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How we met Prt. 2

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2nd part of chapter 1

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******Still In The Flashback*********

The Door flies open Gerard and Mikey Fighting Everyone else's comes in Lisa Smiles at me when she sees Franks arm around me I smile back at her. Gerard tries to punch Mikey but the guy with the afro ray stopped them.

"Ray!" Gerard yells as he struggled to get him out of the way.

"Don't let him hurt me Ray!" Mikey yells


"Fine" Gerard said

"Who wants to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show!" Lisa yells to everyone.

"I do" Mikey yells and grabs the tape and puts it in like I hyper little monkey. I start to laugh when my phone rings I look at it and is my house calling I answer.

"Hello?" I asked

"Where the fucks are you? You stupid bitch" My Dad yells at the other end Frank hears someone yelling on the other end and asked me if everything was ok I just shock my head yes a got up and walked into the kitchen.

"I'm at my New Friends house" I said nervously

"Who Told you you could go there I'm sure a fucking hell I didn't tell you you could go" He yelled

"Mom did" I said there was an angry sigh on the other end

"You stay there and come home straight after school and I want to talk this out with you"

"Ok bye" I said Knowing I was going to be beat pretty bad the next day when I got home from school.

"Bye" my dad said

I hung up the phone and slid to the floor crying I sat there for a moment or two then I here frank say he's going to check up on me I quickly get up still crying and run to the bathroom close the door and lock it.

"Babe? Are you Ok?" Frank said I can hear the concern in his voice.

"Yeah I will be fine just wait there and give me moment" I say searching for something to cut with.

"K" Frank said waiting outside. I found a razor that Lisa must shave her legs with I take it and break it to get to the razor I finally get to it and I cut 3 small cut on my stomach not completely satisfied I throw it away and fix it so it stops bleeding. Flush so frank thinks I went to the bathroom and walk out.

"Are you ok you look like you where crying" Frank Asks as he hugs me

"Can we go upstairs and talk and stuff"

"Yeah Mikey and Lisa are in Lisa's room but I'm sure we can use the guest room if you want"

"Can we?"

"Yeah let's go" Frank Grabs my hand and we go upstairs to the guest room and Gerard, Ray, and Bob Are All cracking jokes downstairs.

We walk in the room and tears are slowly crawling down my cheeks as we sit on the bed

"Why are you crying? who was on the phone?" Frank asked sounding so concerned.

"It was a abusive Ex-Boyfriend" I lied I did not what frank knowing it was my dad and I was scared to go home.

"WHAT!" Frank yelled very angrily only making me cry harder

"Who would hurt something as beautiful as you" Frank said as he rubbed my back to calm me down I was working just being around him made me feel better.

"I don't know can we just drop it and talk about something else" I said calming down.

"Yeah" Frank said hugging me.

"Oh guess what" Frank said trying to cheer me up.

"What?" I asked.

"Me and the rest of the 'gang' are in a band called My Chemical Romance except for Lisa she's not, were playing a show this weekend do you want to come?"

"Sure we will be on Christmas break then we can hang out a lot since we are off for a month."

"Cool it will be loads of fun" Frank said as I yawned.

"Are you tired babe?" Frank asked.

"Yeah will you sleep with me?" I asked him he had this glare on his face

"Not like that" I said hitting his arm.

"OWWIE" Frank yelped.

We lay down on the bed frank puts his arm around my waist and kisses my cheek

"Goodnight I love you"

"I love you to." Soon we are fast asleep.

"WAKE UP!!!" Me and frank are woke up by Gerard flying in the room jumping on the bed trying to wake us up.

"WERE UP JESUS FUCKING CRIST GEE!!" Frank yelled at Gerard. Frank kisses me and gets up to get ready I groan and fallow him.

We are all down stairs eating breakfast Bob looks at his watch

"Fuck guys were going to be late" we all grab out stuff and run out the door and practically run to the school.

_______________________________After School______________________________

"You want to come over to my house and hang out just you and me?" Frank asked I want to say yes so bad.

"I Cant I need to go home my mom wants me home today but maybe tomorrow. I got to get going Frank I love you so much" I kiss him on the lips and head toward my house.

'Fuck I'm scared what will he do to me ahhh I can't take this I want frank' I think to myself as I walk through the door of my house. I Take a deep breath and am relieved to see no one is in the living room.

I run up to my room and close the door. Just as the door closes it flies back open and my dad walks in and hits me across the face and starts kicking me. He picks me up off the ground with one hand whispers

"Whore" In my ear and throws me across the room I scream as I hit my dresser and feel the pointy side of it put a hole in my lower back. I scream as he kicks me again.

"You're not going to school till after your done Christmas break. During Christmas break you can hang out with your friends but the next 3 days your staying home" He whispered at me holding my hair so he was pulling me off the ground. He let's go and leaves the room.

I crawled into the bathroom with tears spilling out of my eyes and my phone started to ring I wipe some of the tears away to see who it is its Frank. 'Fuck' I whisper I didn't want to answer but I had to.

"Hello?" I ask trying to hide my sobs so he wouldn't freak out.

"What's wrong? Are you crying?" Frank asked

'Fuck' I thought "Nothing is wrong I'm just upset because....." I had to think of a reason to be upset fuck I can't think of any thing.....

"Sam? Are you still there? Hello?" Frank asked

"Huh? What? Sorry I'm still here" I said

"Sam? What's going on? Why are you crying? Please tell me why?" I Can hear he voice cracking.

"Nothing wrong I was just thinking about my millions of old friends at my millions of old schools and how I miss them and wish I could call them" I told him

"How many schools have you been to? Why can't you call your old friends?" he asked calmly

"16, my dad thought they where a bad influence on me so he made me move schools and took all there phone numbers so I can't talk to them." I told him

"Wow your dad is harsh" he sounded surprised

"Look I got to go I will talk to you later I love you bye" I said all in one breath

"Ok I love you too." Frank said hanging up
He made me for get about cutting I thought I was good for me not to cut I want to quit but its hard to quit.

The next 3 days I spent in bed sleeping all the pain away I kind of work my dad let me go to the concert everyone was worried because I have not been in school I told them I was fine. And me and Lisa had a lot of fun at the concert. Frank played a great show and apparently there was a record company there.

"OMG Sam guess what!!!" Frank sounded so excited

"What!!" I said as we jumped up and down in unison

"WE GOT A RECORED DEAL!!!!!!" Frank screams with excited.

"WHAT OMG THIS IS AWSOME" I was so excited

"We go on tour in 1 day you're coming with me we can finish school with the help of tutors and we can live together." Frank told me.

'yes I'm getting away from my father I will still talk to my mom but I'm not getting any of my thing I will buy new one fuck yes no more pain no more hurting' I thought to my self

*********End of Flashback*********


Reviews!!!!!! The next chapter will bet 2 years after all this happened. k? Reviews
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