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Once stubborn...

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Pierre doesn't wake up fine in the next morning and the guys have to call him a doctor, but once being as stubborn as Pierre is... (Sorry, I hadn't been able to thank you for the review in the cor...

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"Pierre! Pierre, wake up! Are you okay?" I heard David's voice asking worried as he started shaking my body. I tried to answer something but I was feeling so weak that I didn't even managed to open my eyes "Pierre, if you can at least listen to me, just make a sound. Any sound just to make me less worried." I tried the best I could to say something , but the words didn't leave my mouth. The best I could do was to let go a moan of pain "Gosh, Pierre! Why do you have to be so stubborn sometimes, huh? See what you did to yourself? I'll bring the guys here to see what we can do to help you."

As soon as he finished saying that, I realized he started placing the blankets over my body. If I could just feel able to speak, he wouldn't imagine how much I would thank him for that. I felt my body trembling bad ever since I woke up but I wasn't finding strength enough to move my body and get those blankets over me. As soon as he was done, he left.

In seconds, I heard a whole bunch of steps rushing in my room and people sitting down by my side. Although it wasn't hard to imagine who it was, I hadn't been able to open my eyes and to actually look up at them.

"He's burning in fever." I heard Jeff saying as he touched my forehead
"And this is all my fault. I shouldn't have let Pierre take my car last night." Said Chuck blaming himself for my mistake
"It's not your fault, Chuck." Said Seb comforting him "Pierre was teasing you. You had to let him go."
"But I knew he was sick!" Chuck stated "If I hadn't give him the keys of my car..."
"He would have waited for us to fall asleep and take it anyway." Interrupted David saying exactly what I was going to do "Pierre is stubborn, Chuck. If he wanted to see her, nothing in this world would stop him from doing that."
"But we can't blame him for that. He was and probably still is under a lot of pain because of Jessie." Stated Seb. Finally someone to defend me.
"Listen, stop talking and let's ask for a doctor to come here and give it a way on this situation right now!" shouted Adam "If he doesn't go over a stage tomorrow, he's fired!"
"You can't just fire him `cause he's sick!" shouted Jeff in my defense
"I'm the manager of the band, I do whatever I want `cause you're my band and, in resume, Pierre is my lead singer and what he did yesterday to that girl really got to my nerves. Anything wrong he does from now on will be reason enough for me to fire him, even forgetting the lyrics of the song during the rehearsals. That will be a good way to make him pay for that. Now, phone the fucking hospital and bring a doctor here to take care of him `cause I won't be the one to do that."

I just wonder if Adam knew I heard that. But after hearing it, I hadn't been able to hear a thing. I realized they started fighting with Adam about all the stupid thing he said and those loud screams made me so dizzy that I think I completely passed away again.

When I stopped listening to them, all I could think about was Jessie. I could feel her in my arms, I could touch her lips and I could feel her soft skin on mine. Those feelings were so good that I felt like I was in Heaven and that there was nothing else in the world but her and me. She was everything that mattered. Everything seemed to be so real that I could remember exactly the sweet smell of her hair, the beautiful sound of her laugh and, above all, I could hear her saying clearly and loud enough the words I desperately needed to hear her saying. She said "I love you" and I felt her giving me the most tender kiss ever. The kind of kiss she's the only one able to give me. A kiss that makes me forget about all of my problems and forget about everything in this world but her.

Suddenly, that perfect dream on which I had my girlfriend back to me, changed to a nightmare without warnings. I started feeling hurt. I started feeling a lot of weak, painful and sick and that was when I saw Adam. Adam was there, staring at me, painfully kneeled in the ground begging for his help, while he just started to laugh out loud. Asides from helping me, he just punched my face to make his entertainment get even better and, even though I tried, I hadn't been able to return the punch. To get everything even worse, when I looked back at him, he had Jessie in his arms. She seemed so innocent and so happy, it was like I had never been part of her life and like she didn't have to care about my feelings `cause I'm nobody really important to her. That was when he approached her lips and started kissing the girl I love right there in front of my eyes. In that moment I couldn't help but cry with all of my strengths and I couldn't give it a way to get the air back to my lungs. I got really breathless and felt in that moment that I was going to die and that there was nothing I could do. I was coughing so hard that I think anyone closer than 2 thousand miles could listen to me. That was when I felt someone lifting my body up and I started feeling like waking up from that nightmare.

