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Bert How Could You!

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Bert is a bad boy

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I wake up to only a nurse in my room and a very sore stomach.

"Hey sleepy head" I hear Frank say as I start to cry he runs over to me and says "Don't cry babe its ok." He says to me pushing the hair out of my face.

"When can I leave? I want to go back to the bus?" I sobbed as Frank looked at me in horror.

"I don't know? I will go see, Okay?"

"Okay" I said still crying.

"I love you" Frank said kissing me on the cheek as he left to see when I can leave.

I sat there still crying softly thinking to myself 'How will I explain it to Frank? Will he understand and help me or will he say fuck you and leave me alone to wither and die alone? God I hope he will stay. I wonder how many people saw me. What will people say about Frank? Fuck' I was thinking too much I was getting dizzy.

"The Doctor said you can leave in 2 hours, I have a show to put on in 3 hours and I want to take you somewhere nice to talk things over, we can do that after I'm done the show Bert will be here to take you to the bus and stuff cause I have to get ready for the show" Frank said.

"Alright I love you" I said unsure of his answer.

"I love you too" Frank said kissing me on the lips as Bert walked in the room.

"OOOOOOOOO" Bert said as he saw me and frank kissing.

"Shut it Bert" Frank said hitting him and walking out the door.

"I'm tired so I think I might sleep a little wake me up when I can leave, Please" I told Bert as he sat in the chair by my bed.

"Okay I will do that" I hear him say as I fall asleep.

"WAKE UP" Bert yelled trying to wake me up.

"Ugh..........Can we leave now?" I asked hoping he will say yes.

"Yeah......Ya know your cute when you asleep." Bert told me as he helped me out of bed. I just give him a weird look as we gather my thing and I get dressed. We leave the room to get me pain pills and check me out.

Bert carries all my stuff to the bus. We finally reach the bus and we walk inside Bert puts all my stuff on me and Franks bunk.

"Thanks" I tell Bert.

"Your welcome hot stuff" Bert says as he walks over to sit on the couch in the bus.

"Bert are you flirting with me?" I question him.

Before he had a chance to answer Frank and the guys come in with beer and vodka bottles.

"PARRRRRTAAAYYYY!" Bert yells as he takes some of the beer from Frank.

Frank walks over to me and asks if we I would like a drink. I take a beer and chug it down. As we go out side the bus to party.

We were all so drunk. I decided to go lie down in the back room of the bus I walk in and close the door behind me. A few moments later Bert walks in and sits on the floor near me.

"You're so hot Sam I want to fuck you" Bert said as he tried to kiss me.

I was not as drunk as everyone else. "Bert I have frank get off me" I said trying to get keep Bert from trying to fuck me. This was hard because he was a lot stronger then I am. He started to get angry and was getting rough and hurting me and making my stomach bleed.

"FRANK HELP" I scream for Frank I felt like Bert was raping me. "SOMEONE HELP" I sobbed as Bert continued to try to get my pants off.

"Bert what are you doing get the FUCK OFF HER!!" Frank said and screamed at him to get off me.

"Help me Frank he's hurting me" I sobbed to Frank as he looked scared as he saw blood seeping through my clothes.

Frank ran over and yanked him off me causing me to fall on the floor. Frank drug Bert outside to beat him for hurting me.

"WHAT THE FUCK BERT YOU TRIED TO RAPE MY GIRLFRIEND!!" I hear them fighting outside.

"I'm sorry she just so fuckable I cant help myself" I hear Bert say to Frank. I crawl to the window to watch. Frank punches Bert hard he keeps punching him harder and harder. Gerard and Ray pull Frank off him as Bert crawls to his feet and winks at Frank witch makes him mad and Bert runs away.

Frank and the rest of the band comes running back to the bus where I am and sees me sitting on the floor crying and holding my stomach. Frank runs to me and holds me we are both crying and Frank has one hand on my stomach holding it as it stops bleeding.

"Don't worry babe I beat the shit out of him for you he is not aloud on this bus or near us." Frank said.

"Yeah you almost killed him" Gee said as they all stood in the door way.

"Yeah well he deserved it" Frank said as he pushed hair out of my face. "Can you leave us alone for a while?"

"Yeah, Sure" Gee and the rest said as they left to go clean up outside.


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