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Who's The Better Killer?

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Ever wonder what the quiet kid's thinking about when he gets picked on? (Not for the squeamish)

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The group of girls ran down the hall screaming hysterically. They clumsily bumped into each other and looked over their shoulders trying to catch a glimpse of their pursuer. He followed at a slower pace, not much more than a fast walk. He watched them with a confident smile as his prey ran right into his little trap. The girls ran straight into a small round room and franticly looked around for an exit. No sooner had they realized that there was none than Drew sprung the trap. He pressed the detonator and the explosives he had placed went off. Drew hated using bombs to kill people, they were far too sloppy, but his little surprise was not meant to kill but to trap. Now the girls had no way to get out, and they were at his mercy.
Inside the room the girls picked themselves up, the blast hadn't actually hurt them but the shockwave had knocked them down. They cried and sobbed, one of them tried to dig her way out but the pile of bricks blocking their exit refused to be moved. The girls grouped together as their kind always did and waited for a rescue that would never arrive. Little did they know that directly above them, in the air vent, their hunter was about to go in for the kill.
Drew glared down at them with cold eyes. He silently removed the vent from the air duct and got a rope ready. He waited patiently and quietly for the right moment. One of the girls slowly stood up, most likely to stretch her legs, and he seized the opportunity. He dropped the noose down around the girl's neck and pulled her up to him too quickly for the other girls to react. In just a few moments his victim was too high for her friends to help her. She kicked like mad as he pulled her all the way up to him until her head was inside the shaft and she was staring him in the face. Drew tied off the rope and looked at her face twisted in fear. He took out his knife and smiled at her with pure malice as he remembered every single mean thing she had ever done to him.
Down below the other girls screamed up at their friend who was hanging halfway out of the overhead air duct. They could not see what was happening but they probably got the idea when the blood started to poor down on them. Their screams became even more panicked as pieces of their friend's face fell down to them. Their friend's kicking became more urgent but there was nothing they could do. Drew hacked away at her face, cutting chunks out of it. She could manage little more than a gurgle which displeased him somewhat but the screams of her friends down below spurred him on.
When he was done with his work he cut the rope and dropped her down to her companions. Even though she was still alive she wasn't moving very much. Even when her friends took the rope off of her neck the only noise she made was a strange moan. Drew smiled at a job well done and left the girls to tend to their dying friend. He would come back to kill another one in a little while but there was no hurry. It wasn't like they were going anywhere.
Drew walked slowly down the hall keeping in the shadows, listening for footsteps or heavy breathing. He reached the old firing range; perhaps some poor misguided fool thought they could hide behind the bulletproof wall in the back. If so he would take great pleasure in showing them that that was a mistake. He tried to open the large metal door but found it locked. Inside he could hear people whispering to each other but he couldn't make it out. He briefly considered just breaking down the door but he decided that it was too vulgar.
"This is why the fox is smarter than the rabbit." He said to himself. He walked less than ten feet down the hall to the door leading outside and what a surprise it was open. He stepped outside and turned to his right to see the large window leading into the old firing range. He could even see the people inside, he recognized a girl from his gym class. He remembered all the times she insulted and humiliated him; this was going to be sweet.
The girl looked in his direction and he waved with one hand and brandished a shot gun in the other. She ran when he pointed the weapon at her and blew out the window. As he calmly entered the room he heard them all screaming and much to his amusement saw several people climbing over to bullet proof wall in the back. It was about six feet tall and slanted towards them but they were jumping over it like athletes.
Drew was almost laughing at them; he could have shot them right then and there but why spoil the fun. He waited until they all made it over the top before he slowly walked towards them. He wasn't sure what they thought they had accomplished, in all honesty they had made his job even easier. Now he would only use up one bomb instead of a lot of ammo, quite convenient actually. He took out one of his napalm bombs and set it for three seconds, pulled the pin and tossed it over the top. He ducked next to the wall as the screams of panic he heard suddenly changed to screams of pain and agony as the bomb exploded and burned them all alive. He stepped away from the wall and shot anyone who tried to get out of the barbeque he had just created. He quietly opened the door and slipped out when the moans stopped.
A short while latter drew found himself outside looking at some kind of encampment. He had been following one of the football team idiots when his quarry had led him to a far greater bounty. A quick look through his binoculars showed him that Larry, the team captain and dedicated asshole, was in charge.
