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I Don't Love You

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This is about a lot of different things. Ryan Ross and Simone Way were once together, they have had problems in the past, but one day Ryan decides that enough is enough. Simone falls for the guita...

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"Baby, stop, what are you saying?" asked Simone.
Simone was on her cell phone with her boyfriend, Ryan Ross. It appears that Ryan was breaking-up with Simone after 2 1/2 years of serious dating. Simone started to cry as she listened to Ryan explain why he didn't want to be with her anymore. Simone hung up the phone and then started sobbing even more so now.
Her brother, Mikey, heard her sobbing and decided to see what was wrong. He walked over to her and gave her a hug.
"What happen, Simone?" asked Mikey.
"Ryan, dumped me, just now on the phone," she cried.
"Oh, I'm sorry, sis," apologized Mikey.
"I thought everything was going great. We were together for 2 1/2 years!!" she exclaimed.
She then felt the necklace, that Ryan had given her for their 1-year-anniversary, around her neck. She took it off and threw it across the room. She then continued to sob in Mikey's arms. Mikey was rubbing her back and trying to calm her down.
Just then, Frank, Gerard, Ray, and Bob walked into the room. They asked Mikey what was wrong with Simone. He explained the situation and the guys nodded. Gerard told Simone that he and Mikey would take Ryan out back and kick his ass. That made Simone laugh, but she was still hurt. She for sure thought that she was going to be with Ryan for the rest of her life, but she was wrong.
Ray, Bob, Gerard, and Mikey decided to give Simone some room, so they all left her room and went outside. Frank, however, stayed in the room with her.
"Hey beautiful," Frank said to Simone.
"Hey, Frankie," Simone replied with a half smile.
"Don't worry about Ryan, he's a dick for dumping a pretty girl like you," Frank said trying to cheer her up.
They continued talking and Frank listened to what Simone had to say and they hugged a lot. They always hugged and played tricks on each other. That was just a normal thing for Simone and Frank.
"You want some Starbucks? No no Starbucks isn't what you need. You want some icecream? Would that make you smile?" asked Frank sweetly.
As if on cue, Mikey and Gerard came into Simone's room and announced in unison, "Hell yes, we'd like some!!"
Simone giggled and Frank took her hand. She put on her zip-up hoodie and walked out.
While in Frank's car, Simone was texting Aricia. She told her about what happened between her and Ryan. Aricia said that she heard and was sorry. Aricia promised to talk to Ryan and see if she can mend things.
They finally reached the icecream shop and Gerard and Frank both had an arm around her. She was giggling because she's always had a little school girl crush on Frank. Being both Mikey and Gerard's little sister, she would always try to hang around them as often as she could.
After they ordered their icecreams, which Frank paid for Simone's, they sat down and were talking about what they wanted to do that day. Simone mentioned that they should go to Panic's concert, that she had tickets to.
"I promise that I won't talk to Ryan the entire time," Simone promised her brothers.
"Alright, well if only you want to," Gerard said.
"I'm sure. Plus, I want to see Aricia, it's been like forever," she explained.
Later they left the icecream shop and went to the drug store to pick-up Gerard's depression meds. Simone walked over to the magazine rack and Grank followed right behind her. Simone picked up a Vouge and a Rolling Stone magazine.
"Awe look how cute my brothers are," said Simone to Frank.
"Yea, they're alright, ew who's that?" replied Frank as he pointed to a picture of himself.
Simone laughed and shrugged her shoulders.
"Some random cutie that plays in a kick-ass rockband?" she replied.
"That's right," laughed Frank.
Simone grabbed two other magazines, and some eyeliner, she paid and then they all left the store.
Later, they were at the concert and they were having a great time back stage with Aricia. Simone was drinking a Monster and Gerard was smoking a cigarette by the window.
"I'm so excited for New Years Eve!!" exclaimed Aricia.
"Me two!! I'm excited to sing with Gee," Simone added.
"Yea, that'll be cool, what are you guys singing??" asked Aricia.
"Cancer," replied Gerard.
"That's cool, I'm excited, it's always a treat when you two sing together," said Aricia.
Simone and Gerard smiled at each other.
Suddenly, Brendon, Ryan, Spencer, and Jon all walked into the room. They were sweaty from the show. Ryan and Simone made eye contact, then Simone quickly looked away and turned to Frank. Frank gave her a reassuring smile. Simone was sitting on Frank's lap. She returned the smile and hugged him, just to make Ryan jealous.
Spencer walked over to Aricia and gave her a kiss. He then sat down next to her. Brendon grabbed a water and sat down next to Gerard. Ryan grabbed a water as well, and then walked over to Simone and Frank.
"Hey Simone," said Ryan.
Simone glared at Ryan, then said, "Hello, Ryan."
She was trying to hold back her tears; she couldn't bare to look at Ryan.
It remanded awkward between the two of them, for awhile. Simone and Frank became inseparable, they were always seen together; everyone started to question if they were infact dating or not.
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