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The accident

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After get back to the hotel, Pierre may receive a new that he wouldn't like to.

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After walk another hour, I finally got in the hotel. As long as I had left my keys in the dressing room, I had to knock the door and Chuck soon showed up to answer it...

"Gosh, Pierre, you got us worried to death! Five more minutes and we would be calling the police!" he shouted worried "Come on in. You look terrible." he said heading me to the living room and sitting me down at a chair and Seb soon placed some towels around my shoulders
"Pierre, are you okay?" asked Jeff worried while all of them took their sits around me
"I...I don't know." I answered with a hoarse voice
"Well, your voice sounds terrible and, judging by how red your cheeks are, I think you're having a fever." Stated David
"Yeah, me too." I concluded
"Why did you take so long?" asked Seb
"The police took my car because I parked it in the middle of the street stopping the traffic, so I had to come back by walking."
"You did what?!" they yelled in unison
"What for? And where's Jessica?" asked Jeff the one thing I didn't want to have to answer
"I did that to make her stop her car and to try to talk to her and see if I could get her to forgive me somehow, but she didn't. She just...she just runaway and I have no idea of where she is right now or even...or even if she is okay." I said holding myself not to cry
"We...we can see it hurts you to talk about that, but...Pierre, why did you do that to her? Why were you cheating on her with Ashley?" asked Chuck slowly "I understand why she wanted to disappear from here. Her world probably felt down over her shoulders when she saw what we saw this afternoon `cause you were her world. You always treated her like she was the only woman in the world and she always felt like she was special to you. All by sudden you're almost naked making out with Ashley in the sofa. Why?"
"Chuck, I never intended to cheat on Jessie, she really is special to me. What happened was that I got in the dressing room and took my T-shirt off like always and Ashley left our bathroom in those sexy underclothes and started teasing me with sensual voices, kisses and touches. That messed up with me and it was the most I could handle before loosing my mind. I swear I never did something like that before and I would never do it again. It wasn't my fault, I love Jessie a lot. You guys just have to believe me."
"We do, Pierre. We believe you `cause we know you and we can see you're not lying when you say how much you love her." Responded David "But Jessie loves you bad and that's what makes it so hard for her to believe you. You need to prove her how bad you love her if you ever want her back and I know you do."
"Yeah, I know. Just wish I had any idea if I'll ever see her again." I said pausing for a few "What's about Ashley and Brendan? What happened?"
"They broke up." Simply answered Jeff "When you left and she put her clothes back on, those two started a long fight on which Ashley said she doesn't love you, she doesn't love Brendan and she doesn't even love Julie. She said she got pregnant of Brendan's child `cause she wanted a husband to support her and she wanted to get pregnant of your child `cause she wanted to get fame and money by getting back with you `cause she knew you wouldn't just abandon your child. After she humiliated Brendan with some words that I don't want to repeat, Adam took her to the airport and paid for a one way ticket back to Toronto. Now she's on her way back home. And Julie, Ashley had to take Julie with her `cause Brendan said he doesn't ever want to see their baby's face again."
"Still, Brendan is going to be your bodyguard until this tour is over." Completed Seb "After that, you can pick up another guy. Adam felt sorry about Brendan and got him a job in Lava."
"But, Pierre, you have no idea how much pissed off you got Ashley, Adam and Brendan. Those three want to see you dead." Said David "If you were here a few hours ago we would probably be going to your funeral now."
"And the best thing about it is that a guy who hates me is my bodyguard. Awesome! I may die anytime from now on!" I said sarcastically "I remember I had said 2 years ago that I didn't want Brendan to be my bodyguard. If someone had listened to me, Jessie would be here now and I wouldn't be worried if I'll wake up tomorrow. But did someone listen to me? No, I was just being paranoid, right?"
"Pierre, after you had fired half of the guys in Toronto, how would we know you were right about Brendan?" asked Jeff making his point "Anyway, Pierre, you look really sick. You better take a hot bath and change those wet clothes and then we'll see what we're going to do."

Just nodding, I left the living room and went straight to the bathroom to have my bath, but I discovered in a few it wasn't the best idea in the world to take a hot bath in that moment. As soon as I felt that hot water falling over my cold body, I felt even worse than before and I almost fainted in the bathroom floor. Still, I forced myself to be strong and spent sometime having my bath and torturing me under that water.

After a while, I returned to the living room trembling and with my face getting pale, and the fever didn't seem to be going away anytime soon, but at least I had finally put on some warm clothes and a jacket.

"Pierre, why didn't you ask us to pick you up?" asked Jeff realizing how bad I was feeling
"I needed to be alone for a while and to punish myself for everything I've done to Jessie."
"God, we have a show in the day after tomorrow and take a look at your voice." Said David remembering me once again how bad it was sounding
"David, that's the last important problem now, okay?" said Chuck almost telling David he was being rude "Pierre, you're trembling, your face is pale, you're having a high fever and your throat is probably hurting a lot. Please, go to your bed sleep. We'll take your dinner to you in a few, but just try to rest before you get worse."
"I don't wanna sleep, I'm not tired." I responded being as stubborn as I had always been
"Pierre, you're not superman and you don't have to pretend to be him. We can see you're tired." Said Seb trying to convince me to go sleep
"Guys, stop it. I don't need anybody to hold my hand and tell me what I should do and what I shouldn't. I'm not a kid."
"But you're acting like one." Said David
"What did you say?!" I shouted back at him but, before he was able to give me the answer I could see he was going to, the phone started ringing
"Guys, please, fight later. It might be her." Said Chuck making us slow down and he soon answered the phone "Hello?...Yes, I'm one of them, Charles-Andre Comeau, how may I help you?...Yes, I do. Why?...A what?! Okay, just wait one minute, okay?" After saying that to whoever it was, he took the phone away from his mouth and, with a pretty scared face, he directed to us "Guys, I'll be right back, okay?" as we simply nodded, he left the living room and went straight to his room to finish with that phone call

When Chuck left the living room, there was death silence between us. No one dared to say one word only while he didn't return. Even I, that had been standing up all the time trying to look strong, had sat down at chair to wait for him to return, not even realizing that I had done that.