Drew examined the situation in his mind, Larry and his little gang had held up outside at the gym storage shed. They had ripped out all the lunchroom tables for makeshift walls and they had dug in pretty deep. The chain link fence around their perimeter was burning; they must have soaked it with some kind of fuel and lit it. Drew figured that Larry was in charge and if so he would be inside the shed, his own little command post. There was only one way in that Drew could see and it had two guards standing watch. Getting in there was going to be a bitch.
Drew shook his head; they weren't playing by the rules. He was trying to think of a way past their defenses when he heard someone coming down the hall on his left. Drew shot his arm out and put his knife across the intruder's neck, "whose throat is this?" he hissed.
A form stepped into view and Drew lowered his blade, "hi there Kurt," Drew said with a big smile, "nice to see you're still with us". Kurt sighed with relief seeing that he had been spared but he seemed a little embarrassed that his friend had caught him off guard so easily. Drew looked back at the little encampment and Kurt followed his gaze.
"How many are there?" Kurt asked as he sized up the situation for himself. "Twenty," Drew answer, "give or take a few." Kurt nodded, "what's the plan boss?"
"First thing's first," Drew said, "We need to find the others, any idea where they are?" Kurt smiled, "they're all in the lunchroom havening a snack." He answered. Drew smiled; he knew that had to be Wine miller's idea. "Go get them and bring them here, 'Drew commanded, "I'll have some toys for all of you when you get back." Kurt nodded and went to get the rest of the pack.
As he left Drew started to work out a plan, if Larry didn't want to play by the rules, Drew wouldn't either.
A few minutes later Drew heard several people coming down the hall. He knew it was probably Kurt and the others, he also knew that assumption was the mother of all fuck ups. He pressed up against the wall next to the door and readied his knife. The intruders stopped just outside the door, just outside his kill zone. "Drew, it's us." Kurt whispered before stepping through the opening. Drew sheathed his blade and nodded to all his friends. They all knelt down to survey the situation and Drew went over the plan.
"Ok listen up," Drew said, "I'm going in to plant charges all along their perimeter. Kurt you've got sniper duty." Drew handed him a sniper rifle and pointed to a spot on the roof he had scoped out earlier. "Camren, Joe, you two come in on both sides when the fire works start, I want them to think they are surrounded and outnumbered so be sure to make a lot of noise. Surprise and confusion are our biggest cards and I want to use them well." He handed Joe a shot gun and gave Camren two Uzis. Joe was a lousy shot and Camren was a bit of a street thug so the weapons suited the wielders. "And Wine miller," Drew said turning to the largest of the group, "Merry Christmas." Drew presented him with a mini gun and a four shot rocket launcher.
Wine miller's eyes lit up when he saw his new toys. Drew knew he was the only one of them strong enough to use these weapons easily and since his friend wasn't very agile he was best utilized as rear support. Drew picked up a duffle bag filled with explosives and slung it over his shoulder. "Alright guys get into position and remember. Don't move until the fire works stop and whatever you do check your fire I don't feel like getting shot just yet." He winked at them and they all went to do their jobs.
Drew snuck down to the enemy encampment quietly and moved along the fence placing bombs evenly along the entire perimeter. He was placing the last one near the entrance when one of the guards stepped into view. His back was towards Drew but if he turned around and saw him the whole plan was screwed. Drew pulled out his knife silently and waited like a snake.
As the guard looked around Drew got a good look at his face, it was a member of the football team, the one who had once broken Joe's nose! Part of Drew wished he could save this bastard for his friend but that desire was quickly thrown away when the boy turned and noticed Drew crouched down in front of him. Before he could say a word Drew shot forward and plunged the knife into his right eye. Drew then spun his victim around and used the imbedded knife as leverage to snap the boy's neck like a twig. The kid was dead before he hit the ground but the no sooner had he fallen then two other guards came rushing up pointing their weapons at the intruder.
Drew raised his hands behind his head holding the detonator, ready to press the button at a moments notice. Instead of shooting him like they should the guards were even dumber than Drew had hoped and brought him inside. Drew could not believe their stupidity as they brought him to the center of their little camp and called for Larry.
One of the boys who brought Drew in whispered into Larry's ear before the self proclaimed leader walked up to him. Larry tilted his head to one side and smiled condescendingly.
"Well, well," Larry said quite pleased with himself, "look what we have here, the big bad killer himself. What's wrong Drew not as good as you thought you were?" Drew couldn't help but role his eyes, the way this fool was talking you'd think he had hunted Drew down and beaten him in hand to hand combat. The idiot didn't even realize that getting caught had been part of his plan the whole time. Drew lowered his gaze and shook his head.
