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One Call answered, several missed.

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The guys and Emma head to Halifax, but not with out a stop at Denny's along the way and some phone calls from Roger.

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The sun was out and bright, warming up the land on which the MCR tour bus drove. Emma took a sip on her Rockstar and glanced at the navigation system. Most of the guys were settled in there bunks; dozing reading or texting friends. Ray sat in a chair near the front playing on his DS. It was close to noon and they began driving into a small town; Emma saw a Denny's and decided it was lunchtime for all. She sharply turned the bus and drove into the parking lot. She was amazed to find a place where large buses could park. Pulling out the company creditcard she was given she shut off ignition and stood with intercom in hand.
"This is your Captian speaking, Lunch will be taken at Denny's."
"Oh sweet I'm getting pancakes," Cried Mikey grabbing his coat.
"They have pancakes at this time?" Bob asked poking his head out of his bunk; his face was lit up.
"They do?" yelled Frank falling out of his bunk.
"Yeah," Mikey replied bouncing slightly on his feet, "All day breakfast, lunch and Dinner."
"I'm getting um...,"Gerard paused and thought.
"Come on lets go guys," Emma said opening the bus doors.
Everyone raced off the bus and into the restaurant everyone except Ray; he stayed with Emma and helped her shut the doors.
"Thank you Ray," Emma said beginning their walk towards Denny's front doors.
"No problem," He said pushing open the door for her.
Emma smiled and then saw Mikey waving them over to a large corner booth.
"I want my pancakes," Mikey called trying to hurry Emma and Ray.
Emma laughed and began to move towards them, but her phone began to buzz.
"Go ahead Ray," She mummbled as Ray stopped walking.
He saw the same look in her eye's from the last phone call the night before. Toro nodded and countinued to their table. Emma waited till he was seated before answering.
"Baby I'm sorry, come back...I tried calling you but-."
"My phone was off, I was driving."
"Please just come back, I love you."
Emma took the phone away from her ear; she looked down at it as if it were diseased. Toro stood at that moment, but he seated himself once Emma hung up and countinued to the table. She sat beside Ray and ordered a chicken ceaser salad one of her favorite dishes. Frank, Bob and Mikey all ordered Pancakes and Gerard decided to join them as he was at a loss for self choice. Ray got blue berrie crepes and watched as Emma turned her phone back off. She sighed heavily and then looked up to see Frank and Bob sword fighting.
"Did you take those little olive swords from the front?" Emma asked amazed they found it amusing.
"Yeah," Frank replied jabbing at bob, "Ha got ya!"
"Ouch!" yelled Bob and then punched Frank in the chest.
Mikey and Gerard began to laughed in unison and Emma couldn't help but laugh at there laugh. Soon everyone began to laugh at Emma's laugh; it was very contagious and different.
"Now that's a laugh," Frank said wipping away tears from his eyes.
Emma laughed harder,
"oh no my cackle's coming."
Mikey began to scream with laughter, he'd never heard a girl say something like that. Emma started her cackle, which wasn't unpleasent it was just very hilarous.
"ohh mmy godd," Gerard cried sobbing with laugher at each word he stated, "Thhat hhass gott too be..too bee," He couldn't continue.
Bob collapsed on the table laughing, he couldn't sit up. Frank and Mikey where rocking back and forth crying with laugher and Emma leaned into Ray trying to stop.
"Four orders of Pancakes?"
Everyone calmed down for the waitress; Frank ,Bob, Mikey, and Gerard held there hands upward. They waited for Ray's and Emma's order before starting to eat. Soon everyone was eating and Ray leaned into Emma,
"How many times did Roger leave a message?"
"Over 70."
"I'm glad you hung up,"
"Me too, I'm going to call my service and get him blocked."
Ray smiled lips tight, he didn't want to show Emma his seefood; she laughed softly and whiped away some sauce from Ray's mouth.
"So how much farther?" Gerard asked.
"Four hours," Emma replied looking across the table.
Gerard smiled and then continued with his meal.
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