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Curse of Curves

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Leave Lovers Dead in Ditches
Chapter Thirty:
Curse of Curves
"And with this gift I compose words."

"Alright, we're back," the host said as TRL came back from commercial. "They are the band to be right now, and the lead singer is the Princess of Punk and she is married to the King of Punk, but she is not here to talk about her deluxe album, or to tell about her new video. No, she has an announcement to make. Let's take a look."
They played a video clip, and I heard the narrator's voice explained what happened, "Three days ago on May 29th, while giving a concert at her home in Roanoke, VA Natalie Hunter the lead singer of Eurydice Fall collapsed suddenly. Now she is here to tell why?"
"Please welcome Natalie Hunter," the hostess said, and I came walking out, and I waved sadly at everybody. I was a little uneasy, and still tired from the disease, but I steadily made it out there strong, and stable. I smiled, and took Alyssa's, the hostess, hand. "Thank you," I said politely.
"Now tell us what happen. I am sure that all of your fans including me, because I'm a fan want to know if you're okay," she said.
I looked at her and frowned, "I'm afraid that I'm not. I came on here to make an announcement, and before I say what I need to say I just want to tell all my fans and all of the fans of Eurydice Fall that you can expect more from us. We love you like you don't know. We are so happy you chose us as you favorite band, and I really want you guys to know that I will always stick up for you. The reason I collapsed is because I have a disease. I have a type of cancer that is called leukemia. It weakens the body, and it eats you blood cells. The outcome is death. The doctors say I don't have much time left maybe a month, maybe more, maybe less. But do not fret; I will always be with you all."
The whole studio was silent. It was so quiet you could hear crickets chirping. I looked in fear to the audience, there I saw the same teenage boy who was at the VMA's with the sign. His head was down, and he was crying.
I never realized how much I affected the world. I only thought I was one simple person, but apparently I meant a lot. I knew I meant a lot to my family, and to Pete, but never to some boy who hardly new me.
Breaking the silence I went over to him, and sat down next to him. I took his face in my hands, and stared into his eyes. They were grey, and weary, but I knew what I was doing. "Love, what is your wish before I die?" I asked him.
He sniffed, "I would like to kiss you."
I smiled, and then looked to the camera. "Pete I still love you," I said, and then I turned back to face him. I lightly put my lips to his, and gave him a kiss to keep him contempt while I was away. I pulled away to see his exasperated face. "Go on live you life. You will still have music, and you will still have me. I promise I will see you in heaven."
He nodded, and I went over to the host, and hugged her. "I would be delighted if you came to my funeral," I said.
She smiled sadly with tears in her eyes, "It would be a pleasure."
I then turned to the audience, "Goodbye everyone. I love you all much. Thank you." I then walked out of the studio.
I met Eric, Zack, and Brennan back stage, and we went downstairs and outside to the cold New York air. We hailed a cab, and went back to the hotel.

I opened up Pete, and mine's room, and I saw him sitting on the king size bed facing the window. "Pete?" I questioned.
I heard him sniff, and I saw him wipe his eyes before turning around towards me. "Yes, sweetie?" he asked.
"Where you crying?" I asked.
He shook his head, "No, why?"
I came and sat onto the bed with my back to the headboard. I was tired, and exhausted from my little escapade on TRL. "You know I can tell when you're lying?" I asked.
"How?" he wondered.
I smiled, "You're voice is always deeper. Come here." I said patting the space on the bed beside me. He came and sat facing me. "It's okay that you are crying. Crying is natural for something like this. Tell me what is troubling you."
He touched his forehead to mine, and I saw one more tear fall from his bronze eyes. "I don't know if will make it without you," he whispered sadly.
I wiped his tears away as more formed in my eyes, "You will. I know you will. You got along fine without me before you even met me."
"I never told this to you because I thought it would scare you away, but now that we are married I guess it seems fit," he began. "I knew I was going to love you since I was born. I knew I was going to marry you when I met you. It's like when you're born, you're born with something in your soul that another person has as well, and they are meant to be your soul mate. I believe that you are my soul mate. Now that I have been with you I don't even know how I got along without you before."
This made me cry more, and as the tears fell down my face he wiped them away. "I love you," I whispered. This man was the definition of 'take your breath away.' Not only was he handsome, and beautiful on the outside, but he was handsome and beautiful on the inside. I adored him not for how he looked, but the way he talked, walked, his mindset, and his talents.
He kissed me sadly, and deeply, and in between kisses he responded, "I love you too, but I can't let you go."
I smiled, "Don't be going Anakin on me now."
He smiled back, "I mean how am I supposed to raise Charlie."
"You need to be the cool dad. You also need to be the cool mom. You need to understand her, and let her be okay when she begins to date, or when she begins those women things, you know?" I explained.
He nodded, "But how will I know that she will trust me?"
"You have to tell her that she can," I explained. "You have to show her."
He nodded, and for hours we stayed in that position holding each other, and kissing each other, and trying not to think of the things to come.

I started to plan my funeral that month. I would have a black casket with a red lining. We had invited our friends in the bands to come play in celebration. I didn't want this to be a mourning I wanted it to be a celebration of what I did, and my life. Brennan would say the eulogy, and all of my family members would say something. I had a gown made by Vera Wang. That was a grim conversation. "I never thought I would be making your funeral gown," she had said to me. I would have 30 Seconds to Mars, My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco, and Fall Out Boy playing songs at my funeral. Then I wrote something that I would have Pete read: a message from the grave.

A/N: Alright there you go. She doesn't die right away I promise.
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