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Will our Love Keep it's Grip?

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On tour with My Chemical Romance

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This is now 2 years later


I slowly wake up to people fighting outside the bus. I rolled over to see Frank with a weird look on his face.

"Frank?" I softly asked

"Yeah, Sweetheart?" Frank replied.

"Why are there people fighting outside?" I asked

"Gerard and Mikey are fighting about what song to play first today and there other bands are fighting about stupid shit like always" Frank said kissing my forehead.

"Oh, There very loud"

"I know babe but we only have two weeks left in this tour and then we can go home and rest just me and you no one fighting, We can go live at my new apartment I'm getting." Frank said excitedly.

"You got an apartment omg Frank you got an apartment, Am I aloud to live there?"

"Of course you are, I already talked to you mom and she said it would make her happy that I moved out and to get away from family. I asked her why, she said I was private family issues" Frank told me with a smile on his face.

"Oh we should get dressed and break Mikey and Gerard off each other in time for you guys to do sound check". I told him as I got out of bed to get dressed.

"Fine". Frank said as he also got out of bed to get dressed.

We both got dressed and made our way out of the bus to find a Bert from The Used and Lisa trying to pull Gerard off Mikey. It kind of look like Gerard was trying to beat the shit out of his brother. I couldn't figure out way they where fighting like that. It was weird.

"Oh god." Frank said running over to help. I fallow.

"You're a little bitch you never stand up for yourself you let Lisa push you around. You're pussy-whipped!" Gerard scream at his younger brother as Bert and frank held him back.

"I am not pussy-whipped" Mikey sobbed at his brother with a busted lip.
"STOP IT!!" I screamed and sobbed they way they where fighting made me think of me and my dad. Everyone stopped at looked at me on my knees crying. Frank runs over to me.

"What's wrong? Are you ok?" Frank said with strong concern in his voice.

"Nothing I just really really don't like it when people that are supposed to love each other fight." I sobbed into Frank's chest as he held me. I could feel him look and Gee and Mikey and glare at them.

"Sorry Sam, We didn't mean to upset you like that." Gee and Mikey said in unison.

"Let's go back to the bus and talk, Okay?" Frank said.

"Alright" I told Frank as he helped me up and inside the bus.

"Wow that was weird." Lisa said to Mikey, Gerard, and Bert.

"Yeah I know, But you still pussy-whipped Mikey" Gee said

"Fuck You" Mikey said as Lisa helped him off the ground.

_____________________In The Tour Bus_______________________________

"Why did you freak out?" Frank asked me as we sat on the couch with Frank rubbing my back.

"I told you I just don't like we people that are supposed to love each other fight like that" I told Frank knowing in my heart that I wanted to scream 'MY DAD HITS ME HE HAS SINCE I WAS 9 AND I CUTT MYSELF A LOT' I wanted to scream it so loud but I figured Frank would freak out and leave me. Frank hasn't noticed the scars on my stomach or the ones on my inner thigh I don't think if he has he never said anything about it to me.

"Sam?" Frank said, I know he is going to as a question I don't want to answer.

"Yeah Frank" I asked

"I want you to tell me the truth, why do you have a lot of scars on your stomach and inner thighs? Please tell me the truth." Frank sounded so worried. I felt my stomach drop to my feet when he started talking, I couldn't lie to him.

Lucky me Gee and Mikey Walked in the bus. "Frank we have a show to put on" Gee said as he was getting excited about the show.

"Okay I will be right there." Frank said as Gee and Mikey Left the bus.
Frank turned to me "I want and answer after the show, Okay?" Frank said as he kisses me

"Okay, have a good show, I love you." I told his as I kiss him good luck.

"I love you too" Frank said as he left for his show.

I walk over to the small bathroom and sat on the floor crying I wanted to cut so bad I started think I will cut just a little not enough to die be just enough to make me happy. I searched around for something sharp. I notice Franks razor he uses to shave with I pop the razor out take off my shirt so I can get to my stomach. I start to cut it feels so nice there is so much blood I cut to much.

"Fuck" I say under my breath.

I hear Frank and the gang come in the bus laughing about haw much fun that show was. Things are now kind of blurry.

"Where's Sam I though we left her in the bus?" I hear Ray say to everyone.

"I don't know she was hear the last time I saw her." I faintly hear Frank as I hear him walk to the back of the bus yelling my name.

He stops at the bathroom door and says "Guys I'm worried I can't find her".

"Don't worry she's probably when for walk don't worry" I can hear Bob say to Frank.

"Frank" I whisper hoping he can hear me.

The door on the bathroom starts to jiggle I can hear it.

"SOMEONE CALL 911" Frank sobbed and screams as he picks me up out of a puddle of blood on the floor.

"Why?" I hear Gee get up and walk to the door and pulls out his phone and dials 911.

"I love you Sam, Please don't die, Please I need you hear with me, Forever, Please." Frank sobs as he holds me getting blood all over him.

"I'm sorry Frank, I love you so much" I manage to say as I lose conciseness. as the medic picks me up and takes me to the hospital.


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