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The Aragon Ballroom

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The first concert of the Black Parade tour.

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Rise Against was just finishing up their set. Gerard was smoking yet another cigarette and pacing. "I wish I had shown you just how beautiful this place is" he said turning to Monica. It has this fucking gorgeous staircase and make sure you check out the ceilings. They are painted to look like the sky."
Monica looked up at him from her spot on the sofa. She had been sitting with Frank who admitted he was a bit nauseous. He was staring into space absently rubbing his arms. "I will check out the ceiling," she promised Gerard.
"As soon as they get the stage set we go on," Gerard told her. He snuffed out his cigarette and put his hand out to her. She stood and went into his arms. "Worm will show you were you can set to watch us" he told her.
She had been introduced to Worm, a member of their road crew, earlier. Gerard had explained that Worm helped them stay organized. He put his arm around her and they walked to where he was standing. Gerard gave her one last kiss.
"I've always thought a man in uniform was hot" she whispered.
He looked down at his Black Parade costume and laughed. "Love you," he said then turned to rejoin the band. Worm showed her to her spot and she waited for the show to start. There were others already seated who she learned were some of Bob's friends and family members. She spoke to them waiting for the concert to start. Monica realized they were interested in meeting Kara's mother. They all knew how much Bob and Kara were in love. She genuinely liked these people. Kara would be marrying into a loving and supportive family.
Suddenly the music she and Gerard had talked about "Final Dream" filled the Aragon Ballroom. From her seat off the side of the stage she could see the guys all giving each other a high-five. Mikey had told her once that was their good luck superstition.
The houselights went down and the crowed came to life. The darkness made the suspense almost unbearable. When the lights came up and the band stood before the crowd the roar was deafening. Monica watched in awe. She had never seen an actual live show of My Chemical Romance and it was truly amazing. The energy the crowd gave the band they gave back and then some.
All of the members gave 110% of themselves. Frank, Ray, Bob and Mikey rocked the stage so hard. Frank the excellent guitarist who threw his whole body into playing. Mikey with his shy smile played with a skill way beyond his years. Bob keeping the beat giving it his all and Ray with is Tigger-like jumping while playing his guitar with such skill and grace.
But it was her Gee she couldn't keep her eyes off of. He sang, screamed, pranced, and the audience loved him. God, the man was hot. This was a part of his life she really hadn't known much about and she could see now just what it meant to him. She may have his heart but performing had his soul. She was captivated, enthralled and awed. It passed much too fast. After the final encore they came off the stage like soldiers returning victorious from battle.
Gerard made his way to her. Monica threw her arms around him. "I'm gonna get you all sweaty" he told her his voice rough.
"Shit Gee that was unbelievable. You have no idea how much I want to get you alone." She was on an adrenaline rush.
He kissed her deeply, "Woman the feeling is mutual. We have to take care of some things here why don't you go on back to the bus. I'll be there as soon as I can.'
"I'll be waiting," she told him. She retraced her steps from earlier heading back to the bus. Suddenly she realized someone was behind her. Glancing back she it was Worm.
"Gerard wanted me to make sure you got to the bus safely," he told her.
Monica laughed, "I think I can walk to a bus by myself."
He nodded, "Yea, I agree but he told me to keep you safe so that's what I'm doing."
It was a short trip to the bus. Monica thanked him and went inside. She took a quick shower and changed into her sweats. She had just settled on the sofa when she got a call. The caller ID let her know it was Bert.
"Hello Bert" she answered. The door opened and Ray walked in.
"Beautiful, how's the tour? Gee showing you a good time? Cause if he isn't I'll come and beat the crap out of him for you."
Monica giggled, "Yea right Bert. I can really see that happening. I got to see my first live MCR concert tonight it was awesome."
"Those guys are pretty good live I guess," he teased. "I saw your lovely daughters today. Donna invited me for lunch. The oldest girl of yours is really missing Bob"
Monica sighed, "We just left."
"Are you telling me that you didn't miss Gee when you didn't see him for a day? Bert asked.
"OK Bert point taken. So what evil have you been up to?"
"Just working on the new album. I'm all work and no play."
Monica wondered about the new woman in his life but if he didn't offer any info she wasn't going to bring it up. There was however something she did want to talk to him about.
"Bert when Liv came to you what exactly did she say?"
Bert was silent for a moment, "Fuck Monica do you really want to hear this? I mean its sort of brutal and I'm not sure Gee would want me to tell you."
She looked over at Ray who was searching the refrigerator. He didn't seem to be paying much attention to their conversation. "Please Bert this is important."
"Shit, she said that it was about time Gee acknowledge this own child. She told me that if he didn't she would go to the press and tell them that Gee had raped her. That he had been the one to hook her on drugs." Monica was silent so he continued. "Monica, Gee never raped her and she was the one who gave him the cocaine."
"What about the child Bert? Have you seen it? Is it a boy or a girl?" Her voice was shaky.
"Liv screwed around a lot. Sometimes I think Gee really knew but he tried to block it from his mind. She had such a hold on him."
"Bert answer the questions. Have you seen the child and is it a boy or a girl"
"I have never seen the kid. But Liv said it's a little girl who she named Elena."
Monica closed her eyes and willed herself not to cry. A little girl named after Gerard's beloved grandma. She took a deep breath. "Bert I need to ask you a favor and you aren't going to like it."
"Monica I will try to do anything you want." He told her in all sincerity.
She took a moment to calm herself before saying what she needed to say. "Bert I want you to go to Liv's and see her daughter. Tell me if she is being taken care of properly."
"Holy crap, Monica. I can't do that. Gee would kill me. The little fucker can be vicious. Then there is Brain, I know he wouldn't want me involved in this."
"Stacy the Band's attorney has hired a private investigator. They are finding out if Gerard's name is on the actual birth certificate. All I want you to do is tell me about the child."
"Can't you ask me for another favor? I don't like to have anything to do with Liv she is pure evil."
Monica sighed and in a small voice pleaded "Please Bert"
He shifted the phone and for a moment Monica though he had hung up. 'I will do it for you Monica. But I'm not sure this is what you really want." He hung up without saying goodbye.
Snapping her phone closed she fell back against the sofa cushions and closed her eyes. Had she done something that would enrage Gerard?
She was started by a voice "Why Monica?" Ray was standing there with a look of concern on his face. "What happens if Gee finds out what you've done?"
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