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If I had to choose her or the sun...

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She lets it slip...again.

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Chapter 12

If I had to choose her or the sun...

Kade's POV:

We spent the next 2 hours just talking. Chelsea is really cool. I am defiantly going to keep in touch with her after this whole experience is over. That is if it all goes ok. I'm dreading having to tell Pete about Spencer but I can't let Patrick do it. Pete would be crushed and hate me forever.

"Well we need to start recording." Patrick said breaking me from my thoughts. We all headed into the recording studio and the guys started setting up as me and Chelsea continued to talk.

"So how did you land the job of interviewing the guys?"

"Well my boss decided to pick who got the job because a lot of people in the office were fighting over it. And he picked me." I said.

"I bet you were gunning for it. So you could see the guys again." Man was she wrong.

"Actually, I didn't even try for the job. As you know I have a past with the guys and was kind of avoiding them. I wasn't quite ready to see them again yet." I said looking down at my hands.

"You know Patrick was always sad when you would turn down the offers to interview them. He would call me and tell me how they got an interview with AP and how much he hoped you would take up the interview. But his hopes were always crushed when you would be too busy to do the interview." She said sincerely.

"Yeah I know, I missed him too! I always wanted to take those jobs but I just couldn't. I didn't have the courage to face him again."

"I know your not talking about Patrick and I might not know that much about your past with Pete. But anytime he would find out about the AP interviews he would get a glimmer of hope in his eyes. But he never let it show. He's stubborn that's for sure. He did miss you though Kadence." Chelsea said. I looked down at the floor to try and hide the fact that my eyes were tearing up. How could I have been so selfish to have kept Spencer from Pete for so long?

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you." Chelsea said handing me a tissue.

"No, no its fine. I've been told stuff like that before but I didn't want to believe it. I thought people were just lying to me to make me feel better. But you have no reason to lie to me. I just don't want to believe it. If he would have missed me, then he would have called. Why didn't he just call me, like he promised?" I asked with more tears streaming down my face. Chelsea pulled me into a hug and tried comforting me.

"No one fully understands the notions of Pete Wentz," She said laughing. I laughed too. I pulled away from the hug and thanked her.

The guys recorded for most of the day. They didn't do any new songs just put finishing touches on some of the stuff that they had already recorded. They finished around 8 o'clock.

"So what do you guys want to go do tonight?"

"I think we should just go somewhere to grab a bite to eat. And just have a good time, just all of us together. It'll be fun." Chelsea suggested. Everyone agreed and went to get ready. We decided on some fancy restaurant that I had never heard of so I didn't know what to wear. So I drug Chelsea in to help me.

"What am I supposed to wear to this place?" I asked hopelessly. She started rifling through all my clothes and didn't find anything she thought was suitable. Hell I didn't bring anything besides jeans and t-shirts. Comfy clothes. So she left me in my room and came back 5 minutes later with and little black dress. ( here's a picture. Hopefully it works.)

"Wow Chelsea this dress is beautiful. You don't think it's too over the top for the occasion or anything?" I asked.

"No, it's perfect! Trust the guys will love it! Wait till you see my dress!" She said. So I went into the bathroom and tried it on. It fit perfectly and looked amazing. When I came back into the room Chelsea had her dress on too. It looked amazing! ( Chelsea's dress.)
Chelsea helped me with my make-up and hair and we were ready to go.

"Took you guys long-" Trick started, but stopped when he saw Chelsea and me. "Wow, you guys look amazing."

"Why thank you boyfriend." Chelsea said smiling. She went up to Patrick and gave him a kiss. I stood back because I was nervous about the dress. I haven't wore anything this nice since I had Spencer. I never had a reason too.

"You look amazing Kade." Pete said snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Thanks Pete, you too." I mumbled blushing. All the guys were dressed nicely. Khaki's and nice shirts and such. We walked outside and found a limo parked outside. We all piled in and headed out.

When we got out of the limo once we arrive, cameras started flashing. I didn't expect it and it startled me. Someone grabbed my waist from behind and led me along. I turned to my right to find Pete leading me into the restaurant. Reporters were shouting different questions towards the guys. One caught my attention though, 'Pete is this your new girlfriend'. I just shook my head and looked down. I didn't need anyone thinking that me and Pete were together.

Dinner went great. We acted as if we hadn't been apart at all and that Chelsea was always a part of our little group. It was fun and refreshing. That was until I got a phone call that scared me half to death.

"Hello?" I asked into the phone.

"Kadence? It's Bruce. You need to come down to the hospital now!" He said quickly.

"Why Bruce what's wrong? What happened?" I asked frantically.

"Missy and Spencer were in a car accident. Hurry, they wont tell me anything about Spencer!" Bruce said.

"I'll be down there as fast as I can!" I said and hung up the phone. Tears sprung to my eyes in an instant.

"Kadence what's wrong? Who was that?" Pete asked touching my hand.

"Patrick I need to get to the hospital now! Something happened to Spencer!" I said grabbing my purse and standing up.

"Alright lets go. We'll grab a cab. You guys meet us up there with the limo." Patrick said spitting out orders. Patrick and I ran out of there as fast as we could and told the cab driver to go as fast as he could.

"What happened Kade? Is he okay?" Patrick asked after a few minutes of silence.

"I don't know. They wouldn't tell Bruce anything because he's not Spencer's legal guardian." I said breaking down again. Patrick grabbed me in a hug and comforted me the entire way to the hospital.

Once we reached the hospital, we ran inside.

"Spencer Sebastian Moore. He was in a car accident. I'm his mother. Is he ok?" I asked in one breath. The nurse typed his name into the system and brought up his file.

"I'm sorry miss but we haven't heard anything on him yet. The doctor's is still checking him out. I'll send a doctor out as soon as we know how he is. For now you can have a seat in the waiting room." She said politely. So Patrick and I went and sat in the waiting room. 15 minutes later the rest of the crew showed up and waited with us. I just sat there with my head in my hands as we waited.

"Kade, he's going to be ok." Patrick whispered in my ear. He didn't want the others to hear since they didn't even know who Spencer was. Andy and Joe were listening to their Ipod's, Chelsea was reading a magazine, and Pete was writing in a notebook. Probably another song, maybe one about how much he hates Spencer because he thinks that I'm with him. God, I need to tell him.

After about an hour the doctor finally came out.

"Miss Moore?"

"Yes, that's me." I said standing up. Everyone's head perked up to hear the news.

"Spencer's fine. He just has a few minor scrapes and bruises but he does have one laceration on his forehead that we had to stitch up. You can go in and see him now." The doctor walked away and everyone stood up.

"Well I'm heading out. You can go in and see your little boyfriend. But here I wrote this for you... Anyone coming with me?" I was fuming.

"I've already told you! Spencer isn't my boyfriend! First off that would be illegal to date him and second that would be just plain gross!"

"Why? Please enlighten me on this situation. Who is this Spencer character who none of us know about? Huh Kadence!" Pete said.

"He's my son ok! There now you know! I have a son and you want to know what else? Huh Pete!? He's yours too! There Trick I told him. Now you don't have to. And he's probably just going to go hide and hope that this all just goes away. But guess what Pete, it's not. You have a six year old son and he's in the hospital. Now I'm going to see him because he needs me right now. You guys can go home if you want, I'll be there later." I said walking away....

oh snap! She told Pete! hahah lots more drama next chapter! i decided to put it up tonight cuz im probably not going to update this weekend because im going to be very busy. but pls review!! oh yeah chapter title from cupids chokehold by gym class heros.
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