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It's Not the Side Effect of the Cocaine I'm Thinking it must be Love

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Leave Lovers Dead in Ditches
Chapter Thirty-one:
It's Not the Side Effect of the Cocaine, I'm Thinking it must be Love
"In between my sheets, in between the rights and the wrongs."

Charlie laughed as I held her in my lap. We were sitting on mine and Pete's bed while watching the Doodlebops. Pete was in the bathroom shaving. I set her up on her feet, and made her dance, and her laugh only got louder.
"What are you two doing in there?" Pete asked from the bathroom.
I held Charlie so that he was covering my face, and facing her father, "We're watching the Doodlebops, dad. Don't you know anything? I thought you were cool."
He laughed, "I am. I think the Doodlebops are cool. They rock out."
I laughed at Pete. He was trying so hard to be the best father he could. I looked at him. "Could you and Patrick give Charlie a bath today?" I asked.
After the hospital visit and TRL Patrick had offered for us to live with him 'until you decide it was time to go' is how he put it. I would have to talk with that boy. I wasn't sure he was comfortable with me going.
He answered wearily, "Umm sure. You would have to talk us through it."
I nodded, "That sounds doable."

An hour later Patrick walked in to find Pete, Charlie, and I singing along to the Doodlebops. "Awesome. The Doodlebops, I love them," Patrick said as he started singing along. After that episode ended Pete and Patrick had Charlie naked, and drawing her bath. "Patrick don't make the water too hot or to cold. Fill up a cup with the water, and bring it to me so I know how if feels," I ordered from my spot on the bed.
"Okay how's this," he said handing me a cup of bath water.
I dipped my finger in the cup, and smiled, "That's good. Just fill it up a quarter of the way, and put the seat in there."
When they finally got her in Pete began to wash her skin. I heard a few of 'Patrick can you move,' 'Pete don't get it in her eyes,' 'Trick hand me that wash cloth,' 'What do we use for her hair?' come out of both of their mouths. They were a comical bunch, and listening to them made me laugh.
A few minutes later I heard Patrick yell, "Ah! She got me." He pretended to fall over in dead in the bathroom. I heard a giggle come out of Charlie.
"Oh no, it's the bathroom monster run!" Pete yelled covering up his face in horror. I then heard Charlie growl. "Oh she's so vicious!" I laughed as Pete grabbed her. "Take that you bubble fiend!" He then put the towel around her, and twirled her around the room.
"Dry her up fast, Pete, you don't want her to catch a cold," I said. He nodded in horror, and he had her dressed in five minutes with lotion, and all.

A half out later Patrick volunteered to take Charlie to the park so Pete and I could have some time by ourselves. Patrick then gathered the help of Joe and Andy. Pete laid next to me on the bed. "What do you want to do?" he asked.
I looked at him, "I'm a bit tired. You want to watch a movie?"
"Which one?" he asked.
"I know Patrick has a copy of Moulin Rouge about somewhere," I answered.
"I've never watched that movie," he stated.
I smiled, "You'll like it. It's a bit emo."
"Sounds good," he said.
He found the DVD, and popped it in the player in the living room. We loved watching movies on that TV because it was a huge screen, and we loved Patrick for having it. Pete came into the bedroom, "Are you okay to walk?" he asked.
I looked him in the eye, "I know I'm dying Peter Wentz, but I'm going down with a fight. I'm fine to walk. If I need your help I'll ask for it."
He bowed his head, "I'm sorry, but can you blame me?"
"Blame you for what?" I asked just a little annoyed that I had to lean on the wall for support as I walked down the hall.
He came up behind me, and grabbed my hips. He hadn't touched me like that in so long, "Can you blame for wanting you to live longer?"
I sighed, "Pete, I know it's difficult to accept that I'm going to die, but we have to live like everyday is special."
"But it is," he bit back.
"I know, I know, and I'm scared too, but we're going to have to live like we were young again. Before Charlie, before tours, before the leukemia," I said. He gave me a look, and I knew that look. It only happened every time he got the best idea he thought he could come up with. It was a brilliant look, and young look. He was handsome with 'the look.' He was mischievous, he was excited with the new look. "Pete what are you thinking?" I asked a little nervous.
"How tired are you going to be when the movie's over?" he asked raising his eyebrows up and down.
I smiled back at him, "You still want to make love to me?"
"Why not? The doctor didn't say anything about it, and we'll have this place to ourselves. I'll call Patrick, and tell him to take Charlie out to dinner, and to buy her something. I don't know, but anyway why wouldn't I? You're gorgeous," he said as we slumped onto the comfortable velvet couch.
"No, I'm not. We'll at least not anymore. I'm pale, and my eyes have lost their color. My hair is breaking, and it's greasy. My cuticles have gathered and army and I'm not sure what's going on inside my head, but I'm pretty sure that's falling apart," I shot back.
He smiled and kissed me, "You're still beautiful to me. Why don't you let me show you?"
"Alright, but I have to fake an orgasm you're dead meat," I said, and he smacked my arm.

