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Nobody Puts Dana In The Corner

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Joe's pissed.

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Pete and I stepped out into the cold Chicago afternoon and got into his car. As we started to pull away I asked, "So where exactly are we going for your practice with the boys?"
"To my house, it will take about 15 minutes to get there though."
"Oh, no problem." I said while reaching for the radio's power button.
'HE IS TAKING ME TO HIS HOUSE! ALREADY?!?!?' I thought to myself.
'Dance Dance' came on the radio and I heard him groan.
"I didn't think playing your song was so bad." I laughed.
"It's not that, it's just they have overplayed it. They need to start playing stuff from other up and coming bands, like The Hush Sound for instance. I haven't heard them play them yet." He stated in a somber tone.
"I totally agree, I love what Patrick did with them, they are so talented. I went to one of their shows once. They are really nice people."
"Now that's what I like to hear!" he said ruffling my hair. I giggled.

As we pulled up to his house I heard the distant sound of Hemmingway barking from behind the door. Pete's face lit up at the sound. He loves his dog so much. You could just tell by his expression.

"Welcome to the Wentz estate, or otherwise known as my parent's house." He said holding out his hand helping me out of the car. He's such a kidder.
"Nice digs." I replied. He laughed.

The door swung open. It was his mother. I knew this only because I saw her on Fuse once. My sister made me watch this one thing on the band last summer. It was quite interesting. I love Fuse with a burning passion.

Anyway, his mother was all. "Who is this nice young lady Peter?"
"This is Dana. Dana, this is my mom." He said introducing me to his mother.
"Hello Mrs. Wentz." I said shaking her hand.
"Hello Dana." She said sweetly, "It's very nice too meet you."
Also, Hemmingway came bursting out of the house practically trampling everything in his way to get to Pete. I thought that that was so adorable.
"Okay boy, calm down." Pete said patting Hemmingway's head.

Pete gave me a quick tour of his house before we went into his basement for the practice. It was a very nice house, not typical for a rocker of course, but nice none the less. His mother handed me a tray of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to bring down to the boys.

As we walked down stairs I heard Joe and Patrick fighting over something, but that automatically ceased as I stepped into the room. Patrick gave me a smile while Joe went to the other side of the room with his arms crossed across his chest. Andy was sitting at the drums twiddling with his sticks. He wasn't involved in the confrontation from my point of view that is.

"What is going on down here?!" Pete screamed eyeing Joe.
"NOTHING!" Joe snapped back.
"WELL OBVIOUSLY SOMETHING IS GOING ON!" Pete yelled. It scared me.
"Pete," Patrick chimed in, "I'll fill you in later." He said making a motion in my direction. "Let's just get started, okay?"

I sat on a couch in the far corner as they practiced. They played a few old songs and took a break. That was when they inhaled the cookies. My god those boys could put them down. Then they started playing so many new songs that I had never heard before. I fell in love with all of them. Patrick is such a musical genius, and then there is Pete, who writes all of those amazing lyrics. I seriously don't get how that boy can sleep at night. He seems so tormented on the inside. I just want to help him. He seems happy when I'm around though, so maybe I am helping him in my own little way.

Joe was really pissed throughout the entire practice. I had no idea why. Was it me? No, it couldn't have been. Anyways, when we finished Joe stormed off and Andy had to go and do some promotional stuff for a drum stick company. He seemed happy to be in the spotlight for once. So, with that, Patrick, Pete and I went out for a late lunch, or dinner, I really don't know what it was. Then after he took me on that tour of Chicago he promised me. It's such a great place with really awesome people. I'm so happy that I moved here. Patrick was really starting to open up to me as well. He wasn't as shy as I thought he would be. Afterwards they dropped me off back at my apartment, Pete gave me another soft kiss and walked down the stairs with Patrick, but I couldn't help but overhear what they were saying just down the stairs before I walked into my apartment.

"Look man, I have to talk to you." Patrick said in a firm tone.
"Yeah, what the hell was going on with Joe earlier?" Pete replied.
"Well, you see, he doesn't like the fact that you are bringing strange people into out little clique."
"What does he mean by strange people?"
"Well, um, Dana."
"Look, don't overreact."
"WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?! I really like this girl Pat. I don't want him ruining it!"
"Okay, first of all, you know perfectly well not to call me Pat," Patrick said angrily, "Second of all, maybe you should just talk to him. I think he's being too rash as well. Dana is a really sweet girl and I can defiantly see why you like her."
"I guess I'll just have to beat him down or something!"
That's when I snapped.
"OH NO YOU DON'T!" I yelled running down the stairs. "I don't want to ruin your friendship!"
"I was only kidding!" Pete said laughing. "I'll just have to talk reasonably to him. Everything will be alright." He said standing on his toes to kiss me on the forehead. I love the fact that we are practically the same height. It's so darn cute.
"Okay," I giggled.
"I'll call you tomorrow okay," he said handing me his Sidekick so that I could type my info into it.
"Okay," I said giving him and Patrick a tight squeeze as they walked out the door.

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