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Thanks Quinn

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Quinn helps out my chem

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"Sam babe, Tell me all that happened? Why did Bert do that to you?" Frank asks me as he held me as I cried.

"My stomach hurts." I sobbed to Frank.

"I know babe but you need to know what happened" Frank said as he tried not to cry.

"I...I...came back here to lie down...a...and...Bert comes in and sits next to me.....and tells me that I'm and he wants to f....fuck me..." I stop for a moment to look at Frank as I see him crying and whispering oh god to himself. "Then he climbs on top of me ....." I start to cry harder of the memory of what happened still in my mind "I try to push hi away but he is stronger than I am and I was scared because I did not know what he really was going to do..." I stop to look at Frank sobbing has he holds me close to him. "Then he starts to mess with my........pants to get them undone so then I get really scared and scream your name so you can save me..." Bye then was done I looked over Franks shoulder to spot Bert standing there looking at us.

"Frank" I said very scared.

"Yeah what's wrong?" Frank said worried

"Bert" I say pointing at him standing behind us just staring

Frank gets up and walks over to him and screams in his face "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE I TOLD YOU NEVER COME IN OR NEAR THIS BUS EVER AGAIN! YOU'VE CAUSED TOO MUCH PAIN! GET OUT!!!" as he punches him out the door slamming it in his face.

Frank walks over and sits next to me and tells me every thing will be okay he's going to take care or me forever. I smile as big as I can. I love my Frankie-poo.

"I'm going to talk to gee for a sec I will be right back. K?" Frank said as he kisses me.

"Alright just be quick"

"Okay I will" Frank said leavening to go find Gerard.

____________________________A Few moments Later__________________________

"I talked to Gee and since we only play 4 more shows in this tour that I can take you to our apartment that I bought for us and hide for like a month or so and Quinn can take my place just for the shows Gee also said he will the fans something happen to you and I need to be with you. Isn't that cool?" Frank said with a smile on his face.

"Yeah can we leave now I want to be alone with you for a while."

"Yeah just let me pack our stuff and call a cab we can take a cab since the apartment is close to my old house that Gee and them still live in. K?" Frank said with a smile.

Frank packed our stuff and put it into the cab and the told me we can go and he held my hand while walking to the cab. While we were walking I saw Bert wink at me it made me want to shower his eyes off me. We get into the cab and drive away to our new apartment.


Sorry this is kind of short my dad is yelling at me to get off I will update as soon as I can. REVIEWS PLEASE!!!
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