"Awe what's wrong, big bad Drew going to cry?" Larry asked mockingly. But Drew wasn't crying, he was laughing. He looked up and gave Larry a vicious grin as moved his hands above his head revealing the detonator. He glared straight at Larry and said, "Boom!"
Drew pressed the button and instantly the whole camp was rocked by explosions. Fire shot up all around them and the sound of the blasts was deafening. Larry and his men looked around in a panic trying to figure out what was going on, and that was all Drew needed. The moment Larry took his eyes off of him Drew crouched down like a coiled up spring; he reached his right hand down behind his back and grabbed the knife he had hidden under his shirt. Drew shot forward like lightning, holding the blade upside down he slashed the side of Larry's neck. Drew struck with so much force that Larry was nearly spun around by the impact. Larry's hand reached up to the deep gash in the side of his neck as blood shot out of the wound. Drew had nearly cut halfway through, the only thing that had stopped him from decapitating his target were the bones in the neck.
Larry dropped down to the ground as Drew went for another victim and slashed his neck with a diagonal back hand swipe. Drew had already taken out two people in less than two seconds. He was about to take his third when the intended victim started to raise a gun in Drew's direction. The boy was just far enough away for Drew to know that he couldn't kill him in time.
No sooner had that thought crossed his mind than he heard something buzz past his ear. It sounded like a fly, a mosquito and a whistle all rolled into one. Almost immediately after he heard the sound Drew saw a small hole appear in the forehead of the boy holding the gun. His head seemed to bob strangely, like a marionette. Then the puppets strings were cut and it fell face down on the ground. The entrance wound had been tinny; the exit wound was another story. There was a whole in the back of the kid's head bigger and Drew's fist. It was cone shaped; in fact the entire back of his skull had been blown off.
Drew understood right away that it was Kurt's doing. The shot had passed less than an inch away from Drew's ear but it had caught its target dead center. At least Drew hoped that had been the target. There was another explosion a short distance away as well as the unmistakable whirring noise of a mini gun, Wine miller was enjoying himself. Drew also heard multiple gunshots from all directions; his friends certainly knew how to party.
Drew started slicing one victim after another and as he did he thought to himself. Slash don't stab, aim for the throat and stomach, inner thigh and wrists. Drew knew if he stabbed his enemies the blade could get stuck, and slashing at a person's chest was pointless. The rib cage prevented any fatal blows. The belly and throat were the best targets, the inner thigh and wrists were good second choices, they both had major arteries even though they were not instantly fatal.
Drew saw several more people fall from sniper fire, Kurt was a great shot. But Drew preferred the tactile pleasure of killing people up close and personal. At least until the blade was knocked out of his hand. He had gone for a backslash motion towards a taller boy's throat. However the boy managed to slap the knife out of Drew's hand. He might not have lost his grip on the blade if the handle had not been soaked in so much blood.
The fool smiled at Drew thinking he had accomplished something. The smile disappeared as Drew's hand shot out and grabbed his throat. Drew tightened his grip and heard the cartilage in his throat crack. The horrified expression on the dying boy's face only made Drew's grin grow larger until his victim was lying dead at his feet.
Drew looked at the blood covered knife laying on the ground and shrugged, "Fuck it!" he yelled as he pulled out the two desert eagles he had holstered behind his back and began to unload. He fired round after round into anything standing around him that he didn't recognize. When the last boy was standing Drew walked up to him, pressed a gun up to his stomach and unloaded the rest of the clip.
Drew looked over the battle field, "Sound off!" he called out to his friends. He saw Wine miller walking toward him with the rocket launcher slung over one shoulder and the mini gun under the other arm. He walked over to Drew and nodded to his friend. A few moments latter Kurt walked up to them with his riffle in hand and a sullen expression that told Drew something was wrong.
Drew gave Kurt a grave look and asked what was wrong. Kurt sighed and said, "Joe and Camren are dead. I saw them both get taken down through my scope." Drew and Wine miller looked at each other, now it was just the three of them but what to do now? Drew lowered his head and closed his eyes to think. The main threat had been eliminated; there was no further need for them to team up now.
"Alright," Drew said, "we will go our separate ways and continue on our own from here on out." Kurt and Wine miller nodded and they both walked away in separate directions leaving Drew alone in a field of death. He found the knife he had lost before and slipped it back in its sheath behind his back, reloaded the guns and went back inside the building. It was time to kill another cheerleader.
