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Sending Postcards from a Plane Crash (Wish You Were Here)

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The Gangs crazy trip to Vegas!

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AUTHORS NOTE IMPORTANT!: I had to change the ages of Dana, Anna and Alicia because otherwise what I am going to have them do in the next bunch of chapters will be kind of inappropriate. Dana and Anna are now 24 instead of 26 and Alicia is 21 instead of 23. Thanks a lot for all of the reviews. Keep them coming. They really cheer me up!

Anna and I woke up the next afternoon. We were up really late watching "The Brave Little Toaster" for the hundredth time. She hates that electric blanket with a passion. Anyways, after our usual "breakfast" of ice cream drenched in sprinkles I decided to call up Pete to see how he was doing and to talk to him about my little Anna situation.

"Hey Pete, its Dana."
"I have caller ID you know." He said laughing.
"I miss you too." I replied.
"Oh sorry, I miss you like I miss my dog when I'm away on tour for three months. Better?"
I didn't know what to say. That's huge what he had just said. He loves his dog more than anything in the entire universe. He so loved me.
"Much better." I said with loss of breath.
"Are you okay?" he asked concerned.
"Yeah, I'm fine," I said coming back to my senses, "I just have a teensy favor to ask of you."
"And what might that be my darling?"
"My friend Anna needs a place to stay this weekend and since I'm going to be away with you I was wondering if she could come too."
"That's fine, I guess." I knew he was a little sad about this. He knew I needed Anna to come but I think he wanted a bit more privacy. But what I don't get is that how could we have had privacy when we are in a suite with a bunch of crazy young adults. Whatever, It's Pete math I guess.
"THANK YOU SO MUCH! See you tomorrow then!"
"Bye Sweetheart!" he said laughing.
"Later Sugarplum!"

I turned to Anna. She looked apprehensive.

"YOU CAN COME!" She started to cry and fell into my arms.
"THANK-YOU-SO-MUCH!" she stated through her sobs of joy.

We started to pack our bags and Anna still couldn't keep her nerves. She was shaking so badly.

"Look, you can't act like this when we get there."
"I know." She said.
"You need to listen to me! You will have no chance if you don't keep your cool!"
"OKAY! I'LL TRY!" she yelled. She was serious.
"Alright," I said as we continued to pack along to the tune of "Wine Red" playing through my stereo speakers.

We went to bed much earlier since we knew that Pete was going to come at around 5 in the morning. It took forever to fall asleep. Finally we did, but only because I listened to Pete's advice about listening to "Infinity On High" in the dark. It worked. That man is genius. My alarm went off at 4, just enough time for both of us to shower and to tell Alicia to call me when Kendra came later. Before we knew I heard a knock on the door. Pete and Joe were waiting there to help us with our bags. Anna was telling the truth when she said she wouldn't flip. She was so cool around Pete and Joe. I introduced them after I got a kiss from Pete and a squeeze from Joe and they shook hands and led us down to the limo to the airport outside the building.

We stepped into the car and there was Patrick, Andy and surprisingly Hemmingway.

"HEMMY!" I screamed as he tackled me to the ground. "I missed you." I gave him a kiss and pet him on the head. "You can take him on the plane?" I asked Pete.
"Of course I can, it's my plane." He said looking very prestigious as he pulled me in for a kiss. I heard a "OoOoO" from the scattered people in the car.
"Oh, PLEASE!" Pete said in disgust. "Just because you people are lonely and dateless doesn't mean you can do that! Not you Anna, you can do whatever you want." and he bonked each of the boys on the head jokingly. The whole car burst into laughter as we drove off.

We sang a bunch of their songs on the way there consisting of "Sugar, We're Going Down" to "Hum Hallelujah". It was so much fun. When we got to the airport and stepped out of the limo tons of Paparazzi attacked us. Pete grabbed Hemmy and my arm and I grabbed Anna's arm and he burst his way through the sea of people. Finally we got to the terminal safely because security helped ward off crazy fans screaming "PETE, LET ME HAVE YOUR BABIES!" We boarded the plane and watched "The Nightmare Before Christmas" as the in flight movie. When the movie was about to end when Jack and Sally were singing Pete grabbed my hand, turned his head and kissed me for quite a while. It was the best kiss I had ever gotten in my entire life. All of my cares about lying to my family and taking a trip to Vegas just melted away. It was like I had been transported to somewhere where nothing mattered. As he pulled away our eyes locked. We both smiled and I fell asleep on his shoulder for the rest of the trip while Anna and Joe were playing an intense game of Lego Star Wars on the plane's Play Station console and Hemmy took a snooze under Patrick's chair.

When we arrived in Vegas the sun was shining and the weather was fantastic. We got to our hotel room and opened the door. There were four shadowy figures chatting in a distant corner of the room. They turned to the door and walked out of the shadows. The boys were dressed in some sort of weird turn of the 18th century outfits and had on extravagant makeup.

"Sorry about our appearance," one of the voices stated, "We just finished a show."

Standing in front of us was Jon Walker, Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith and Brendon Urie. I heard Anna let out a soft sigh behind me as we greeted the Panic! boys for the first time.
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