After what seemed to have lasted a lifetime, Chuck returned and placed the phone in the base, not making a sound. When he sat down, he started staring the ground, like avoiding looking at us and his face looked so pale that it seemed like he had seen a ghost. Realizing that, we kept staring at each other's face like trying to decide soundless who was going to be the one to ask him what was going on, until Seb was the brave one to start questioning about the phone call...

"Who...who was that?"
"It was a...a nurse from the Central Hospital." He replied calmly
"A nurse? Was that about...Jessica?" asked Seb slowly as Chuck just nodded as an answer, but not taking his eyes one second only from the ground

That sign that Chuck had made with his head broke my heart, I knew that whatever that had happened to that girl would be my entire fault and that I would never allow myself to sleep at night again, but I still needed to know what was going on. Of course that little by little.

" her?" asked David afraid to make that question
"It was raining and she was driving just too fast. She lost the control of the car when she saw a 5 years old kid crossing the street. That was when she tried to stop the car but it didn't stop, so she decided to turn around even faster to save that kid's life..."
"And...what happened?" asked Jeff, but still afraid to hear the answer
"The kid is okay." He replied drying some tears that had fell down his eyes

He didn't have to say anything else after that. We perfectly understood what happened by putting the pieces all together, but I wish I didn't. It was eating me inside to know that the girl that was so precious to me had passed through that because of me. It was all my fault. All my entire fault and there was nothing I could do to change everything that happened in that day that should be the one I was going to ask her to marry me. That day that was my 21 years old birthday and that shouldn't had turn out like this. Spent some seconds until I, not taking my eyes away from Chuck's evasive look, broke the silence with the question I was afraid to ask, but I desperately needed to hear the answer...

"She...she is alive...right?" I asked and felt lots of relieve taking my heart when I saw him nodding positively "So, how's she doing?"
"She's in the ICU. They told me they don't know if she'll be able make it through it all. She's really weak and depressed. Asides that, she suffered a...a miscarriage in her pregnancy."
"Suffered a what?!" me and the other guys yelled surprised in unison
"We were having a baby?!" I shouted surprised and even more in pain
"Seems like yeah. She was 2 and a half months pregnant."
"My God, I'm such a jerk!!!" I yelled as loud as I could, not being able to hold any longer the tears that I had been holding for such a long time. Guess that was the first time ever that I allowed them to see me crying "I sent the woman I love to the ICU and I killed my own baby! Why have I done that? Why do I have to be so stupid? Why do I have to do everything wrong? Why?...Why do I have to be me?!?"
"Pierre, calm down. Take it easy on you or you'll end up going crazy. It's not your fault. You couldn't predict any of it and you didn't even know you were going to be a father. Nothing of it is your fault." Said Jeff trying to calm me down
"Yes, it is, Jeff. If it was only Ashley's fault, she would be alone in the sofa and neither of it would be happening now, just like Jessica said a few minutes before disappearing. I killed a baby that didn't even had the opportunity to born. I killed my baby! My own son or daughter! And now I'm slowly killing the girl I love. Why can't I just die in her place? I just know I can't take it! I can't take it anymore!" I shouted crying even harder and trying to control myself to keep talking "Chuck, give me the address of the hospital. I wanna see her right now."
"Only family is allowed to get in the ICU so late at night. You're not married to her so we'll only get to see her tomorrow during the day and if she wants to see you." Said Chuck in reply
"I don't care. Give me this address and I'll give it a way. I want it and I will."
"Pierre, you're just too stubborn, you know?" he said
"Yes, I do."
"Fine, you wanna go? So, go. Take your chance." He shouted giving me the keys of his car and a piece of paper with the address of the hospital "Take a really good care of my car and do not consider parking it in the middle of the street. Now, just go. Let's see what you'll get. If you get something different than a door closed at your face, please, let us know. Just go to the hospital, now."
"Fine. That's what I'm going to do." I shouted and left as fast as I could, not wanting and not minding about anyone else's opinion, even though I could hear them yelling and almost killing Chuck for letting me go. I could hear them saying I couldn't drive the way I was and I even realized, by the screams I heard, that even Chuck was regret about letting me go after remembering I was sick. I could hear steps following me, trying to make me stop from driving but, as soon as I realized that, I started running and reached his car before someone could make me stop. They were just giving their first step out of the hotel when I was already in the car and driving away. They didn't have the address of the hospital anymore so I was sure that from that moment on they couldn't stop me anymore. I know they were just worried about me and that they were doing this for my own good, but there was no little fever stopping me from seeing Jessie in that moment. I really needed to see her.
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