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I don't want this if you feel sorry for me

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Finally Emma meets the Guys.

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The concert hall was empty, wrecked chairs lay in disarray and garbage was not an unfamiliar sight. Emma Followed Martin close at hand and soon found herself backstage were people busied themselves with things that needed cleaning. Uniformed People didn't really noticed the two heading for the dressing room. Once they reached there destination Martin knocked three times and Bob answered the door.
"I'm Martin Goran, I work Door and I need you to meet someone."
"Who?" Mikey asked popping his head through the door.
"Uh..well..uh," Martin Lost his train of thought.
"Me," Emma piped up and stepping in front of Martin slightly.
"You a Fan?" Bob asked reaching his had to hers, "Did you Like the concert?"
"Sadly," Emma said dropping his grip, "I missed it."
"Aww," Mikey pouted, "That's a bummer."
Gerard appeared at the door,
"Why don't you come in?"
Martin and Emma stepped inside and Gerard closed the door behind them.
"So tell us, what brings someone who missed our concert to see us at 11:30pm?"
"I Actually," Emma started and began to reach inside her bag, "Came to bring you this."
Gerard took her resume and began to look through it. Mikey looked over his shoulder down at the paper. Frank joined Mikey but stopped and looked at Emma.
"I know it's late and you're due to start the cross Canada tour tomorrow but I really wanted to hand this into you guys."
The entire band now sat pouring over Emma's resume, they pointed at things and discussed. Emma looked over at martin and martin smiled.
"Thank you," She whispered.
Martin shrugged his shoulder's and smiled. At that moment Emma felt a vibration in her back pocket; retrieving her phone she answered hesitantly,
"Where the Fuck are you?"
It was roger, drunk and pissed.
"I'm with potential employer's."
"What did you fucking lose you're shit ass job?"
"No I still have the job that makes our rent, Roger."
Emma turned her back to the guys and tried to end the conversation.
"Then what the fuck are you doing, getting a whore job. Where the fuck are you?"
"I'm at a concert hall, I'll be home in half an hour."
"You aren't at that shit My chemical bullshit one are you, I bet they spat in you're face."
"Yes I'm at the My chem show," Emma tried to stay calm, "I'm trying to get a new job, so we are not starving."
"You fucking get home, and I'll beat you if you're late."
"I'll be home soon."
"NOW Bitch!"
The phone went dead and Emma fought the urge to cry. Gerard cleared his throat,
"Can you start tomorrow?"
" Yes!" Emma said trying to wrestle a whine.
"You don't have a driver?" Martin chimed in.
"Not one like her," Mikey stated.
"Thank-you," Emma.
"Now we get on the road at about 4 am, do you want to have someone take you to your house and gather you're things and bring you back," Gerard began, "We can have a hotel set up-..."
"Look," Emma started, "I don't need sympathy cause my boyfriend treats me like crap I need a job that i want to have, and if this is out of sympathy-..."
"It's not," Ray said, the band turned to him, he'd remained quiet up till now, "We want you working for us because we see a person not a piece of meat like you're boyfriend, you're chosen because you have want we want in an employee of the MY chem Tour Bus.
Emma nodded,
"I'll be here early."
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