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Saffron merely gapes in a stunned silence, rereading the vague blurb several times, finally focusing on the faintly blurry picture of Ryan kissing her...

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Note: Meh, this chapter is a little mediocre to me, but it's mostly a bit of a filler, show them both settling into the long distance relationship. Again, love to the reviewers! (AND, the raters!) I squee with glee!


A computer print out of a blog is waved before Saffron's confused face. "Oh my god, Saffron!" Marina Warbeck, a freshman and Saffron's biggest fan, squeals excitedly, still very much failing. Saffron tilts her head to one side and simply takes a seat in the auditorium in silence. "Saffron, I don't believe it!" Marina continues gushing profusely as other, more intimidated girls join her in crowding Saffron.

"I don't believe it either." Saffron catches a particularly dry voice, her eyes landing on the blonde beauty, Valerie Lehman, her close friend and dirty rival. A small smirk, unbecoming of Valerie, crosses her features as she simply takes the paper from Marina's hands, smoothing it out and showing it to the bewildered girl. And, lo and behold, there is a picture from a teen-run rock blog, featuring "Panic! At the Disco's Guitarist with Unknown Cutie."

Saffron merely gapes in a stunned silence, rereading the vague blurb several times, finally focusing on the faintly blurry picture of Ryan /kissing her/, at what was supposed to be a private party.

Valerie is in a good mood, mostly because she was cast as Audrey in the other three shows, so there is no reason for animosity between the pair. She grins and pats the top of her head, causing the brunette to flinch mildly. "Good job, Saffron, though I hardly expected you to go for those rock star types. I guess, though, I shouldn't be surprised, considering the band he is in. Well done, babe," She winks and takes the paper from her hands.

Marina, who had been silent as she and the other younger girls watched the two chat, or well, Valerie chat, lets out a large squeal, jumping up and down. "Oh, Saffron, you're dating a rockstar! That is SOO, like, cool! Are you famous yet? How did you meet him? Do you guys, like, text?"

She snatches the paper from Valerie and stares at the photo with wide, wide eyes. Marina doesn't expect an answer, of course- Saffron is just amazing in her eyes and she, like, totally respects her silence.

Surprising everyone, a smile crosses Saffron's features as she turns to the trio of younger girls, saying, "We're a couple." Her heart flutters in that cheesy, Harlequin romance book sort of way, but, damn it, she loves that feeling. "I'm not famous- yet." Marina giggles. "I met him on a music video set, and yes, he texts me frequently." She points to the buzzing cellphone in her hands.


[Tell Jon that Marina thinks it he is like totally the sexiest OMG]

Ryan smirks as the long line at Starbucks shuffles forward, one yawn from the front starting a chain reaction, his long fingers click away to respond. [who is this marina?]

Less than a minute ticks by, and then: [One of the Skid Row Urchins in Little Shop-and my biggest fan. ;)]

Ryan chuckles and turns around to see the bassist staring at his flip-flopped feet, rubbing his eyes tiredly- it had been a long night. "Jon?"

"Yeah?" he mumbles, half yawning, stretching his arms.

"Marina thinks you're the-" Ryan checks his cellphone for the exact words, "like totally the sexiest- O.M.G."

"Tell Marina I think she's like totally the sexiest O.M.G. also." Jon grins widely, looking over Ryan's shoulder before snatching the Sidekick out of Ryan's hands, ignoring words of protest as he scrolls through all the messages. "Holy crap man... How long have you been at this?" He raises an eyebrow, now looking through the pictures.

Ryan scratches the back of his neck, trying to look rather innocent about the whole thing. "Since I got out of the shower this morning," he lies. (Actually, it was a soon as he woke up, but SHH.)

Both eyebrows are now raised in pleasant amusement as Jon examines his friend- and, yes, that oh-so-familiar dopey look is apparent. The urge to poke fun at him is tempting but he's far too sleepy at this point and simply nods in approval, patting Ryan's shoulder.

"You just gave Marina a heart attack," Ryan states after a moment, gesturing to the Sidekick with a big grin.


Panic! At The Disco blog

'I am currently listening to a song, set to a happy waltz, about murderers who turn their victims into meat pies. I had no idea Broadway could get so morbid.

Funny how that makes me think of her.

We are in Vegas for a quick break and then some after filming our latest music video- once again with the vintage, though this time you get to see Brendon go gangster. (Of course, we all know that 'gangstas' are still scarier than 'gangsters' are.)It was a lot of fun to film, especially because between takes, Jon got swing dancing lessons. Manhattan is always fantastic and never ceases to amaze me, no matter how many times we fly in. Keep on the lookout for the video, kids.
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