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Meeting Pete _

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6 months later April 2006

"Are you sure you can come back on your own? I really wouldn't mind going to get you, Alex!" asked Sally nervous about my first time going out on my own in 6 months living here. I was worried but I really wanted to go. These past months have been good; I was living in total harmony with people that some time ago was only strangers to me. I've come to love every single person on this family. And they make sure that I know that they care for me as well.
So tonight I'm going to a FOB concert, it's April 19th and I'm so excited, my sister (a huge fob fan) has been text messaging me the whole day. She has seen them live when they played in our country but she says that I can take pictures and she couldn't. She wants tons of Stump's pictures, if possible. She even mentioned something about an 'autograph'?? No way! That's just out of question!

"Yes, Sally I'm sure I can make it on my own! The bus stop is right across the street anyways if I'm not mistaken... I'll probably get a taxi to ride back! And of course I'll be here by the curfew time: 1am! See I'm acting like a big girl!" I joked with her.

I had this curfew that was kind of a set up so the kids would understand that the house had strict rules for everyone.
I've never been out that late before since the only place I go is the mall to hang out with Linda (since Brenda left about 5 months and 21 days, she stayed for about 5 days- a record some au pairs say).
"Okay then but you better go now because we don't know how the traffic is going to be, right? Your cell phone is recharged? In case you need it later? Where are your hoodie and the ticket? What?? I know it is summer but it must be cold by midnight we never know!!" She said holding her hands up as Kallina and I looked at her skeptically for making me take the hoodie.
The bus stop was empty and lucky for me the bus I was supposed to get came by faster that I thought!
The concert would be held in a small venue and I didn't know what to expect when a major band does a concert in a more 'intimate' place.
I got there it was around 9 o'clock and since Sally wouldn't let me go out without eating anything I thought I'd just go in and see what my sit was like.
Sally had helped me to buy the ticket because it was actually a little expensive.
I was shocked I had front row sits and I was in the box thing. I felt very VIP at the moment. So anyways there were a lot of people already there. It was a set for a band to open for them at 8:50 so I guess they'd be starting their set anytime now. I looked at my clock it read 9:15. I could only imagine the time FOB would be hitting the stage, oh well!
"Hey girl, are you alone?" A blond girl asked me from my right side. She was model-beautiful and I was startled by her approach.
"Yes, I mean not anymore, right? Ha-ha but yes, I'm alone. Why?" I asked as she got comfortable on the sit by my side.
"Well that's right you are not anymore!! Me and my friend Leeane are going make you company! Oh my...theses sits are just perfect..." she trailed off as the opening act entered the stage making noise.
Turns out the band had a problem backstage so they'd be singing just a few songs, they sang it acoustic and they sound good. After about 5 songs the band left the stage. Then one girl was coming in our direction with 3 bottles of beer but what caught my attention was that she had barely and clothes on.
"So this is Leeane and I'm Mooh, short for Monique ya take this...they gave it for free...ha-ha" she was very bubbly but had a warm smile and her choice of clothing was less shocking.
I was pondering on taking the beer or not, but I accepted anyways, I was not underage (at least not in my country) and I wouldn't be getting drunk.
"Okay then, thanks and my name is Alex..ya know...short of Alexandra." I grinned. They nodded and we clicked our beer bottle as cheers!

30 minutes later they had consumed more alcohol and were mixing stuff, some guys came to them but they just giggled and said no.
These girls didn't seem like the kind of girl that'd enjoy the rock scene, just the attention. And here I was... some jogging pants, pink all-star-converse, my hair in two braids on each side of my face, I was a natural brunette but I was going through the blond ambition faze and I loved it. I had on a hoodie I had gotten from my sister it was 'Alice on Wonderland' and the habit on the side and one huge grandfather clock on my back. On the hood it said Alice. I had bought it back home and it was customized, I just loved it! My make up was another story; I love the colorful style so I had on my electric blue eye pencil and my dark blue eyeliner! I also used my green contacts...I kinda needed that one...I just thought if I need contacts why not get some different color?
So back to the show...I looked like a.....
drums guitar OMG bass
Yeah this is really happening!! I'm watching them live!!

The room got so loud!! I just started jumping around in the balcony thing.
They were playing songs from FUCT and TTTYG and I was loving it.
So the opening notes to 'Chicago is so two years ago...' started the crowd went nuts. There was lights going everywhere as I sang my lungs out of the corner of my eye I noticed one particular band member looking my way 'WTF" I thought feeling self conscious, there was a roar behind my back and yeah my new 'friends' were flashing the band. Then I remember the 'this spot is just perfect' comment. I was just so embarrassed for them...some were cheering them but most people were calling them names.
The band kept playing and suddenly I'm being rudely pulled by my arm. There was security escorting both girls out and I think their first thought I was their pimp maybe?
The song was over and I heard over the mic a demand for the securities to let go off me. To be exact it was 'hey man let the kid go! She is harmless'
Pete said that and they let me go, my arm felt numb because they had a dead grip on me.
I was feeling weird so I just remained quiet for the rest of the show, just leaning on the balcony singing along. Some times the same band member could be found looking my way but I just shrugged it off. Around 11:12 the show was over.
I was so hungry, but I had yet to find my way around the place.
So I patiently waited for the mass to dissipate so I could make my way to the exit. It was 11:40 when I finally got to look for a place to eat. I found a place called Giordano's 'the food better not suck', I thought!
The place was not packed as it looked from the outside.
I sat down in a dual table. Suddenly I felt really lonely, it was just the few times I got homesick like this but I missed my sister's company. I'm sure right now we'd be babbling about the show. I got my phone to call her when I heard someone cleaning their throat. I looked up and was faced with a guy wearing a black hoodie, the hood was actually over his head, but I could tell he had emo bangs (whatever that ish is called)
"You can take the chair" I said thinking he was going to ask if I was going to use it. He smirked. "No I came here 'cause I was in the back of the room with my friends and I noticed you are the girl that the security manhandled on the show, right?' my eyes awkwardly popped up when I recognized his voice!! PETER WENTZ

A/N: Again sorry for typos, seeing this is not my first language, I'm trying to do my best! I swear!
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