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But It's Better If You Do

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Dana is having some complications.

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I walked to my door as Pete and Patrick left the building. I decided, yet again, to get some work done for I had been behind because of my recent little outings. I sat down at my computer and started to edit some articles that my boss had sent me. I was about halfway done with them when I got an IM from my friend Shelly. She worked for AP too.

Editrchik: Hey Dana! How have you been?
DeadOnArrival626: I'm great Shelly! How's David?
David is Shelly's boyfriend of about 3 years.
Editrchik: Well, WE'RE ENGAGED!
DeadOnArrival626: OMG! CONGRATZ!
Editrchik: Thanks so much. When I pick out a date for the wedding I'll be sure to tell you. So, how¡¦s your love life? Anyone special? ;-)
DeadOnArrival626: Well...
I wasn¡¦t sure how to tell her.
Editrchik: WELL WHAT?!?!? SPILL GIRL!
DeadOnArrival626: You know Fall Out Boy right?
Editrchik: DUH! I had to edit an amazing article on their new album yesterday. Who ever wrote it did a really good job. Anyways, as you were saying¡K
DeadOnArrival626: Well, I¡¦m sorta, kinda, dating the bassist.
Editrchik: NO WAY IN HELL! 8-O
DeadOnArrival626: I¡¦m dead serious!
Editrchik: OMG! This is SOOOOO COOL! You need to tell the boss!
DeadOnArrival626: Why would I tell Jason that?
Editrchik: Because, IDK! Well, you are dating someone from the band that makes our magazine fly off the shelves. I¡¦m sure he'd like to know these kinds of things!
DeadOnArrival626: Well, you could tell him if you want.
Editrchik: Then I will!
DeadOnArrival626: Okay, whatever makes you happy sweetie. I have to get some work done okay. I'll talk to you later!
Editrchik: Later lucky girl!

Oh God, I didn¡¦t have any idea where that was going until I got a phone call about an hour later. It was my boss, Jason.

"Hey Dana, how have you been?¨ He said.
"I've been pretty good.¨
"So,¨ he said questionably, "what is this I hear of you dating Pete Wentz?¨
"Um, it's true. Why?¨
"Well, you know what I was thinking?¨
"If you were interested, I could get you a position to write about your relationship in our magazine. Like a monthly entry sort of thing, you know, too keep the fans updated.¨
Oh boy, now what?
"I'm not sure; Pete and I have only been on like two dates. Plus, I think I should ask his permission first.¨
"Okay,¨ Jason said a tad disappointedly, "Just let me know when you are ready okay.¨
"Okay, I've got to get to some more articles, so I'll call you when I make up my mind. Bye¨

AAAAAAAAAAH! I couldn't believe she told him! But I couldn't have blamed her. If I was her I would have told too! Ugh! So as soon as I hung up on Jason my phone rang again.

"Hello?¨ I said in a cheery voice trying to hide my anger.
"Why hello Cupcake!¨
HAHA! He called me "Cupcake¨
"Hello Sunshine!¨
He laughed, "Want to go to Vegas to meet Panic! At the Disco this weekend? Me and the boys are going to visit them and I wanted to know if you wanted to tag along.¨
OH MY GOD! I had to say yes, I wanted to say yes, but what about my job?
"I would absolutely love to,¨ I replied, "but¨
"But what?¡¨ he said worried.
"My job.¨ I stated. But just then it came to me. "Wait, I have an idea, my boss wants me to write about us in the magazine. I bet if I agree he'll let me off for a while. Is that okay?¨
"SOUNDS FANTASTIC!¨ he said excitedly.
"I'll get back to you later okay; right now I have to call him.¨
"Alright, talk to you later honey.¨
"See yah sweetie pie.¨

Right away I dialed Jason's number.

"Hey Jason?¨
"It¡¦s Dana.¨
"Have you decided yet?¨
"Yes, I have, but you need to do me a favor.¨
"And what is that going to cost me?¨
"Letting me off to go with Fall Out Boy to see Panic! At The Disco in Vegas for the weekend, oh, and a raise.¨ I had to add that last part in. I'm so bad!
"Anything you want, as long as I get my story.¨
"THANKS SO MUCH!¨ I wanted to kiss that man.
"No problem.¨ He said laughing.
"Bye!¨ I yelled hanging up the phone with excitement. At that point I wanted to kiss Shelly too.

Author's note : Thanks again to all of the reviewers and for my friends who read and review as well. You guys brighten up my darkness! REVIEWS PLEASE!
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