The girls were right were he had left them, all alone in a closed off room. They had covered up their dead friend and moved her body to the far side of the room. The four of them huddled together in a corner like frightened mice in a trap. Drew watched them for several minutes until one of them finally got into a good position for him to lasso her. He dropped the rope down around her neck and reeled her up before the others could respond.
It was pretty much the same as the last time only now the screams were more from despair than shocked surprised. Drew did his work quickly slicing her face up and for an added bonus cut her belly open and let her entrails spill out and rain down on her friends below. He cut the line and the girl dropped down to her traumatized companions. Before he moved on Drew took a moment to admire his work, and laugh at the gore covered girls who were screaming hysterically. Only three left.
As Drew walked down the hall he heard someone walking towards him. He slipped into a corner and waited patiently for his prey to come into range. He listened to the foot steps, light and fast, probably a girl. He waited until she was almost to him before a twirled out and placed his knife across her throat.
He was about to open up her arteries when he recognized her face. It was Ruby, one of the very few girls he had ever met who had yet to wrong him. Of course he knew it was only a matter of time before she did something malicious to him just like all the others.
For the first time all day Drew hesitated. There was something about the look of shocked horror on Ruby's face that bothered him. He didn't want her to be afraid of him like everyone else was. It was a part of him that he didn't like at all, the part that wanted to be loved.
Drew argued with himself over what to do, every psychotic bone in his body told him to rip her open and paint the hall with her blood. But the small part of him that was still human reminded him that she hadn't done anything to him yet and until she did he should give her the benefit of a doubt and let her live. He sighed and dropped the knife, he could always kill her latter.
Ruby slowly walked past him and when she felt she was in the clear she continued running. Drew wasn't sure whether he should feel relief or regret but before he could decide he heard a gunshot, then the sound of a body falling to the floor behind him.
Drew slowly turned around and sure enough Ruby was lying crumpled on the floor in an expanding pool of blood. As he looked at her fresh corpse he felt neither pleasure nor regret, only the bitter sting of reality. Then he heard laughing coming from around the corner that Ruby had passed and out came some idiot with a shotgun.
The boy looked like a freshmen as he walked over to Ruby's dead body and kicked at her corpse. Drew started walking towards the boy who had not yet noticed his presence. He made it to with three feet of the fool before he looked up but by then it was too late.
He pointed the shotgun at Drew who promptly kicked the weapon up in the air and caught it on its way back down pointing at its previous owner. The freshmen put his hands in the air as a sign of surrender, unfortunately for him Drew wasn't in the habit of taking prisoners, at least not for very long.
Drew tossed the gun away and a look of relief came over the younger boys face. That look went away however when Drew took out his knife and went to work. He cut the boy apart kicking and screaming. The screaming stopped when Drew cut his tongue out. As the grand finale Drew carved Ruby's name in the boy's chest and left him there to die.
A short while latter Drew walked down a hallway leading outside when he stopped dead in his tracks. Right before him was a dead body, normally that wouldn't be strange except Drew noticed something very familiar about it. The back of the boy's head had been blown out just like the one from the battle his friends had helped him out in. A quick glance at the wall confirmed it, a high velocity round and gone through the boy's skull and into the wall. Drew knew that that meant only one thing, Kurt.
Drew knew Kurt would still be near by, as long as his position wasn't compromised he would have no reason to move. Drew knelt down by the doorway leading outside and took out his knife. He let the knife's blade inch out into the open and used it like a mirror to check out the area without exposing himself to harm.
Drew sighed; Kurt couldn't have picked a better location. There was a tall building at the other side of an open parking lot. Drew knew that Kurt would be there, probably on the top floor. The parking lot only had two cars, one in the middle and the other just in front of the building. Drew would have to use those for cover but he didn't like the odds. Kurt had an automatic sniping riffle and he was a good shot, Drew had two hand guns and a knife, not good odds at all. Drew checked his supply pouch; he had two smoke grenades and one frag grenade. It wasn't much but it would have to be enough.
Drew dragged a dead body he had seen earlier over to the door way and stood it up. He had to get Kurt to waste his shots before he could move. He edged the corps out the door way so it would appear to be alive and sure enough a moment latter a bullet ripped through its skull and splattered the wall with its brains. The moment Drew heard the shot he pulled the pin on the grenade and leapt out through the doorway and threw it toward the building's top floor and ran for the car in the middle of the lot.
