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"Nah, it wasn't hard- you know, I'm very light on my feet-" "Just call him 'Twinkle Toes,'" Jon buts in

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Note WHEE. Chapter Thirteen. Who knew? I just want to express my appreciation for all the support you've given me. 'Specially you, alyssaatthedisco ;) WARNING: Chapter includes rather angsty Brendon and a slight jab at the girlies on buzznet. Don't take offense, I totally understand how you feel. XD Love!

In recent days, Brendon has been acting distant to Ryan, but naturally, Ryan is completely oblivious, clearly on a Saffron-high, in Spencer's words of course.

"What the fuck? ...a 'Saffron-high'" Ryan repeats dubiously, contentedly sipping on a Starbucks confection."

"Well, saffron's a plant," Spencer points out with a grin. "Therefore, you're on a Saffron-high."

Jon's cracking up and he cannot help but add, "Dude, I've never seen you so damn obsessed with someone."

"It's fucking annoying sometimes."

"But it's sweet isn't it?"

"Indeed, Jon." They're both leering at him now.

Ryan rolls his eyes and pulls out his buzzing Sidekick, shaking his head as a grin gradually spreads across his slightly pink face, eyes passing over the message. Their days in Manhattan have been nothing but frenzied and chaotic, but he cannot help but find it comforting to know that just a bus ride away, in Central Park East, is his favorite petulant dancer.

"It's love," the both of them say with a girlish sigh.

Ryan just laughs, but Brendon feels himself grow a little tenser as each second passes. He doesn't know what the hell is wrong with him, nor can he explain why he has been in such a peculiar mood. She's just some girl, some beautiful, distinctive girl who wants nothing to do with him romantically. He's young, he's rather dashing, he's sort of famous; there was that blonde from the party a month ago. So, what is the problem?

The problem is that, maybe, just maybe, Brendon just might have a little crush on Saffron too.

But, why is that? The conversation going on between his band mates fades into the background (they've assumed that their usually rambunctious lead singer is presently feeling tired) Why is he so hung up over some tetchy, ill-tempered eighteen-year-old? He shouldn't feel this way about her, he knows it. She's with Ryan now, and, honestly, they are a good match for each other.

But, still, that does not stop Brendon from staring each time she is within the vicinity.


Saffron lies flat on her back, on her bed, head sort of dangling off the side as she browses through her script, pretending to memorize her lines from Little Shop of Horrors. (There's no need, of course, since she already has them committed to memory) Suddenly, the door slams open and in rushes Marina, beaming with absolute pride as she wordlessly grabs Saffron's remote to flip on her small screen television in the corner.

"Hey to you too," Saffron says sarcastically as she sits up in bed, adjusting her 'Drowsy Chaperone' shirt.

Marina just continues to beam and dramatically points her finger at the screen. "Look!" she squeals, hopping onto the bed next to Saffron, causing the older girl to bounce lightly. It's Total Request Live and, honestly, Saffron couldn't care less; she opens her mouth to protest, but- "No, keep looking!" In enter four very familiar fellows as the crowd of fangirls cheer wildly.

Saffron's jaw drops. How can she have forgotten that the premiere is today? She makes a mental note to thank Marina... after the shock wears off.


"...So," VJ Vanessa continues, grinning brilliantly at the camera for a fleeting moment, "we hear that Brendon had to take swing dancing lessons for this video? How was it? Was it difficult?"

Brendon grins at the mere memory. "Nah, it wasn't hard- you know, I'm very light on my feet-"

"Just call him 'Twinkle Toes,'" Jon buts in, causing a general chuckle. Out of the corner of his eye, he can see clips of Brendon dancing wildly during one of their concerts.

Vanessa laughs and moves on as the clip comes to an end, "Rumors say that this video is similar to 'But It's Better if You Do' but you say otherwise..."

Spencer takes this question by answering, "Oh, yeah, this video is set during the Big Band era, and we're, obviously, the band, but there are some brass players among us. Also, we've got some, like, three-second-long scenes without music-"

"Yeah," Ryan cuts in, "there's this whole gangster plot, involving the lead dancer, also known as Brendon's love interest in the vid."

"But, in the end, you were the one who walked away with the girl at the end of the shoot, right Ryan?" Vanessa teases. Half the fangirls in the background giggle insanely while the other half pouts and plots Saffron's demise. Meanwhile, Brendon freezes his grin as Jon and Spencer crack up over their friend's reaction. "Aw, come on, don't pretend we don't know!"

Ryan, of course, is visibly crimson and he nervously pushes some hair out of his eyes. "Yeah, I did." Overhead, he catches a glimpse of a picture of that awkward incident when he decided to kiss Saffron before she left the studio. Who on earth captured that moment? Still, that doesn't stop a stupid grin from appearing on his face.

"Now, tell us her name," Vanessa prods in a friendly manner, as if they're the best of friends.

"Saffron Verde," Spencer offers immediately, before Ryan can do anything.

"Pretty name," Vanessa comments. "Well, sorry ladies, we've got one-two-three Panic! boys down," she says, feigning a sigh as she gestures to Jon, Spencer, and Ryan before putting an arm around Brendon's shoulders briefly. "There's still one more left!"


Saffron falls off the bed as soon as the video ends, unsure how to react. Her face on television. Her name announced on television. Her making out with Brendon on television. She can't believe it. She slowly turns to Marina, an almost insane grin on her face, "People are going to look for me on Facebook."

"Ooh, you'll have lots of friend requests!"

"They'll steal my pictures or find my headshots off theatre websites and put it on buzznet-"

"Since when did you know about buzznet?"

"-where I will be mocked by the little twelve year olds and maybe older..." Saffron is smiling quite gleefully at this point, though Marina can't fathom why her idol wants to be mocked online. "I can't wait!"
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