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The Heir

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A post HBP story, a Harry/Hermione romance. A one-shot at the moment, I reserve the right to expand it in the future

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The Heir
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and other canon characters belong to JKR I'm only having some fun

The Heir

Harry James Black-Potter, as he was now named, slowly regained consciousness. There was a strange weight on his chest and he could feel something tickling his nose, almost making him sneeze. He looked down and saw a familiar head resting on him and realised what the weight on his chest was.

As he became more awake he realised that he was naked below the sheets. He gently lifted the top sheet and realised he wasn't the only one naked. He felt his cock stiffen and couldn't decide if it was the sight of his naked best female friend, or his body's natural reaction to having to empty his bladder.

As gently as he could he slipped from under Hermione and looked round the room, he didn't quite recognise it. He saw a trail of clothes from the door to the bed, a mixture of his and hers, lying where they'd been removed. Lifting the shirt he had worn the previous day he noticed that where there should have been buttons there was broken threads. Very slowly the previous day came back to him.


The school term had ended badly, Dumbledore was dead, murdered by a man he had trusted. Then to cap it off he'd had to go back to his own private hell-on-earth, or as it was known to the rest of the world No. 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, England.

Ron and Hermione had stayed with him for the two weeks that Dumbledore had asked him to spend with his relatives. After that Ron had returned to the Burrow and Hermione had invited him to stay with her and her parents.

Ron and Hermione's fledgling relationship had foundered, they had constantly sniped at each other. Ron argued because he didn't want Hermione to go and spend time with her parents, Hermione because Ron wouldn't even consider looking at the summer homework they had been set.

The final straw had been when Ron said, "But Hermione, why do you want to go and stay with Muggles?"

The sound of her hand slapping his jaw echoed round the room and it took several hours for his face to return to it's normal colour. The following day the trio split, Ron used the Floo at Mrs. Figg's house and Harry and Hermione were picked up by her mother.

Petunia Dursley had been very put out when Jane Granger had pulled up outside the house in her Mercedes SLK 500. She was dressed very casually, Versace casual, she emitted an air of authority and of being one with herself that Petunia had once dreamt of, but as with the rest of her dreams it was buried by the man she married. He had been her knight in shining armour, but after they were married the shine wore off very quickly and she found herself as downtrodden as her nephew became.

The two teens sat in the back of the car, Hedwig had been released to fly to Hermione's, Crookshanks was already there having been picked up at Kings Cross along with the things Hermione didn't need at the Dursleys.

The following two weeks sped by, Harry found himself looking at Hermione in a new light. She wasn't really the bossy person she portrayed, she was actually quite nervous about living in the Wizarding world. This was why she worked so hard, she knew that to get anywhere she didn't just have to be the best, but that she had to be at least twice as good as any Pureblood.

Little by little they found out that they had more in common than they thought. They studied together, swam together, watched TV and videos, generally every waking hour. When Harry had a nightmare about Dumbledore dying and woke the house, she sat with him until he fell asleep.

On July 25th Harry received a letter from Gringotts inviting him to attend the reading of his father's will to be followed by the reading of Sirius' will. He had been made aware of both wills a few months earlier, Remus Lupin had explained that the wills couldn't be executed until he was seventeen and an adult under Wizarding Law.

Harry had been quite shocked at the contents of both wills, he knew by the contents of his vault which he had discovered was a Trust Fund set up by his Grandfather Potter, that the Potters had been a wealthy family. What he hadn't suspected was that they had wealth on a par with the Malfoys.

When Sirius' will was read, his wealth more than doubled. It was then he discovered that Sirius and his parents hand undergone a blood ritual basically making Sirius a third parent. They had kept this a secret from everyone, but Harry was the heir of Black.

After the will readings Harry accompanied by Jane and Hermione had went on a shopping spree, replacing all of his wardrobe. Hermione had been persuaded to buy some new clothes too, it was either that or Harry threatened to pay for his stay at the Grangers.

As part of the conditions of being the heir of Black, Harry had to spend the night at Black Manor, otherwise known as No. 12 Grimmauld Place. Hermione refused to allow him to go alone, and Ron, who with the rest of the Weasleys had also inherited from Sirius, had stalked off in the huff when he saw how close Harry and Hermione had become.

Ginny had a sad look on her face, she'd hoped that her and Harry would get back together. Even though Hermione had assured her that her and Harry weren't a couple, she had seen the way that they had looked at each other and the way they brushed against each other, almost as if they needed to touch to reassure each other that they were still there.

Jane Granger dropped them off at the end of Grimmauld Place and they walked along and entered what they had been expected to be a filthy house. A green form threw itself at Harry as he entered almost knocking him off his feet, he looked down and saw Dobby the house-elf.

"Dobby, what are you doing here?" asked Harry.

"Headmistress Professor Tabby-cat asked the Hogwarts elves to clean the house for Harry Potter, sir."

Harry looked round and saw that indeed the house was spotless.

"Where is Kreacher?"

"Kreacher was a bad elf, he is dead, he betrayed his former master and when an elf does that he slowly dies."

"Dobby, how many elves are here?"

"Only Dobby and Winky, Harry Potter sir. We wants to ask Harry Potter sir if he needs elves to work for him."