Drew hadn't gone two steps before he heard the first shot. The bullet sliced his right cheek, the wound wasn't fatal but it sure hurt like hell. The second shot hit the grenade in mid air before it reached its target. The fire and smoke in the air allowed Drew to make it the rest of the way to the car. He made sure no part of his body was exposed and double checked his cheek. He had hoped that the first shot would be for the grenade but at least it had distracted Kurt enough to make him miss the target, although not by very much. Three bullets down Drew thought to himself.
Drew knew that Kurt's riffle had a five round magazine but he also knew Kurt was smart enough to keep an extra round in the chamber giving him a total of six shots. Unfortunately that sixth shot was a wild card. Normally when some one reloads a gun they put in a new clip and they have to chamber a round, however, Kurt was smart enough to know that if you don't fire your last shot you can just put in a new clip without chambering a round. It was a trick that saved about one and a half seconds on reload time.
Kurt could either have six shots and take longer to reload or he could fire five and reload faster. Trouble was that Drew wasn't sure which. Drew pulled the pin on one of the smoke grenades and tossed it over the car. After a few seconds the smoke was thick enough to cover his approach for the second car. Drew darted out from the car and ran as fast as he could, the second he was out of the smoke he began to move as erratically as he could to prevent Kurt from drawing a bead on him. He was almost to the car when he heard the shot. He leapt forward and closed his eyes and hoped for the best. The shot hit the ground right next to his head, gravel and bits of concrete shot up into his face and he tumbled and slammed into the car, he was safe.
Drew caught his breath and wiped the grit out of his eyes, he didn't even want to think about how close that had been. He looked toward the cloud of smoke he had come out of. It was little more than seven feet away, and even with him running at full speed Kurt had still almost nailed him. But he had made it this far, the hard part was over.
Now that he was here he knew Kurt would use both of the shots he had left. If Drew got inside the building it wouldn't matter how fast he reloaded his gun. Drew check with his knife to see how far away the door to the building was. "Six more feet and I will have the advantage my friend." Drew whispered to himself. He pulled the pin on the last smoke grenade and tossed it over the car. He waited a few seconds for it to take effect and then made his move.
Drew spun out from behind the car and headed for the door at a full run. He heard two shots; Kurt was firing blind in front of the door. One of the shots clipped Drew's arm but the wound wasn't bad. He leapt and made it through the door; he was safe for the moment. Drew caught his breath again and thought about what to do next. Kurt was on one of the floors above him and would be waiting for him. It was time for stealth.
Drew slowly snuck up the stairs, stopping every time he heard a creak above him. Every door he came to he edged his knife to see into the room before moving on. There were five floors and Drew had made his way to the third with no Kurt. Drew thought for a moment, Kurt wouldn't be on the top floor and the roof would leave him exposed. That left on place, the floor right above Drew's head. Every other room had been the same layout as the one he was in now. Drew looked it over and realized the best position would be the opposite corner from the door.
Drew positioned himself directly under where he believed Kurt was and took out his magnums. He roared as he opened fire, blasting in a wide circular pattern. Drew emptied both clips and dropped the guns. He gripped his blade getting ready to defend himself from a counter attack if need be. Drew heard a thump directly above him shortly before the ceiling collapsed and Kurt fell through.
Kurt lay motionless on the floor; Drew could see several shots that found their mark. Drew was about to leave satisfied when he had a second thought. He knew Kurt was smart enough to play possum until Drew turned his back and offered a target. Drew walked over to his motionless friend, knelt down and quickly snapped his neck just to be sure.
"Sleep tight my friend." Drew said to himself and turned to leave. No sooner had he stood up than the entire wall behind him was ripped apart. Drew was knocked to the ground by a spray of bullets and flying debris. He was only stunned for a moment until he realized what was going on, Wine miller.
Drew crawled to the gapping hole that used to be the wall. Sure enough wine miller was standing out in the open holding the mini gun. Drew took the sniper riffle out of Kurt's hands and checked the magazine. He had a full clip; it was time to play the sniper. Drew chambered a round and took aim in time to see Wine miller drop the mini gun and pull out the rocket launcher. Drew smiled and pulled the rigger. The bullet found its way right down the tub of the launcher and set the rocket off before it had even fired. The entire rocket launcher blew like a fire cracker and took Wine miller with it. After the smoke cleared all that was left of Drew's last friend was a big gory mess.
Drew let out a sigh of relief, he knew that the last one to survive would be one from their little group and now he was the only one left. All he needed to do now was pick off the stragglers.
