouldn't." Archard smiled. "I need to check something out but the place was closed off years ago. I want you to stay on watch."

"I don't know." She was about to protest further but he was already ducking through the gate and into the garden.

Archard stepped in to the garden and to the front door. The house wasn't locked there was no need with the windows having been smashed out. He stepped in to the genkan, the area where once guests would have been greeted. There was no greeting here and if the inhabitants still lived there he would never have entered at any rate. This was not a place of welcome in any form. Archard stepped in and slid the door to one side.

Years ago he had stayed here with the young man, a street urchin who had attached himself to the student. Archard couldn't even remember why he'd picked Japan of all places but it had just seemed right at that point.

He stepped through the doors and into the main room, the tatami mats were stained and filthy and Archard leant to one bloodied patch. The young man had fallen here the first time. Archard remembered cursing as he heard him come in during the early hours thinking that it was likely a case of being drunk. He had gone out to berate him to find him lying in a pool of blood barely conscious. To this day he had dreaded opening a door late at night when he heard a thud or an unusual noise.
The house had a stale feeling to it and he didn't want to stay in there long but he had a dreadful feeling that since asking about the areas he usually hung around this was a last option. He didn't call out as it seemed foolish but he did tense ready to have someone jump at him. You didn't upset crime organisations and live an easy life.

Sara was stood outside and she was watching the area but quite what she was watching for she did not know. Archard seemed to be in there some time but she felt that he would not welcome her following him in. She yawned and leant on the fence praying that she was not going to be out there all day. She could have gone shopping and demanded his card if that was the case. She smiled to herself about that idea it seemed very rude of her to assume or even contemplate such a thing.

He opened the door to the kitchen and looked around but could not see anything unusual. Eventually he looked at the stairs and took a deep breath. He had to consider they would take him up there. He didn't want too. He took in a deep breath and headed up the wooden stairs his shoes making a defined noise and echoing as he walked. They had come here because Archard had a temper at times but he'd had the right intention by his friend at the time. Now it was because he was trying to determine a series of loose ends.

"Well, well Gaijin." A voice sounded from above. "We have been waiting for you all this time."

"Where is he?" Archard stopped at the step he was on. "What do you want this time?"

"What did we want the last time? For him to die and you to suffer with him," the man stepped out he was a good ten years older than his counterpart, "and you to understand that what you did is not forgivable."

"I did nothing wrong. You brought bloodshed to my home." He said standing with his arms folded. "Just hand him over."

"Stupid American you think you can ask and we'll deliver? You killed one of ours and we will kill you." He stated simply and started to head down the stairs.
Archard sighed and watched the guy. He stepped back down to the bottom of the house. He didn't have his gun and he wasn't prepared for a fight. He was also aware he had Sara waiting outside. He wasn't sure they could afford a confrontation. He backed off again towards the main hallway.

"What's the matter not so big without weapons?" The man asked as he came closer.

"No I am just aware that someone is waiting for me." He said moving to the door. "Let me take him voluntarily. If we fight I will end up killing someone else. It is not my intention." He put his hand on the door.

"This time you will be the one that is killed Death Man." He said resting on the wall nearby. "What would you do for him if you say you are not lovers? He was just a homeless boy. What could he offer if not sex?"

"Is that all he is to you?" Archard shook his head. The black locks falling around his face. "Well then you must be disappointed." He opened the door. "You know where I am. I'm not going anywhere until I get my friend safe. You ruin his life and I rebuild it. That's what friends do."

"Good luck coroner. You'll need it." He laughed as Archard walked out.
Archard surfaced and looked at Sara who walked towards him. She wanted to ask him but she was sure he'd just block her out again. In the end she just sighed and followed him as they walked along. They walked for a while before he finally stopped and lit up a cigarette.

"Archard do you want to talk?" She said gently as they stood on the path.

"No." His jaw tightened. "I wanna kill that bastard. I wanna rip out parts he never knew existed. Run my hands through his guts and yank..." He trembled. "Why they can't just leave that kid be I'll never know."

She listened and her expression must have given her away. The things he said made her feel sick as she wondered if that was something he would do. She watched the cold black pools coldly staring ahead as if she were no longer there. He was caught up in an old nightmare and she was being left to watch it from the sidelines.

"You're talking like you plan to go back in to this." She said quietly. "It's not my place to argue but I would like to know why you have to get involved again. You're about to risk your job and life and all the things that you have achieved."

"He was a good friend. Still is even." He said and took her hand. He led her towards a taxi, they got in and he took her to the Imperial Palace where they stood on a bridge, overlooking a river. She was unsure what he wanted now. They hadn't spoken the entire journey. "I don't know how to tell you what happened. I just know until I am sure he's safe none of what I have matters anymore." He said finally and turned to look at her. "Let's have dinner tonight, we'll eat something nice in the hotel. Get a little drunk maybe. I'll tell you what I can."
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