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The funniest day of my life

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After rushing to the hospital, Pierre may not be too lucky in his conversation with Jessica, but the new he receives a little bit before leaving the hospital may be enough to bring a breakdown.

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It took me around another hour to arrive in the hospital as long as I didn't know that place very well and the fever was starting to bug me pretty bad. Many times I felt like fainting, but those same times I forced myself to stay awake and keep driving, after all, it wasn't my car, it was Chuck's car. But, after all that, I finally found the hospital and a place to park the car while I went to buy her some flowers before getting in.

Getting in there, I wasn't able to lie and to pretend I was from Jessie's family `cause the nurse recognized me as soon as I first stepped there. Luckily, she was Simple Plan's fan and, for one autograph and a picture with her, she allowed me to get in Jessie's room in that same moment. It was easier than I thought.

When I got in her room, I saw Jessie caressing her belly and crying over the baby we lost. She looked really broken and so lost in thought that she only realized I was there when I started talking.

"Hey." I greeted her, but when she heard my voice she just dried her tears and turned her face away from me. She would have turned her body too, but both her legs were broken, so... "I brought you some flowers. Those are your favorites, aren't they?" I asked handing them over to her as she just threw the flowers over me "Guess no. Hey, are you letting me alone here with the talking part?"
"What do you want me to say to you? Thanks for killing my baby, breaking my heart and sending me to the ICU? And complete saying that it hurts a bit but I think that some flowers are able to fix it? Is that what you want me to say? `Cause that's all that I have to say to you." She said sarcastically
"Don't act like this with me, please. I love you and you can't imagine how bad I'm feeling about myself now. I feel disgusting and I mean it."
"This is not enough. You're not feeling half the pain that I'm feeling right now. I already loved this baby, you know? I couldn't wait to hold it in my arms and to call it mine." She said trying to control tears from falling down her eyes "I was so in love with this kid that I had already bought it some little shoes and some toys. It also already had a name, you know? It would be Sabrina if it was a girl and Lawrence if it was a boy. But now it's dead and even before getting the chance of born. I'm broken and you feel nothing."
"I feel nothing? I'm completely devastated here and you say I feel nothing? Jessica, I'm desperate and I runaway from the hotel with Chuck's car being sick just to be here now, leaving my friends worried and seeing them running after me to try to stop me from coming. When they see me again they'll probably yell at me until their throats start hurting as much as mine. Then, I passed through a freaky nurse that allowed me to visit a patient in the ICU this late at night for an autograph and a picture. I may get arrested for that if the police dreams that I'm not part of your family. And then, you say I feel nothing? I'm crazy about you and I felt worse than anything in this world for what I did to you and to a kid that didn't even had the chance to born, but you can't blame me for not loving this baby yet. How could I love someone that I didn't even know that existed? I would probably love it a lot if I only knew I was going to be somebody's father. I'm not heartless. After all, it was my baby too." I stated even though I think she didn't believe me at all " But, why didn't you tell me about the pregnancy?"
"Because I was afraid that a baby would be the last thing you needed now that Simple Plan is your only priority and you would ask me to have an abortion."
"How could you just assume what I would say? I would never ask you to abort it. And Simple Plan is not my only priority, I just need to eat, you know? And so do you, that's why I need to work. Asides, I always loved music and you knew about that when we started dating. I love Simple Plan but it would never be more important than the life of my son or daughter. I could deal with both."
"I don't know, Pierre. I can expect anything coming from you. I never imagined you would cheat on me. See what happened? I do believe that Simple Plan is your only priority because this is the only thing that I'm one hundred percent of sure that you would never cheat on. No matter what happens."
"Okay, now I am done with Ashley's subject. You'll listen to me this time and let me explain." I said getting pissed off about it as she just nodded and agreed in listen to me for the first time in that day that didn't seem to have an ending in sight "When I got in the dressing room, I threw my T-shirt away like I always did but I'm sure I'll never do again, and I soon heard Ashley talking with a really sensual voice and turned myself around to see her leaving the bathroom almost naked. Jessica, I'm a man, of course that made me loose control and I couldn't stop when she started kissing me and that kiss leaded to what you saw. I swear to you that I had never done anything like that before and that I'll be really much more careful and I'll never let it happen again if you just give me one more chance. You just have to forgive me, please, or else I think I'm gonna die."
"So, that was the only time you've ever been with Ashley since we started dating?"
"Yes, I swear you. And it will never happen again."
"You know, Pierre, I had been alone here for a few hours and I had sometime to think about it all. I considered many times that this one was the only time you had ever been with her and I also considered that maybe you were regret. After think a lot, I had one conclusion in mind: `if he comes here tonight and asks for my forgiveness, I'll forgive him.' And then I kept waiting patiently for you `cause I knew you would come. That was when I received a visitor. Adam. We kept talking for a few until I told him I was thinking about forgive you. He said nothing. He just showed me a videotape and left. That was when I changed my mind."
"A...a videotape?" I asked scared to death "What videotape?"
"The same one you're thinking about right now. The one on which you were making out with that disgusting slut in the studio. In the meanwhile I was home being trustful to you and waiting every single night for your phone call just to hear you tell me that you loved me and that I was the only one. Could you explain me this tape?"
"Of course I can. If you check out the date, that was the same week on which she moved to Toronto and if you watch all the tapes of the days before that, you'll see I hadn't seen her before that and I hadn't left the studio one minute only. Well, Ashley got in the studio that day and it was a real surprise to me. She told me she loved me and that she wanted to get back with me and I just kept fighting and yelling and begging her to get back home. That was when she tried her one last effort and pushed me against the wall to try to convince me to get back with her with that kiss. I made her stop and carried her outside the house, then I told her she was better get herself a boyfriend really soon, but I would never imagine that she was even married and pregnant. If you watch all the tapes after that day, you'll never see Ashley again in the recordings and, still, you'll see me there every single minute `cause we never left the studio. That proves I'm not lying. And, if you still don't believe me, you can ask the guys and see if our versions of the story match."
"I don't know if I can keep believing you, Pierre. You already hurt me a lot today and I love you just too much to keep lying to myself and pretending you feel the same way about me. I think I'll have to give it a way to forget about you."
"But, Jessica, I love you and I can't give it a way to forget about you."
"Please, don't keep lying. Just go and do not return."
"But, Jessica..."
"Just go!" she shouted letting tears fall down her face