Two hours later the movie was over, and Pete was semi-crying. "You didn't tell me she died," he said.
"I was getting you ready for the future dumbass," I said.
He looked at me, and I noticed how angry he was with me, "Really, and I think this hurts."
"Well, I'm sorry, but thought it would educational on how to handle it," I said yelling at him, and getting a little tired. "Sorry for trying to help you out. Can't a wife help-"
But I was cut off by his mouth connecting to my open one. His tongue slipped in, and his arms slid under my body, and lifted me up. I kept kissing him passionately never wanting it to end. He was right. We were young again. It was like the first time I made love to him. I was made into a virgin touched for the very first time. (A/N: Get it?)
He laid me on the bed, and he grabbed the hem of my shirt. Well, actually it was his shirt, but that doesn't really matter. It was coming off all the same. Since I was just lying around the house I didn't have a bra on so he was all access to my breasts.
I felt his callused hands reach down, and massage them. I moaned in pleasure. He made a trail of kisses all the way down the middle of my body started with my lips, and ending in the middle of my stomach.
I then grabbed the hem of his shirt, and lifted it over his head. I grabbed his shoulders, and my nails dug into his olive flesh as I moaned with pleasure again. He bent down, and whispered, "I'm a liner away from getting into the mood."
It was my time to get to him. I grabbed the waistband of his girl jeans. I slipped my fingers down into his pants, and I heard his gasp. I chuckled, "Who's a liner away now?"
He pulled at my sweatpants, and threw them to the floor. I started to undo his belt buckle, and soon they were kicked right next to my sweatpants on the floor. Soon my panties and his briefs were next to each other on the floor as well.
I remember that as a blissful afternoon. When we were done he lay beside me on the bed with my back to him he kissed my shoulder. I then turned to face him, and he kissed me tenderly. "That was the best I've had in a long time," I said.
"Hey!" he said.
I smiled, and moved close to him, and he took me in his arms, "You were all I ever had, and I don't regret it a bit."
I kissed his bare chest, and I moved my hand in between his thighs, and he moaned. "God Natalie, you need to stop."
I laughed, and we stayed in each other's arms for about ten minutes when Joe walked in with Charlie. "Where is your mommy and daddy?" he asked walking into the room. "There they are." It took him a grand total of five seconds to figure out what we had been doing. He quickly covered Charlie's eyes, and he turned the other way. "Sorry guys I didn't know. You need to put a sock on the door or something. God, I just saw Natalie's boob. They're nice too. What am I saying? Are we still on for movie night tonight?" he asked awkwardly.
"Yeah, I guess so," Pete answered.
He nodded in the other direction, "That's cool. I will never be able to look at you two the same way ever again. I've been scared for life."
"God, Joe just go away," I said.
He did as he was told, and I got up and with the strength I had left finished getting dressed.

A few hours later we said goodnight to Charlie, and went out to have movie night with the guys.

The next day I got a surprise visitor. Andy came in to see me lying down in bed watching TV. "Natalie, someone's here to see you. She said she's an old friend. What do you want me to do?" he asked.
I knew who he was talking about, "Send Jenni in."
He nodded, and a few minutes later I saw a, long brown haired, dark brown eyes women walk into the bed room, and stand there awkwardly. "Hello Jenni," I said looking at her straight in the eyes. What nerve she had.
"Listen I came here to say one thing and one thing only, and that's I'm sorry, and I didn't mean to hurt you," she said.
I looked at her surprised, "It's me who should be asking for forgiveness. Jenni, I stole your first boyfriend." It was in that moment that we both realized that we both forgave each other. "Wait did you get amnesia, and remember that you did something bad to me because if that's the case grovel woman, grovel," I added to lighten the mood.
"You never changed," she stated.
"Yeah, I did. I learned from my mistakes. I joined a band, got a record deal, a Grammy, and MTV Music Video Award, a husband who loves me, a child I love to death, and leukemia," I said.
"I'll miss you," she said.
I cocked my head in question, "Didn't you already? We haven't spoken to each other in well let's see ten years."
"I kept the memories," she said. "Every inside joke, every song we sang along to, the summer we spent together. I kept all those memories. I kept replaying them in my head like a movie, and that's how I got through."
"Really because I got through with making a multi-million dollar album about it," I said.
"I know," she said. "I remember the last time we talked you said, 'I'm going to write a song about his, and it'll make millions.' You've accomplished it. I'm proud of you. Will you sing it to me?"
I nodded, "I guess I owe you that much."

This is one of those
"What the hell are
We doing?" moments
I'm just a girl who
Holds it all in and
Regrets it all later
Dear Cupid
We have to talk
About your aim
And we're not just
Some screwed up
Lifetime movie
So turn down the drama
And turn up the music
I'm sure you don't
Want to know
The angst driven actions
Of this teenage girl
Who tries to make everyone
Happy but ends up killing herself
Dear Cupid
We have to talk
About your aim
And we're not just
Some screwed up
Lifetime movie
So turn down the drama
And turn up the music
You might as well
Should kill me
Because you are the
Bullet in the gun
And I'm just
The bad mistake
Dear Cupid
We have to talk
About your aim
And we're not just
Some screwed up
Lifetime movie
So turn down the drama
And turn up the music
So this is my last
Apology the last time
I cry and say I'm
Sorry one thing I've
Learned is love can't
Save you no matter
How hard you wish
Everything turns out bad
Dear Cupid
We have to talk
About your aim
And we're not just
Some screwed up
Lifetime movie
So turn down the drama
And turn up the music
I would have stayed
With you all night
If I knew how to
Save your life

A/N: There you go. Sorry it's been hard for me to update. I should have another story coming soon called Vicious and Carved out of Stone. You can read the first to chapters by going to the search section and typing the title in. Alright we'll I'm hungry, and I'm going to get some more cowboy soup. It's the best.

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