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in other news, Brendon and Spencer know all the words to "Reunited"

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"You've had 'Camisado' on repeat for about an hour, babe," Valerie points out as the two girls sit quietly in the school library, both plugged into Saffron's precious music device. There's a knowing smirk on the blonde's face that Saffron wants ever-so-much to smack it off.

"Shut up - reading," Saffron snaps, shooting an ice cold glare in Valerie's direction. She props the book up, hiding her reddening face.

Of course, the blonde hooks her two manicured fingers over the top of the AP Government textbook and pulls it down so that she can see the brunette's expression. Her smirk softens into a genuine smile and she tilts her head at the shorter girl. "Miss him?" Saffron gives her a look that clearly says 'what the hell do you think?' "How much longer, then?"

"Tomorrow," the girl replies with a doleful sigh, "feels like, ugh, I don't know, forever, as drama queen as that sounds."

Valerie clears her throat "The-"

"No. DON'T." Saffron glares, though a grin slowly appears.

"-sun'll come out tomorrow! Bet your bottom dollar that- Come on, babe." Valerie rolls her eyes as Saffron shrugs and returns focus to her reading. She lets out a groan and slams the book shut.

"Tomorrow," Saffron begins singing in a whiny voice, "tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow..."

The girls are kicked out of the library, singing Annie at the top of their lungs.

"One whole week," Saffron says to herself as she steps into yet another gift shop, wondering why the hell she had decided to spend her entire Saturday at the airport, "One full week of full contact, and the next fucking week- nothing." She wants to hit herself for sounding so bitter, but, by perfect coincidence, the flat screen television above her head suddenly changes to MTV and his face flashes by as the voice over announces the video premiere set for tomorrow. Her stomach does a flip as Saffron finds herself smiling for a fleeting moment, until she catches her reflection in the mirror.

'He's a busy boy, Verde,' her conscience tells her. The more stubborn part of her brain counters, 'Well, he's probably, continuously surrounded by gorgeous blondes who would do anything for him.' The conscience replies 'Don't be ridiculous! It's you he likes, and do you honestly think he would do something like that?'

"No," she whispers out loud, shaking all jumbled thoughts away. Saffron shifts uncomfortably as she stands there, merely holding up a snow globe. She clears her throat and glances at her watch- it is time.

Saffron tries her hardest not to look too amused as she has quite a ball on the walkalator. Her good mood is dampened slightly as she catches sight of familiar faces of those hanging around the video set, along with a few men and women with cameras. Her throat tightens and her stomach begins to churn - what can she do to calm her nerves?

What nerves? Saffron doesn't get nervous.

The crowd rushes by, but suddenly she can feel her heart leap into her throat and is at a loss for words as four weary-looking boys emerge, looking only slightly different than the pretty faces posted on Marina's wall. The crowd pushes past, but Saffron cannot move an inch, for he's spotted her. Oh, fuck, he's spotted her and now he's going to mumble something to Jon, who winks in her direction, and he's handing some things to one of the big guys and, oh, fuck, oh, fuck, here he comes.

"See anyone you know?" is the first thing he asks, pausing right in front of her.

Saffron allows a grin to creep over her features as she cocks her head to one side. "Nah, I've been waiting for my boyfriend," she replies, sounding very serious.

"And, where did this said boyfriend fly off to?"

"Las Vegas, I believe. I honestly can't tell you for sure, since he hasn't spoken to me for a little over a week."

Ryan puts on a guilty smile, grabbing her hand and tugging her into his arms as he snakes them around her scrawny waist. "Sounds like a big asshole," he mumbles, crashing his lips onto hers in what was supposed to be that dramatic, romantic kiss at the end of a movie. And, honestly, as she ardently returns the kiss, Saffron can almost hear "Reunited" playing in the background...

Or, that might just be Spencer and Brendon singing.

"...I know now that I love you
'Cause I need your touch, hey, hey
Reunited and it feels so good
Reunited 'cause we understood
There's one perfect fit
And, sugar, this one is it
We both are so excited
'Cause we're reunited, hey, hey!"

Saffron bursts into laughter, still very much clinging to Ryan, as Brendon grins and ruffles her hair and Ryan kisses her cheek before apologizing profusely and Saffron just shakes her head and just plants a good smacker on his lips and all is forgiven.

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email my heart and say our love will never die...
nothing beats listening to old school Britney at two in the morning, except maybe doing all that while talking to the girlfriend
back in NYC for our video premiere - we're all very excited and we've even met up with our video girl for a little celebration
(keep an eye on that face, she'll be famous soon)
and I have a very good feeling and you kids will like the new vid and I daresay it's a new twist on the retro video trend

in other news, Brendon and Spencer know all the words to "Reunited"

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