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Sophomore Slump Or Comeback Of The Year

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Dana has trouble lying and Anna comes for a visit.

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I had to call Pete back and tell him the good news so I dialed him back. He picked up on the first ring.

"Hey Dana, so, can you come?" He said hesitantly.
"YES!" I replied happily.
"This is fantastic!" He replied, "I'll come get you on Friday at 5AM sharp. We'll be getting there on our private plane and we will be staying in a hotel suite with many bedrooms so don't worry about anything."
"Pete, I have to say, you are one amazing man."
"Ew," He said in disgust, "call me boy, so less old."
I laughed, "Okay boy!"
"You got it girl!"
"Never again."
"Okay." He laughed. "I have to get some sleep; I have a lot of promotional stuff to do tomorrow. Later sweetheart!"
"Bye boy."

I hung up and went over what had just happened in my mind. Then I remembered; what was I going to tell my family?
"Oh, yeah, I'm going away for the weekend with a rock band to Vegas." My Dad would drop dead and my sister would cry because she couldn't go. I would have to LIE! GASP

"HEY ALICIA!" I yelled.
"I have to um, go and meet my boss this weekend, you know, work stuff. You need to get Kendra to come here for a few nights to keep you company okay."
"Sure, I'll call her now. Do Mom and Dad know?"
"Um, not really."
"Okay, okay..."

I dialed my parent's number:
"Hello?" I heard my mother say.
"Hey Ma, its Dana."
"Oh hi sugar! How's Chicago?"
"Pretty good, pretty good. Um, I have to go away on business for the weekend so Kendra is going to stay here with Alicia okay."
"Sounds fine to me, call me when you get there okay."
"Sure Mom. Love yah. Bye!"
"Bye honey!"

I felt so horrible lying to my mom like that. What if she found out? She'd hate me. I knew that I had to at least try to get with Pete if it was the last thing I did though. I decided to take the rest of the week off, well I had it off since Jason told me to only worry about the story, so I decided to get together with my oldest best friend Anna. She took off work to come and visit. I told her I'd show her around here. I was so happy to finally see her after so long!

"OH MY GOD! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" I screamed as I jumped on her when I answered the door.
"Me too, now get off me you freak!" She screamed. She hates me, HAHA!
"How have you been, I haven't seen you in forever!"
"It's been like a week and a half, get over yourself!"
"You seem happy to see me," I said happily.
"Oh yes, OVERJOYED!" she said sarcastically, she's so bad. "Guess what I brought!"
"YAY!" I love those things.

So we sat on my living room floor and ate M&M's and gossiped like we did back in 10th grade. I missed those simple times.

"So do you finally have a boyfriend? Oh wait, never mind, you said I'd be the first one you called when you did." She said.
"Look, don't get mad, I do have a boyfriend."
"I said I was sorry!"
"NO! It's okay. WHO IS HE? IS HE CUTE?" She was basically on top of me at this point.
"Okay," She said jumping off me.
"Well, you will never believe this."
"Um, because I'm going out with Pete Wentz."
"PETE WENTZ!" She said gaping at me. "PETE WENTZ FROM FALL OUT BOY!?"
"Yes," I said wincing.
"I know. I'm going to Vegas with him this weekend."
"No silly, with him and the boys to go and see Panic!"
"P-P-P-PANIC!?!??!?!" I totally forgot that she was in love the Brendon Urie. She has wanted to give him a lap dance ever since the video for "But It's Better If You Do" came out. I had to take her with me! She even started to tear up.
"Look," I said comforting her, "I'll try and make a deal; I'll talk to Pete okay."
"Okay," She said holding back her sobs.
"I'll call Pete tomorrow. He is very busy today."
"Thanks a lot, staying best friends with you for this long has finally paid off." She said laughing.
"YOU KNOW IT!" I yelled back tackling her, and we spent the rest of the night talking about our very possible lives with Pete and Brendon.

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