Drew walked down the hallways looking for whoever may have survived. He knew all the real threats had been eliminated and that the only ones left were cowards who had been hiding the whole time. He managed to find a few that he didn't even waste his knife on but he knew there had to be more than that. Frustrated, Drew made his was to the office and got on the loud speaker.
"Attention all students, it's all over now please report to the cafeteria promptly for a head count." As he turned off the speaker Drew chuckled to himself. He knew that would flush out at least a few of them.
He hurried to the cafeteria and sure enough there were about five students waiting there. He recognized one of them from his math class. The little prick was always talking about how tough he was and he had probably spent the entire ordeal hiding in a locker. At least he was also dumb enough to show up here.
Drew patted the mini gun he had kept after his battle with Wine miller and smiled, this was going to be brutal. He walked through the door calmly with a big smile on his face. The other students looked at him, then his gun and began to scream.
Drew laughed maniacally as he held down the trigger and the torrent of bullets ripped his victims' bodies to shreds. Pieces of their flesh splattered the walls and blood drenched the floor and the only thing louder than the whirring of the weapon were the screams of the victims.
Finally the mini-gun ran out of ammunition and Drew dropped it on the blood soaked ground. He sighed in relief, that had been a lot of fun but he knew the same trick wouldn't work twice. Especially after all that racket he had just made. There were still stragglers out there and now he had to go find them the hard way.
Before setting out on another pain staking search he decided to pay his precious pets a visit. He climbed into the air duct above their heads and found one of the girls had killed herself. The remaining two survivors were huddled together. Drew had to cover his mouth to stop from laughing, from the looks on the girls faces he had driven them totally insane.
The girls sat as far away from the overhead vent as they could get but fortunately Drew had anticipated this. He pointed the spear gun he had brought along at the girl on the right. She was the one who had thought it funny to spread a rumor around school that he tried to rape her. It had almost gotten him arrested until he was able to prove his alibi, and what did she get as punishment for a false accusation? Nothing! No one had done a damn thing to the little bitch because she was popular. Well now it was time for her to pay.
Drew squeezed the trigger and the spear launched out and went straight through her right shoulder. She stared at the rod sticking out of her chest and tried to scream as her friend screeched in terror. Drew took hold of the rope attached to the end of the spear and pulled her up to her doom. This time the girl's friend didn't even try to help, she just huddled in a corner sobbing.
Drew dragged his victim up to him and looked her in the eye, this time he would hear her screams. He made sure she saw the knife before he stuck it in the belly. He grinned as he slowly twisted the knife inside her, listening to her cries of anguish. He turned the blade and cut her all the way open. He tilted her body downwards and her viscera spilled out and she was left as empty as Drew had felt all his life.
He cut the line and let her rotting corpse fall down to lie in her entrails. "Not so pretty now are you." He said before leaving to find more victims. He would make the remaining girl live longer than she wanted.
Drew did a mental head count, there were only four students left aside from his little head cheerleader. He didn't feel like searching the entire school for just four people but he doubted they could be coaxed out of hiding. Only one thing to do, get rid of any place they could hide.
Drew scrounged up a large number of small bombs and went from room to room. He would kick a door down toss a bomb in and move on to the next one. He went through the entire top floor and was about half way done with the second when a boy jumped out of one of the rooms shooting at him.
The attacker fired wild and blindly, just no skill, Drew took aim with his desert eagle special and fired a single shot straight through the boy's heart. He didn't like using guns but now it was just cleanup duty. He finished the second floor and the first. All that remained now was the basement.
Drew loved the basement it was dark and cold, just his kind of place. If the remaining three were down here they picked a bad place to hide. Drew knew every inch of these damp halls. He considered stalking them like a monster in a horror movie but first he had to find them. He pulled out a flash grenade, pulled the pin and tossed it through the door into an open area.
When it went off he could hear at least two people protest as they covered their eyes while he entered the room and hid in the shadows. Time to play little pigs Drew thought to himself with a smile. One student was to his left the other was further away on the right. Drew decided to go for the closer one first. He looked in the direction the noise had come from while keeping himself hidden.
Drew had excellent night vision, a benefit of insomnia, and he quickly spotted the dark skinned boy pointing a riffle towards the door Drew had entered through. Ambush huh? Drew thought, sorry but that is strictly for armatures. Drew moved quietly through the dark and positioned himself behind victim number one.