With tears filling in my eyes, I stood up and directed myself to the door, but I turned myself around to tell her the one last thing I wanted to...

"I'm going, but I'll be back `cause I'll always be by your side to protect you, even if you think you don't need me. I promised to be always there for you, remember?" I said taking out of my pocket the same bracelet she had given me a few years ago and showing it to her "Now, bye...Jessie."

Not waiting for her reply, I left the room with tears washing my face. I couldn't believe that in one day only I had lost what I loved the most in my life and a baby that I didn't even know I had. Just when I thought that it just couldn't go worse, I saw some cops in the reception.

"Pierre Bouvier?"
"It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm officer Yale and I needed to talk to you. Do you have a minute?"
"Take your time. It's not like I wanted to go back to the hotel and sleep."
"I would tell you not to be that rude with me `cause I can get you under arrest, but you're not a kid and I guess you know about that." He stated "Well, as you probably know, Ms Gordon's car accident happened because she hadn't been able to make the car stop before hitting a kid and she tried to turn it around, what caused it to hurt her. Some people saw the accident and they said she had space enough to stop the car still, when we talked to her, she said she didn't take her foot one second only from the brake and the car wasn't slowing down. This story was really confusing and we had to check out on the scene of the accident. We discovered that someone had cut the brake of her car. The accident had been planned."
"What?! But who would ever plan that?"
"We thought that maybe you could answer that, Mr. Bouvier. If it wasn't for you, Ms. Gordon wouldn't be driving so fast and, unless she's very unlucky, she wouldn't get hurt. At least not this bad."
"What's your point, officer?"
"We can't take you under arrest `cause we have no proves yet, but you're our main suspect of tentative of homicide."
"What? Why would I want to kill my girlfriend?"
"I don't know, but I can tell you I surely had seen that before. Now, have a great night and we'll be contacting you in a few weeks." He said coldly leaving the hospital

At that final awesome new in that awesome day, I just laughed like a crazy guy trying to see everything that happened in that day like something really funny that you can only see in those stupid movies that the main character always pass through a whole bunch of stupid things just to make us laugh. I laughed so hard that I think the doctors were about to call a psychiatrist to talk to me, but I couldn't help and I couldn't stop. I laughed until my laugh became tears and I started facing for real that my day hadn't really been what you can call of funny.

After making the craziest scene of my life in public, I just returned to the car and started driving back to the hotel, hoping that tomorrow wouldn't be so awesome and so funny. Seemed like the whole world was against me that day.

I got back to the hotel at 3 a.m. and, as soon as I stepped there, I felt that sickness get even worse than it already was. The fever couldn't stop getting higher and everything in front of my eyes seemed to be spinning around. I was starving, but I needed to rest my head over my pillow before fainting in the living room.

Slowly and carefully not to wake them up, I started walking to my bedroom, doing everything I could to keep myself up.

After an endless fight against my body, I was finally lying down over my bed and I was no longer been able to hold myself from fainting without even having the chance of placing the blankets over my trembling body.
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