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Boulevard of Broken Dreams

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old stories and laughs

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Leave Lovers Dead in Ditches
Chapter Thirty-two:
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
"My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating. Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me 'til then I walk alone."

"So is he good in bed?" Jenni asked me suddenly after a long silence.
I looked at her my eyes wide, "What?"
"Is Pete any good in bed?" she asked chuckling.
"Um well, that's kind of straight forward," I said.
She looked down embarrassed, "I just wanted to know."
"Jenni, I'm kidding. I wouldn't have married him if I had known he was horrible in bed," I said.
She burst out laughing, "I knew the abstinence pledge you signed in health was fake."
"Hey, you can't blame me for wanting it," I said with my hands up.
"What are you two laughing about?" Pete asked walking into the room with Charlie on his hip.
We started to laugh harder. Only because Pete, the subject of the sex matter, had just walked in. "In conclusion," I continued ignoring Pete. "He is very, very good. I mean you don't have to fake good."
"Who's good?" Pete asked.
I just looked at him, "None of your business."
He shrugged, and pulled up a chair, "So Jenni, do you have any stories of Natalie when she was young? She always keeps things from me." I smacked him.
"Well," she began. "There is that one about when we were going to start a band, and she wanted to be the drummer."
"No Jenni, that's the worst story ever." I pleaded.
Pete turned around, "Guys get in here I got some dirt."
Patrick, Joe, Andy, Eric, Zack, and Brennan came walking in, and they sat on the bed, and on the floor. "Okay we'll we were starting a band, and I was going to be lead guitarist, and Natalie was going to be the drummer." I buried my face in my hands. "She was always beats off, and she would always speed up. She tried to get her dad to teach her, but he was working, and he goes 'Natalie learn by ear.' Well here's a secret about Natalie: she's tone deaf."
"Seriously?" Patrick asked. "But she's such a good singer."
"Yeah, you wouldn't have noticed," Zack chimed in.
I looked up, "I grew out of it." They all laughed. "You know what two can play this game. Jenni, do you remember the little incident with the trampoline?" She gasped in horror. "That's right. We were playing on her trampoline one afternoon, and she got stuck between the springs. We had to call the ambulance to come get her."
It was now my turn to laugh with everybody else about Jenni. "Alright Natalie, what about Mr. Underwood?" I gave her a 'oh no you're not' look. "Oh yes I am. We had a World Geography teacher our Sophomore year, and his name was Mr. Underwood. He had boyish good looks, and everything. I mean yeah he was cute, but Natalie fell head over heels in love crush with him. So, when Valentine's day rolled around she gave him a valentine from a 'secret admirer.' Needless to say he found out who it was, and Natalie had to be given a speech by the principle."
Pete looked at me in shock, "A teacher?" I nodded. "That's adorable." He leaned towards me and kissed me.
"Well, I have another story about Jenni. So, I had braces before Jenni, and we were fighting over weather I'd get them off before she'd get them on. Turns out I got my off, and a week later she got them on. She was so upset," I explained.
Jenni smirked, "I also remember a week after I got my off you got your retainers and you couldn't speak at all. She had a lisp while she sang." She did a very poor imitation of me singing with a lisp.
We were all laughing when the door bell rang. "I'll get it," Eric offered, and he got up off the floor. "Natalie, you have more visitors."
"Who is it?" I asked.
"It's us Silly Billy," Jared Leto said bursting through the bedroom door. The members of 30 Seconds to Mars and Panic! At The Disco followed after him.
"Aw, guys you didn't have to," I said hugging them all from the bed.
We talked for a few hours before Jenni brought up the subject of tour pranks. "So, what pranks did you pull on each other on tour?" she asked.
I looked at her, "Do you really want to know?" She nodded honestly. "Okay, there was this one time when Pete and I were in the back of the tour bus trying to, um, bow chicka bow, bow, and Patrick walked in one us."
"Actually," Joe said from his place beside of Ryan. "We've all walked in on you two bow chicka bow bowing." We all laughed.
"What about that time when we played a trick on Pete?" Patrick asked me.
I chuckled, "Oh, that. Yeah, we were playing 'One of Those Frustrating Romantic Moments,' and we were all up on stage. Patrick, and I thought it would be funny if we kissed, and watch Pete get all mad and stuff. So on Joe's guitar solo Patrick and I turned to each other, and started to sing this bit that was in the recording. And we kissed. You should have seen how red Pete's face got. Then we turned to the audience who was shocked as hell, and we go 'just kidding.' It was the greatest."
"I remember one time," Zack started out.
"At band camp?" Jenni asked.
He glared, "No, I remember one time I went to stage dive, and it was perfect until I got pulled down into the crowd, and this girl started making out with me. The next thing I know my pants are off. Right at that time the security guards came a took me, but she still had my pants. I had to play the rest of the night without any pants."
"Yeah, Patrick and I were attack by girls in a Wal-Mart," Brennan added. "I'd never seen Patrick run so fast."
"I think the best was when Gerard faked his own death," Pete said.
I started cracking up, "Yeah, and we were moments away from telling the crowd when he walks out with red blood stains all down his shirt."

Pretty soon all of them were gone, and it was just me and Patrick. He was about to leave when I called him back, "Patrick."
"Yeah?" he asked.
"Come here. We need to talk." He came and sat down on the bed. "Listen Trick, I know it's hard to take on a death and everything, but you're going to have to seriously help Pete. I don't want him joining me in heaven until he absolutely has to. Understand?"
"And I don't want you joining me in heaven until you absolutely have to. I know it's hard to watch a friend of yours die, but you if go so will Pete and so will Fall Out Boy and Eurydice Fall. Do not start a chain reaction. You need to get it out in some way. Get together with Eurydice and make a tribute album or something, but deal with it. Don't just work more. Don't just ignore it either. Deal. With. It."
He was almost in tears. I sat up, and kissed him on the cheek. I then took him into a hug.
"You're so brave," he whispered.
I felt tears come from my eyes, "That's how it would seem."

A/n: Happy late Valentines. Anyway I've got two more chapters to go, and then I'll do a whole chapter worth of disclaimer. Remember be looking for my next story out. Hopefully when I finish this one.
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