Got to do this quiet Drew thought to himself, he moved in quick, placed his left hand over the boy's mouth and drove his knife in his back at an upward angle to pierce the diaphragm. If he couldn't breath he couldn't scream. Drew pulled out the knife and slit his throat nice and quiet. Drew held him still until he stopped trying to move, one down two to go.
"Ray, you see anything? Ray?" The other boy whispered to his dead friend. Drew considered how to take him out. The last student that Drew had yet to locate could very well be in this room and covering Drew's next intended victim. If that were the case than he couldn't cross the room from behind until he knew for sure.
Drew picked up the fresh corpse and tossed it into the center of the room. Instantly he heard gun fire, from two locations. The last boy was in the room, somewhere. Drew laid on the ground and crawled a short distance in anticipation of what he knew was coming and sure enough the boy on the other side of the room screamed in anger and began firing blind in the direction the body had come from.
Go ahead asshole keep wasting those bullets. Drew thought to himself as he mad his way past the trigger happy idiot, he wasn't worried about killing that fool just yet. What did worry him was tht the third boy hadn't fired. Drew had hoped that he would have given away his position but alas he remained hidden and potentially deadly. Drew considered moving to the back of the room and then crossing from behind his victims but if the third boy was as cleaver as Drew feared he would be expecting that.
Drew pressed his face against the ground and looked over the entire floor hoping to see the feet of the third gunman but it seemed he was smart enough to be in an elevated position. Drew was impressed, he hadn't thought there were any worthy opponents left. He was also out of ideas.
Drew could hardly hear himself think with the constant hissing of all the pipes down here. The pipes, that was it! Drew crawled around until he found what he was looking for, the gas pipe valve. He opened it up just a little bit, too much and the others would notice the noise and realize what he was doing. Well the smart one would anyway.
Drew made his way back towards the hallway. They wouldn't be expecting him to try and run away and the moron with the Uzi was still looking in the direction his dead friend had come from. Drew was almost giggling, this was insane even for him but live or die it would be awesome.
Drew tensed his legs and dove through the door and the moment he did he heard gun fire, then the sound of fire and screams. Drew ran as fast as he could to get out of the way as the shockwave hit him and flames chased him. He dove for another room and lay there catching his breath as the entire building shook around him. And then it was quiet.
Drew stood up and brushed himself off. The plan had worked like a charm. It was a shame though; he would have liked to see the face of the guy who had given him so much trouble. Oh well, now there was only one more piece of business. Drew took a deep breath and went to kill the last cheerleader.
Drew was almost where he was going when he smelled something. He sniffed the air trying to identify the familiar scent and his heart skipped a beat when he recognized it, burnt skin! He dove for cover behind a locker just before the gunshot and took a bullet in the arm.
The guy from the basement had somehow survived! Drew held his wounded arm, it hurt like hell but he could take it. He pushed the pain out of his mind so he could think. His strategic disadvantage was considerable but there had to be a way out of this.
Drew knew by the smell of things that his attacker was probably injured, hopefully worse than he now was. Drew closed his eyes and played out the scenario. If there situation was reversed he would have moved to the same wall as his target and wait for them to make a move and when they did he would take them out. That's probably what this guy was doing right now. Drew weighed his options and decided on a coarse of action.
There was an open door five feet behind him on his side. If the other guy thought like he did and was on the same wall that Drew was he wouldn't be able to get a shot off. But if he was on the opposite wall Drew was dead. He's wounded; he'll play defensively and be on my wall. Got to chance it! Drew made a move for the door, three feet, keep going! Two feet, almost there! Through the door, safe! Drew caught his breath.
Drew looked around the room and found some clothe to bandage his arm. He was safer than he had been but the situation was still the same, he was trapped and needed to find a way to turn things around. Drew had blown up the room earlier but there might be something he could use. Drew found a long metal pipe with a sharp end, this would do nicely.
Now it was a waiting game, Drew waited by the door until he heard his would be killer slowly walk towards his previous position. From the sound of his gate Drew knew he was limping. That meant Drew had a speed advantage. He heard the guy turn around to go away and drew made his move.
Drew jumped out of the room, spotted his target and threw the spear as hard as he could. His victim turned around and Drew saw it was a girl! She pointed the gun at him but the spear found its mark before she could fire. The girl cried out in pain as the shaft went into her right shoulder. Her arm went limp and she dropped her weapon and slumped to the floor.