"Anyone, go get him some water." I heard Jeff yelling while sitting me down in the bed
"I'm going." I heard David saying as I heard some fast steps leaving the room
"J-Jeff?" I said finally opening my eyes
"Yeah. I'm glad you woke up. You've been like this since we first saw you this morning."
"What time is it now?" I asked sitting me down properly
"It's 5 p.m." replied Seb " Well, a doctor came here to visit you this morning." He started saying as David returned to the room and handed me over the water "He wanted to take you to the hospital but Adam insisted he should do whatever he needed to do with you right here `cause he didn't have time to get you completely healed as long as we're still going to travel to France tonight. He said the doctor should only mind about getting your voice back to normal. Some medications to your throat should do it, but we paid the guy an extra and he took care of everything, even though you needed a few days of resting to get healed."
"I don't care about being still sick but I can't go to France and leave Jessie now. We need to stop this tour."
"Well, according to Adam, HIS BAND won't stop touring because of a chick in the hospital. You can get yourself another one in Europe." Said Chuck
"He'll be dreaming about this day." I replied
"You're not quitting on Simple Plan, are you?" asked David concerned
"Of course not. I'm not quitting on Simple Plan, but I'm not quitting on Jessie either."
"But, Pierre, it's Jessie or Simple Plan now. She'll be here in America and we'll be in Europe. How do you plan to be in both places at the same time?" asked Jeff
"You'll see how. I won't have to choose between Simple Plan or Jessie `cause I'll have both." I said smirking
"We just hate when you talk like this, you know?" said Seb making some gestures with his hands like pretending he was strangling me
"Anyway, Pierre, now that you finally woke up and that you look better, do you want us to bring you something? Food, some more water...anything?" asked Chuck concerned
"Actually, yeah. I want my guitar and I want you to leave me alone for a while."
"You're not going to play guitar now, are you?" asked Jeff not believing what he had just heard
"Not only that, I'll sing too." I replied
"Pierre!" said Jeff like he was taking care of a kid that wants to eat candies even though it's almost dinner's time
"Come on!" I replied like this same kid that always gets what it wants
"Well, what damage can it cause if he just wants to sit down and play a few songs? This will keep him entertained for a while and it's the less stupid thing he decided to do since yesterday." Stated David finally helping me out
"Guess David's got the point here, guys." Said Seb
"Well, okay. Just do nothing but that, okay?" asked Jeff
"Okay, daddy, I was just thinking about play with fire, but I promise you I won't do that. I'll be a good boy." I said in a playful tone to get him pissed off

Just making a face at my comment, Jeff gave me my guitar and they left the room like begging me not to decide to runaway from the hotel by jumping from the window. By the way, we're in the tenth floor. Well, they were right about something, I was going to leave the hotel, but by the front door. I wouldn't have to runaway, they would allow me or allow me.

As soon as they left, I looked for a pen and a piece of paper. I had a new song in mind. Once again, a song about Jessie. Not taking those beautiful hazel eyes from my mind one second only, I started it. That was going to be my very last effort to try to make her understand that my feelings about her had never changed, they just grew bigger. What I wanted her to understand with that song was that all I want is one more day. It's all I need...guess you got the song I'm talking about, right?

Well, I wanted that song to be perfect `cause it was about a perfect girl, so I kept myself locked in that room for around one and a half hour, until I had everything just the way that I wanted it to be. After that, I made a phone call to the police to talk about my car and packed up my bags. In another half hour, I had my guitar on my backs and went to the living room to announce I was leaving.

"Where do you think you're going?" asked Chuck
"See Jessie."
"Neither of us will lend you a car. We learned our lesson." Said David honestly thinking I hadn't consider that
"You don't have to. The police is downstairs with my car. I'll pay for the tickets I've got for speeding and many other things and they'll return my car."
"We won't let you go." Said Chuck thinking I hadn't consider that either
"Fine. If I don't get downstairs in five minutes they'll come here to make me go anyway. They want their money and if you stop me, they'll arrest you. Still, if you want to keep talking for five minutes, we can do that. It will be your five final minutes of freedom."
"Why does everything always have to turn out your way?" asked Seb visibly pissed off
"`Cause I'm stubborn. Y'all know about that."
"Well, fine. There's nothing we can do to stop you, so just go. Just take a really good care of yourself." Said Jeff "Even though it seems you don't care a bit about yourself, we do care about you."
"Thanks, Jeff. I'll be okay, you don't have to worry." I said starting to leave, but I soon heard...
"Hey, Bouvier!" coming from Adam's disgusting mouth
"Yes, Adam?"
"We're going to France in one hour."
"My bags are all packed up over my bed, you take them for me. I'm going later, straight from the hospital, just like I want to do. I know where you'll park the tour bus and I'll be there."
"So, you're taking a guitar to the hospital?"
"I paid for the guitar with my own money, I didn't borrow any from you to buy it, so I take this guitar wherever I want to. This is my problem, not yours."
"Way to go, Pierre! You'll manage to get yourself fired faster than Adam is planning." whispered Seb loud enough just for me to hear as I simply turned myself around and left.
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