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Like any normal straight guy his age, Ryan has had the schoolgirl fantasy, at least once before.

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Note: Mrow. That's all I have to say. XD Hope you enjoy! I give alyssaatthedisco credit for this idea. runs away laughing

Ryan, for a moment, starts to think that maybe he is getting a little too obsessed with the girl. He sits in his grandiose hotel room at six-forty-five in the morning (he couldn't sleep), fingers poised over his Sidekick's keypads, prepared to send a message for Saffron to wake up to. Instead, he forces himself to refrain and begins flipping through the pictures in his digital camera, pausing only on those of her. Most of them are candid and display only her normal expression of sulkiness, but one stands out; at that point, Jon had taken the camera, captures a moment where he and Saffron were laughing about something, tips of noses touching, grasping hands. She is dressed in a simple black, cap-sleeved top and a striped navy skirt, only the slightest hint of make-up on her face, wild raven hair flying out behind her. It was no secret that he dated mostly wide-eyed blondes before her. She is the total opposite, and damn it, he likes it that way.

Well, I'm not normal

She had stated this clearly apparent assertion three or four weeks ago and the memory makes him grin. It was almost funny how that morose little girl had become his girlfriend in a matter of days.

Eight-thirty suddenly rolls around and there is a knock at Ryan's door. He shuffles out of bed, still in just a plain white t-shirt and plaid pajama bottoms, and moves to answer the door.

And, of course, there she is, looking more than frazzled, in a schoolgirl outfit , complete with the black knee socks, the tartan blue skirt, and black tie. "I skipped school," Saffron informs him, her face completely red from running around town and from complete embarrassment, "I've never skipped school before."

Like any normal straight guy his age, Ryan has had the schoolgirl fantasy, at least once before. He grins, grasping her hand to tug her inside. "I've never seen you in your uniform before," Ryan muses suggestively, snaking his long arms around her waist as she drops her school bag to the floor. "Fuck, you're cold."

"I left after homeroom," she replied quietly, "I, er, forgot my jacket in my locker." And a chuckle. "Warm me up, please?"

But, Ryan is way ahead of her, capturing her lips in a kiss before she can finish her sentence, gently massaging her waist.

Saffron smirks and pulls away after a moment, backing into a wall. Something has taken over her and she rolls the top of her pleated skirt, hiking it up a few inches. She raises her eyebrows, feigning innocence. "Never seen me in a uniform before? What are you suggesting?" she purrs, sending him a 'come hither' look.

And, indeed, Ryan certainly does 'come hither,' fiercely and ardently kissing her, one hand sliding up her bare thigh, the other tugging the tie off and casually tossing it to the side.

Oh, Saffron is more than ready for this, wanting him, wanting him and wanting to break out of her generally 'good girl' image just for today. Ryan is pressed up against her completely, hands eagerly roaming her tiny body as he plants well-placed kisses along her jaw, down her neck, and just above her chest, near the first shirt button. All of this elicits a soft, encouraging moan from the girl, her hands already on the hem of Ryan's shirt, keen to tug it off.

Ryan pulls back for a fleeting moment, pressing his forehead to hers, gazing into her dark eyes. "Are you sure?" he asks in a rather choked voice, still in a kissing haze, not wanting to hurt her, yet praying that she won't say 'no.' She answers him in a fiery kiss, delicately biting his bottom lip, and the look in her eyes changes to something he can't quite figure out. Ryan slowly unbuttons her blouse, fingers lightly brushing against her chest, lips never leaving hers.

The blouse falls away, and soon the skirt, to reveal a matching lacy blue underwear set, and suddenly Saffron is very conscious of how unwomanly her body is. She does nothing to cover herself, but Ryan can sense something is off. "Are you sure?" she asks, her voice but a whisper, as Ryan backs her onto his unmade bed.

"Never been surer," he mumbles. She smiles shyly scoots backwards, leaning against the headboard. As Ryan hurriedly pulls off his pajama bottoms, he watches her glance around slowly, somewhat nervously, tugging at a curly strand of hair. There she is, in her bra and underwear, her schoolgirl socks still on, the right one scrunched up; she looks innocent, fragile. "I'm sure," he insists, getting on the bed, next to her, tenderly kissing her cheek, resting one hand on her bare shoulder.

There is something about the gesture that sparks something within Saffron and she sits up, pushing him onto the bed and kissing him slowly, crawling on top of him. He cares, she cares; she's more than ready to give it up to him. Ryan snakes an arm around to her bra clasp as she presses her entire body to him, the mass of long curls falling onto his chest. He fumbles, unable to unclasp the damn thing, and then-

"HEY, RY-Oh..."

Saffron lets out a shriek and falls off the bed, grabbing every inch of blanket to cover and hide. Ryan sits up and starts running around the room in his boxers, searching in vain for his pants. From under the blanket, Saffron sticks an arm out, holding the pants out to him. He is blushing furiously and haphazardly throws his pajamas on before finally looking at the intruder.

Brendon. And Jon. With a camera crew.


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