Drew quickly moved in and kicked the gun out of her reach. The girl simply sat there defeated, holding the spear that had burrowed into her flesh with her good hand. If you could call it that, now that she was in the open Drew saw the burns on the left side of her body. When she looked up at him with defiance Drew recognized her.
"Alicia?" Drew stared at her with surprise. The girl from his gym class had been his nemesis this whole time? He knelt down in front of her looking her over. Her short black hair was a mess and her left side had a piece of shrapnel in it, probably from the explosion.
Drew pulled out the spear and was impressed when she didn't scream in pain. She was a lot tougher than he had ever realized. Even as messed up as she was she was still pretty in her own tomboyish way.
"I could use a cigarette." She said trying to hold herself together.
"You know those are bad for your health."
"Good point, on second thought maybe I should quite." She said laughing despite the obvious pain.
"Well if you do maybe we can get together and you can tell me how you survived that explosion." Drew was surprised by what he was saying but she had been the only girl he had fought all day that wasn't a weakling. He respected strength; in fact he was finding it very attractive.
"Are we the last ones?" She asked weakly.
"More or less, there is one more but I trapped her when the party started. I was on my way to finish her when I bumped into you."
Alicia nodded and looked at the gun on the ground. Drew followed her gaze and sighed, he didn't want to end this little talk but she was in a lot of pain. Ha picked up the gun and aimed it at her head, it would be the only deliberately quick death he had dealt all day.
"See you soon." Drew pulled the trigger and Alicia dropped to the floor. Drew let out a sigh of regret; if only he had known her better the two of them could have had a lot of fun working together. Oh well, no point in wishing for the past to be different. He walked away and headed for the last person alive in the entire school.
Sarah sat hugging her knees waiting for death to come. All her friends were dead and she knew she was next. She didn't know who was doing this or why. All she could do was sit there and hope for a prince to come save her like in a fairy tale. Then she heard something, the sound of small rocks falling on the other side of the rubble pile that had been keeping her here. Perhaps her hero was here at last.
She stood in front of the caved in hallway waiting for her prince to come through but instead the rocks exploded outwards toward her. She was knocked flat on her back and covered with debris. When she looked up she saw Drew standing there. The looser from her English class, he was her savior?
Drew looked at her with a weird smile on his face. He probably thought she would kiss him for saving her or something, as if that would ever happen. She marched up to him and started yelling at him for nearly killing her but he kept smiling. Now Sarah was mad, she raised her hand to slap him but stopped when she saw the knife.
Drew took his time with Sarah. The little bitch had gotten the entire foot ball team to gang up on him once and he had spent a week in the hospital. When he was done he took out the mirror he had brought along so she could see how ugly she was. He sat there with her, watching her sob as she bled to death and when she was gone he let out a deep sigh of relief. It was finally over.
Drew took the VR helmet off his head and looked around the room. All around him his former "victims" glared at him. Several of the cheerleaders held each other crying and Kurt and the others cheered for him. Drew looked over to Nick at the computer and gave him a thumbs up.
"Works like a charm man you're going to make a fortune with this game." Nick smiled; they had been working on an interactive and immersive virtual reality game for over a year now. They chose to model the demo after the school because it was a familiar environment, the finished version would let the player choose from a variety of battlefields and weapons, and also a pain sensation option.
It had been Drew's suggestion that they leave it on its highest setting for the demo. He had been planning this for a long time. It hadn't been easy convincing the school to go along but Nick had managed to get the principle to agree to it. Maybe now Drew's classmates would show him some respect.
"How long were we in there?" Drew asked. Nick pointed up to the clock on the wall and Drew was surprised to see they had only been playing for four hours.
"Dude, I can't believe you got me with that shot, that was awesome!" Drew turned around and saw Wine miller laughing along with the others. Kurt teased Joe and Camren about getting killed so easily and bragging about how many he had killed.
Then Drew sensed someone behind him. He turned around expecting Larry or someone else who would be pissed off at him but instead met the appealing gaze of Alicia.
"Still want to hear about how I survived that explosion?" She asked smiling. Drew smiled as well, for the first time things were looking up. The two of them walked to the door to find a nice place to talk but before they left Nick got on the megaphone to announce scores.
"And the last man standing, and the man with eighty two kills, the best killer is...Drew!" Drew's friends and a few people he hadn't killed cheered and clapped for him but his victims were not as pleased. He didn't really care; he had lived his dream and gotten revenge for everything any of them had ever done to him. He walked out of the room with Alicia, leaving them alone with their anger.
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