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Meet's and Greet's of Violent Poise.

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My chemical Romance is on tour in Canada and they need a bus driver, but not just a Bus Driver, a maid, a cook and a new friend. Emma needs a new job and a new life not to mention a shitty boyfrien...

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It was late Friday night, Emma had one more drink to serve and then the Concert was all hers' to join. She tapped her finger's viciously on a martini glass; waiting for a last customer.
"Come on," She muttered.
"Double Scotch?" ordered a shady man with low glass's aside Emma.
Emma nodded and quickly grabbed a wide medium glass filling it with hast. The man passed her a twenty; and Emma reached for change.
"Keep it," He smiled.
Emma Nodded and placed her own counted change from the bill into her tip jar. He kept eying her as she grabbed her long black coat and signed out.
"Jack!" Emma called.
"Yeah?" Jack replied wiping down a table.
"I'm out," She continued through the bar's swinging door "made my quota for tonight."
Jack nodded and waved his free hand as Emma left. She smiled and walked out into the chilled night of Toronto. The streets were quiet as Emma walked and she found this not unusual on concert nights, she knew where everyone was. Emma quickened her step at the sight of her watch; it read 10:30 and concert doors where closed at 9. Emma knew she'd still get in for her cousin Martin worked the doors after they closed. A head of Emma nearly two feet was a bus station and driving into it was a bus heading her way . Running she manged to hop on and pay her dues quickly.
"Don't worry miss," The elderly driver stated, "I wouldn't drive away as fast as you got here."
"Huh?," Emma smiled, "Sorry i just have to catch this concert before it ends."
"Would that be the My Chemical Romance Concert?"
Emma Smiled wider and was firmly impressed with the elderly man's 'Hipness',
"Yes that's the one."
"Yeah," He replied warmly, "My Grandson's at that concert."
"Really, wow."
Another man boarded the bus and Emma's conversation was cut off. The Bus driver pulled into gear and the bus began moving ahead. Emma looked down at her watch.
"Darn 10:38," She muttered and knew she'd make it when it was let out.
"Too Late of a work night, Babe?" The other man stated.
"No, I'm just trying to catch a concert before it's over." Emma replied smiling at the man.
He nodded and then looked to the front; he waited till the bus driver was focused on his radio before moving. As he sat down next to Emma; she recognized his face from the bar. This was the Double scotch man who'd gotten her freedom ticket out of work.
"Remember me babe?" He asked as scotch filled Emma's nostrils.
"Yes Sir," She mummered.
"So quiet, you wouldn't scream would you."
"Scream at what Sir?"
He laughed slightly and looked deep into Emma's eyes. She looked around and tried to get the driver's attention as he placed his arm around her and a hand on her knee.
"Please Sir," She said trying to push away from his tightening grip on her shoulder.
"Sir, sir, sir," He mused, "Call my Clint, babe," He moved his hand farther up her leg and soon his hand rested on her groin. She sat there and let him touch her, she didn't know what else to do.
"My Chemical Romance." The Bus driver called happily.
Emma Stood and Pushed past Clint. He sat back and watched her leave the bus. Emma raced to her cousin whipping away escaping tears. As she reached her cousin he was bombarded with kids trying to get in. Emma stood back and watched Martin fend them off. The doors behind him opened and hundreds of people began to pour out.Martin Stepped to the side and found Emma kneeling down beside a garbage bin.
"Hey Ems," he said joining her beside the garbage can.
Crying She threw herself into his arms.
"Wow Ems," He said hugging her tightly, "don't worry i can let you know when the next concert is.
"It's not just that," She wailed, "I have a resume for them."
"A resume, for what?"
"For this," Emma said pulling out her job notice, "Remember how i went to a bus driving course."
Martin Looked through her offer,
"Yeah, but this is driving a tour bus."
"This is what i need, no more bar tending," She cried, "I could actually catch their concerts from the start and not half way threw or at the end."
Martin looked at Emma, "And this has put you in Tears?"
"Yes and no," She whimpered, "I needed to be in the concert so i could stay late and hand them my resume."
"Yeah but it says here before the 3rd, and what do you mean yes and no?"
"I know before the third, but Roger wouldn't let me out of the house, he even waited the whole time i worked at Jack's he wouldn't let me hand this in."
"Emma What else happened."
"I was fondled on the ride over."
Martin dropped his jaw; Emma looked down in shame.
"Jeez, that's not good," Martin stuttered, "Look come with me."
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