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Nervous Energy

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After the concert Monica and Gerard spend time together alone, well sort of alone.

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The bus door opened and a very tired looking Bob shuffled in followed by Gerard who looked surprisingly energetic. "I gonna hit the shower" Bob said without stopping. "My fellow band brothers grabbed all the showers back stage."
"You were too slow Bob old boy." Gerard sang in a goofy voice "Slow Bob , slow Bob"
"Bite me Way" Bob hollered from down the hall.
Gerard plopped himself down next to Monica "Woman you have permission to hug the stuffing out of me now I'm all clean and sweet smelling."
Monica glanced over at Ray who smiled sadly at her, shook his head and moved down the hall to his bunk. She turned her attention back to Gerard. "And just what makes you think I want to hug you?" she teased.
He pulled her on to his lap, "Cause I know you , you can't resist me." He kissed her lips and whispered, "Just look at all this nervous energy just waiting to be released."
She smiled and whispered, "Lots of people around right now."
"Yea, but as soon as they get back they will hit their bunks. Then it will just be you and me, baby" He spoke the words against her neck causing her to tremble.
The door opened and Frank and Mikey came in freshly showered. They were in the middle of a heated discussion. "All I'm saying is I think lavender is better. I mean hell who ever heard of gray and black for a wedding?" Frank asked.
"With a touch of red" Mikey added, "Don't forget the red."
"What are you two talking about?" Gerard asked looking up from Monica's neck he had been nuzzling.
"Wedding colors," they both answered in unison.
Gerard rolled his eyes, "Oh my, what about the songs?" He spoke in a high-pitched voice, "Stairway to Heaven" of "Bullet With Butterfly Wings?"
"Oh ha ha very funny Gee" Frank answered.
"Yea, you just wait. You have no idea the planning that goes into a wedding." Mikey added, "It is insane-o"
"I'm calling Jamia then hitting my bunk. Wake me and I'll kill you" Frank said to the room.
"I already talked to Alicia" Mikey said "and the cats," he added with a grin. "Night guys" he told Gerard and Monica.
"Now the waiting begins," He whispered in her ear. "Soon you will hear a symphony of snoring and we will be alone."
Monica giggled "Well not alone."
He captured her lips and whispered "Alone enough, honey" He stood "but for now we watch some TV."
They snuggled together and within an hour the snoring began. Monica shook her head, "How am I ever gonna sleep?"
"I was planning on keeping you awake most of the time" he slipped his hand under his sweater and zeroed in on her bra undoing the front clasp.
"Gee we are right her out in the open." She batted at his hand.
He laughed, "Not for long" Standing he pulled her up, "Come on, this won't be the most romantic but desperate times call for desperate measures. They walked to the small bathroom, "After you" he said
"Well it has a door" she said
"And a lock" he added with a wicked grin.
They both stepped into the small bathroom and Gerard locked the door. He left the light off. "Makes it more romantic" he laughed.
His lips came down hard on hers. His tongue demanded entrance. The kiss left her breathless. Suddenly his arms where around her and he lifted her onto the small vanity counter. He pushed apart her legs so that he could stand between them. Grabbing the hem of her sweatshirt he pulled it over her head and let it drop to the ground. He unhooked the bra and threw it over his shoulder. Bending slightly he began to suck each nipple teasing them with his tongue. Monica tried not to moan out loud.
"Sugar I'm sorry this isn't the most romantic spot" He said before his lips reclaimed hers.
She reached out and pulled off his hoodie. "Don't care" was all she could say. His tongue had retuned to her breasts.
He removed his mouth and stood back. Lifting her slightly he pulled her sweatpants off. The cold of the countertop startled her momentarily. It was a short-lived
feeling. Gerard dropped to his knees. Once more he parted her legs, his tongue moving from her knee upward. His fingers gently parted her "I want to taste you" he whispered in a deep passion filled voice. His tongue flicked back and forth causing her to shudder.
Monica murmured low in her throat, her back arched. She closed her eyes in sheer ecstasy. He lifted his head "I don't really want to make love to you in a bathroom but.."
She had been so close when he had stopped, "I don't really want you to make love to me in a bathroom. I want you to fuck me in this bathroom" she all but cried out.
He stood and removed his sweats. Her fingers curled around his pulsing rock hard penis. "Guide me home" he pleaded.
Monica scooted foreword slightly and slowly guided his length inside her. He started to move first slowly then the rhythm became faster and faster. Slamming, sliding, grinding Monica urged him on.
He was so close so goddamned close. He wanted her with him. Sliding one thumb to the joining of their bodies he found the slick heart of her. He touched, stroked and incited. She came in a shuttering rush his name on her lips. A moment later he joined her, filling her, once more branding her his.
She collapsed against his chest. "Damn Gee, that was a lot of nervous energy."
His mouth moved to her ear and nipped at her earlobe, "And just think we have a concert almost every night. Don't forget you promised to help me release all my nervous energy."
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