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Hallo Hailfax

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Finally My chem make it to Halifax for their evening show. Emma gets to stand back stage and watch them play, this is the best thing ever for her. After the show they decide it's time for late nigh...

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It was late in the afternoon when the Black Parade finally drove into Halifax. Emma had long finished her Rockstar drink was now starting to feel the effects of sleep. Thankfully they reached the concert hall and all the guys piled out. Ray gathered his bag and stood next to Emma as they waited for Frank to get his hair products.
"Here," Ray said passing another can of Emma's favorite drink, "I bought it in that gas station when we stopped in Amherst."
Emma took the can and thanked Ray with a hug,
"You're so good to me, all i do is drive you around."
"that's more then enough for me-.
"And Toro should buy me drinks too," Frank stated jumping off the bus bag in hand.
"Alright boys, go get ready," Emma said shooing them off.
She turned back to the bus once My chem was out of sight. She pulled her bag around her shoulders and locked the bus. Emma decided to find an internet Cafe. She sat down at a computer and answered her e-mail. 114 messages from roger which were deleted and his username blocked. One from her mother asking about Roger and a few from her friends. She answered them and wrote an e-mail to Jack, he was easy going and new Emma wanted this more then the bartending job.
"Excuse me miss."
Emma turned to see a older teen standing above her.
"Yes," She asked.
"Um...,"He paused and figited, "I saw you get off the Black Parade Tour bus down the street and um... i was wondering if you could get me tickets to see them."
Emma looked at this boy and saw a bit of herself in him, she remembered when she would take any ticket available just to see My chemical Romance. He tugged at his zipper puling it up and down; Emma saw he had a MCR Shirt and Hoodie on.
"What's your name?"
"Tyler," He replied.
"You really are a Fan."
"Yeah, I drive to cities they play at and when i heard
they were playing here I went to buy a ticket but they were sold out."
"I think i can help you," She said and logged off her e-mail.
She stood and returned her card to the man at the front. Tyler followed close behind and soon they had reached the concert hall.
"Okay," Emma said stopping at the back door, "You have to stick with me."
Tyler nodded and Emma pulled on her name tag which hung on a strap that clipped together at the back. She knocked out the door twice and a huge man opened the door. Emma flashed him the tag and he nodded. She stepped inside and pulled Tyler with her.
"He's with me," She stated.
"Okay," The man replied.
Emma was nervous as she walked with Tyler through the halls of busy people. A man with a clipboard and ear piece came to Emma's side as she walked towards MCR's dressing room.
"The boys need to be on stage for a sound check."
"Okay," Emma agreed.
"I'm Hank," HE said and then left before Emma could introduce herself.
Tyler grabbed Emma's bag strap trying to stay as close as possible. Emma smiled at him then knocked on the dressing room door. Bob answered the door,
"Hey Emma!"
"Hey Bob," She replied and then walked into the dressing room door as Bob held it open for her.
"Who's the kid?" Mikey asked.
"His name's Tyler."
"Hi Tyler," They all stated.
Emma cleared her throat and pushed Tyler in front of her. Tyler couldn't speak a word, he just stood there.
"Look he wants to see you guys in concert but couldn't get a ticket," Emma Started.
Ray interjected, "Go to Hank and he'll get him a backstage pass."
"Alright, oh and Hank wants you guys out for a sound check."
"Okay well be right there," Said Gerard through a drag on his smoke.
Emma took Tyler to Hank and soon a backstage pass hung around Tyler's neck.
"Thank you so much!" He cried.
"It's no problem," She said.
Tyler went out into the empty stadium and helped a guy with some cables. Emma walked on stage and helped with a sound check on Ray's mike.
"Here just talk into it," He said tapping the mic.
"Test," Emma whispered.
"You can't do that, nobody will here if it's on or not," Ray stated, "Mikey is A MONKEY," Ray yelled and then looked over at Mikey tuning his Bass.
"Thanks Toro," He called.
Emma laughed and then she touched Toro's shoulder,
"I guess I'll see you guys after the Show."
"Yeah," He said lowering his voice slightly.
Emma Stepped off stage and moved to the side; people had begun to enter. Soon the room was full it seemed like seconds had passed and yet the room was full. The stage went Black and all that was heard was Gerard speaking in the Darkness.
"Hallo Halifax," He cooed.
The room interrupted with screams and Emma felt a tap on her shoulder.
"Here put these in," Hank ordered as Emma was given conductor's earplugs, "it gets loud."
Emma placed them in her ears and was suprized; she heard the songs in a nice full tone. The screaming wasn't as pitchy as she remembered standing in the crowd. The rest of the concert was the happiest Emma had ever been standing and watching her favorite band play; but some how she felt fuller watching them. Now that she'd gotten to know them the music hit home with her a little bit more.

After the concert Hall emptied the band went for a shower in the locker room beside their dressing room. Emma waited for them and once they were dressed they stepped on the bus and decided there next step, Dinner.
"Where should we go?" Emma yawned.
"I don't know," Frank replied.
The band shrugged there shoulders. Emma looked at her watch, it was close to midnight. Ray rubbed his eye's and Mikey lay his head on Gerard's shoulder.
"Whats open?" Bob asked.
Another array of shoulders shrugged. Emma stood up and opened the fridge, she pulled out a package of meat and place in on the counter. In the cupboard she found pasta, dried herbs, and onion and a can of smashed tomatoes.
"I can make Spaghetti if anyone wants."
The band looked at each other and then nodded. Emma began; she shaved the onion and began to chop it up, she threw in a pan mixed with water and oil. The band watched in awe as she threw in the package of meat and browned it.
"Wow someone is cooking for us," Mikey said.
Soon the tomatoes joined the meat and sauce was born. Emma placed a lid on it and filled another pot with water.
"Okay so who's really hungry?" Emma asked and saw a sea of hands.
She nodded and began to boil the water. When it was bubbling furiously she added a full packet of pasta.
"I'll clean up Emma," Ray said.
"Yeah me too," Mikey called.
"We'll all help," Gerard stated.
Ray put his arm around Emma,
"Thanks, you didn't have to cook."
"Your Welcome any ways," she smiled.
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