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You're soft hand is Even Peircing upon my brusied Face

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Emma's gotten the Job and now back at the concert hall waiting For her bus to be dropped off. The Guys Show up just as the bus does and Toro notices something on Emma's face. Black eye?

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The sun was barely even peaking an eye on Toronto yet Emma was wide awake with five coffee's in hand. She'd hadn't been able to sleep at all; her boyfriend had broken-up with her and the kind where furniture gets upset and lamps are thrown at people. After two hours of screaming Roger punched Emma squarely in the face causing an early summer fashion statement of overly sized sunglasses. The boys rolled into the parking lot trailing a huge Tour Bus with Welcome to the black parade printed across the sides and Join the march? at the back. Emma let her jaw drop slightly but closed it as Mikey, Gerard, Frank, Bob and Ray stepped out of there cars. Mikey waved and ran over to grab his coffee.
"Ohh how'd you know?" He asked.
"You're looking at the owner of / life on the murder scene/."
Mikey nodded and helped pass the coffee's around to everyone.
"MMM Starbucks!" mumbled Gerard.
"Only the best," Emma laughed softly.
"Yeah like those wicked Glasses," Bob stated reaching out and pulling them off Emma's face.
"Yeah they're huge," Frank laughed.
Emma shielded her bruised eye and thought no one caught a glimpse of it. Ray stared at her and saw the swore swollen mess He saw a small hazel eye glinting a beam of hope. At that moment Toro felt very compelled to do something amiable for her.
"Hold on," he said and left the group running.
Bob handed Emma back her glasses and she placed them on her face; covering the beaten eye.
"Toro is interesting," Gerard said as they watched him run out of sight.
"He's coming back right?" Emma asked afraid she'd done something wrong.
"Yeah," Mikey replied, "Maybe he needed a jog."
"But where's he gonna go it's like 4 am."
"No clue Frank," Gerard said taking a long sip, "Oh wait," Gerard pointed at a man with a huge signature fro running towards them, "He's back with presents."
Emma squinted and saw a plastic bag around Ray's arm. He joined the group huffing and puffing. Ray stood up breathing hard and trying to compose himself; He reached in and handed smokes' to the respective people and handed a can of Rockstar to Emma.
"I read on you're resume, you liked this drink as a coffee instead of the real deal." Ray wheezed.
Emma looked down at her gift,
"I didn't think you'd read that page."
Frank and Gerard Walked away to light a smoke, Bob joined them after seeing the looks in Emma and Toro's eyes.
"I like to read stuff like that," Toro whispered.
Mikey tapped his foot and then decided to stand with his brother.
"Well i better start the bus," Emma said changing the subject.
"Yeah," Toro agreed.
Emma smiled and then turned around, the transporter was standing outside holding the keys outstretched.
"You kinda look young to be driving," He said eying her the same double scotch had done.
"We'll you okay'd my licensee, and I'm 24," Emma said smirking.
He shook his head and passed her the keys, Emma boarded the nice clean bus. The smell of new car was heavy and Emma couldn't help but love to smell the air. The boys boarded after throwing all the luggage along with instruments into the undercarriage. Emma placed her small bag on her bunk above an empty one and went back to the driver's seat. She honked the horn twice and soon everyone was seated.
"Emma," Toro whispered as he came to her side.
"Yes," Emma whispered back.
"I know about you're bruise, I hope you're out of the relationship," He continued and slowly removed the glasses, his soft hand touched her face but left when she winced,"Don't ever think that he was a good man."
She nodded and Toro took his seat.
"First Stop Hailifax!" She called into the intercom, an array of cheers was heard.
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