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A penny for your thoughts and a dollar for your insight

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Alexandra dreams were finally working out. The wind was blowing the right direction. Meeting Peter Wentz was not on her plans but that won't stop her from making the best of her experience in anoth...

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So I'm going to tell my story...actually it's fiction but it really doesn't matter, right?
My name is Alex. Actually is Alexandra Alice but I freaking hate my name...No need to explain why, obviously.
So anyways...this started when I had the opportunity to move out of my country and do something exciting that'd probably give me stories to tell to my grandkids...
It was summer 2005(August to be exact ) I decided to create an account to become an Au pair, it's a program for kids for a certain age to work in a different country and babysit for families.
I had just gotten my driver's license so I was all set up. I had a friend going aboard and she had waited for an about a year to be called. So I was just making a decision for the next year. I decided to start college as I was still working and all. To my surprise less than a month later I got a call from a family from Chicago. They had two girls _age 12 and 8_ and two boys _ages 19 and 6_ both parents worked and they didn't have any other relative living with them - my 'friend' had problems with the 'grandmother' that lived with her host family- they sent me a picture and they looked "normal" and harmless enough. So after moving mountains I quit my job, put my studies on hold packed my stuff and in less than one month I was there at the airport saying goodbye to the family members that cared enough to actually pretend to miss me.
I had my player packed with my favorite songs and one little video from my two sisters making faces and things like that. I kept thinking to myself 'here I'm. The girl that was always too scared to take chances on anything. and here I' am again doing what everyone never thought possible.'

Twelve Hours later approximately__don't know how long it takes to get to New York form brazil_

So I'd stay in New York for 3 days and get some kind of training for new au pairs. We were a bunch of teenager in awe to finally make it to the big apple. Some of the girls made me realize that an English course is NOT really as effective as it should be. Some of the girls didn't even know what they were really supposed to do as an au pair. They were just 'taking paid vocations' or so they thought.
I was completely amazed by everything in that city, the people seemed to be coming from magazine clothing ad's it was just so freaking awesome and scary, and I was never a small town girl. I lived in Rio de Janeiro for *&%$ sake but that the first image I had of new York was just beyond compare and it was also colder than I was used to.

The 3 days we spent in New York were spent in great fashion, visiting places, buying souvenirs and things to remember the place. The flight to Chicago, it was me, Linda and Brenda _one of the girls I was sure would be going back within the next week_
Linda was very excited as I was. On the whole flight we'd talk about our expectations, the shows we just couldn't wait to see. Soon it'd be springtime, which meant that summer tours were so close! (Insert bouncy emoticon here if you want)

Landing was the scariest shit. I've always been afraid of flights and surprisingly I did well. Next thing on my list was going on labor, but that's going to be a LONG way until I have to go through that, hopefully!

"You know this is not what I thought it'd be" complained Brenda.
She had been bitching and moaning the whole flight as Linda and I discussed some of the responsibilities with had with the families.
"Apparently you didn't really pay attention to anything, right?" I asked already at wits end with that girl. Linda just smirked. We parted ways at the baggage claim thing to go find our hosts!
I was so excited! There I saw two little kids holding a sign that read 'A. Alexandra Lutter'
" Awe" - I gushed seeing how cute they were form up close.
I went towards them with my most welcome and honest smile
"Hey Alexandra!!" Sally my host mom said giving me an awkward hug, seeing I had a mailman bag strapped on my torso and was dragging my wheeling bag behind me.
"Hi Mrs.Thompson. I'm so glad to be here. I'm sorry if I look a little rugged. I'm not used to flights" I said as she gave me a warm smile as if she wanted to say she didn't mind.
Before I could say anything I felt a tug in my pack and the little boy was trying to get my attention.
"Hey!! You are Frederic, right?" he nodded. I extended my right hand for him to shake and he did just like a little man!
"So you are the new babysitter that doesn't speak our language so we have to be patient and very attentive with?" He said in just one breath! Oh oh!
"Ha-ha Fred, baby! You are going to scare the girl away! You know I've been giving them the peep talk about what'd be happening." Sally said motioning for us to move out to the airport that was loud and crowded.

We loaded my things in they van and went home.

They were a big family they really needed one.
Along the drive she told me little things about the kids, I was introduced to the other kid, Maddie a little sweetheart, she had the cutest smile and was the younger of the girls. I heard Kallina _the older girl_ was doing homework on a friend's house or something.

We unloaded my bags from the car trunk; the night was starting to fall as we entered the place I'd be calling home for the next 12 months. The place was huge and very homely! You could tell that there were kids living in because there was crayon on the table, toy cars, and baby dolls in the couch, but it was well kept.
"What do you think of our house, Alex?" asked little Freddy looking at me.
"It's beautiful, Freddy! Do you like living here?" I smiled at him, waiting for the answer.
"Yes, I love living here with my family. I hope you can love it, just like I do" _ 'Awe" I thought.
"But I'll! How would you guys like to show me around? Is there a problem if the kids give me the grand tour Sally?" I asked.
"Of course not!! Kids go show Alex her room and help her to get set in ok? I'll go fix some dinner." She said going to another room.
The kids grinned at me and grabbed my hands pulling me along as they made their way to the hallway.
"Your room is in the basement Dad had to buy everything for your room, we helped to get the wallpapers and to make the bed!! Do you like it??" said Maddie such a proud smile on her face.
"Yes, its pink, how could I just don't like it! And the wallpaper has all these cool shooting stars! It's awesome! You kids have an amazing taste, you know? Thanks!!" I clapped excited, I was really excited to be living in the basement I saw there was a computer desk with a computer and a print machine (oh yeaaaah)
There was also a sort of intercom besides my bed. At least that's what it looked like.
Yeah...I was happy and couldn't wait for the things that were to come!

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