"I think I do, but if I do you will be paid, and Winky too."

He heard a faint 'pop' and saw Winky appear next to him.

"Harry Potter sir, Winky needs no pay, Winky needs a family to work for." She said. "Winky wants to bond to Harry Potter sir as her Master."

Harry wasn't as shocked as he thought he might be, when he had realised that inheriting the House of Black would probably mean inheriting a house-elf he had studied house-elves and their place in Wizarding Society.

He had discovered that house-elves had once been a free race but had been hunted to near extinction by the goblins to whom they were a delicacy. When the Wizengamot had realised that a sentient race were near extinction, they had offered them protection in exchange for the elves becoming servants for Wizards. Slowly the servitude had evolved into near slavery. The original treaty had specified that house-elves should be treated as trusted servants but that had been lost in the mists of time.

Hermione had discovered the history of the house-elves herself and had altered her views, she was planning on setting up a foundation when she left school, she even had a name for it. Her only problem was trying to get a good acronym, the best she could come up with so far was SETH (Society for the Ethical Treatment of House-elves). It had been another part of the arguments between her and Ron.

Harry looked down at the shy house-elf, "Winky, if you want to be bonded to the House of Black-Potter then you shall be. But, I expect to wear a uniform with my Family Crest on it. That will show people you are bonded to this house and are a good elf."

The small elf burst into tears and transfigured the clothes she was wearing into a maids outfit.

Hermione hugged Harry and whispered. "That was a very kind thing to do Harry, maybe we'll be able to change attitudes after all."

Harry nodded. "It will take a while, maybe one day we will be able to void the treaty and have the house-elves living free."

Slowly they explored the house, when they reached the kitchen they found Winky standing in front of the Aga in a cooks uniform. "Dinner is ready in five minutes Master Harry. Its wills be served in the breakfast room through to that door."

Harry and Hermione opened the door Winky had indicated and entered the room. Dobby was standing at the table dressed in a butlers uniform. He seated them and left the room.

An hour later, their appetites sated, they left to continue exploring the house. At the door of what had been Sirius' room Harry put his hand on the doorknob and hesitated. He withdrew it and walked away. The next door opened into a magnificent bedroom. It was almost as big as a Hogwarts dorm, they could see another door leading off it and started to walk toward it to investigate further. Then it happened.

Hermione's hand brushed against Harry's and it felt like an electric shock had passed up their arms. They turned and looked at each other, their eyes locked together and they stepped forward.

Before they knew it they were kissing passionately, hands seemed to take on a life of their own and they were overcome with an urge to remove the other's clothing. Harry felt the tie he had been wearing being pulled through his collar while his hands untied the ribbon that was holding up Hermiones hair. Simultaneously they ripped open the other's shirt and blouse, buttons ricocheting round the room. Hermiones bra was ripped from her chest.

Skirt and trousers were unzipped and stepped out of, Harry's shoes were in the way and seemed to vanish. Just before they stumbled onto the bed the last items of clothing were removed.

Hands and tongues explored and the passion grew. Harry found himself lying between Hermione's legs, the tip of his penis brushing against Hermione's vagina. Slowly he thrust forward, entering her for the first time. As he was about to pull back before thrusting in again, Hermione took matters into her own hands and grabbed his buttocks, forcing him completely inside.

Harry started to move in and out of Hermione, their passion building, all too soon he came, spurting his semen deep inside of her, as he started to soften and his thrusts became weaker, Hermione found her release. Neither noticed the golden glow that surrounded them.

The young lovers lay and held each other close, gently caressing and whispering sweet nothings in the others ears as they fell asleep.

End Flashback

Harry looked over at the door they had planned on exploring the other side of the previous day. When he entered he found a well appointed bathroom with a three-head shower and an enormous bathtub. He turned on the water and entered the shower, the three spray-heads gently massaged him with warm scented water as he washed away the evidence of the previous night's activities.

He felt rather than saw the door of the shower cubicle slide open, he looked round and saw Hermione step in to join him. Carefully they washed each other, hands lingering in the spots they had discovered gave the other pleasure. Hermione felt Harry's erection brush against her stomach. She put her hands round his neck and lifted herself up wrapping her legs around his waist.

She slid herself down and after several tries and with some help from Harry she managed to get him back inside her. Harry turned them round and backed her against the cubicle wall and started to thrust into her once more. Twenty minutes later they washed each other again and stepped out of the cubicle.

Still in their post-coital high they went back into the bedroom and found fresh clothes laid out for them. As they finished dressing they heard Dobby's magically enhanced voice announcing breakfast.

Breakfast was eaten in silence, neither had spoken since they had entered the bedroom the previous evening, and neither knew how to start the conversation.

Eventually they stood and walked back into the hallway. They walked hand in hand in silence back up to the bedrooms. Harry summoned his courage and opened the door to Sirius' bedroom. There on the desk was a letter addressed to him in his Godfather's untidy scrawl.

Nervously he opened it and sat down a loveseat to read it. He held it between himself and Hermione to allow her to read it too. One of the things they had agreed on while staying at her house was no secrets.

Dear Harry,

If you have found this letter you have inherited the House of Black. By now you'll be aware of the blood ritual carried out between myself and your parents. I wanted to tell you about it when we first met but circumstances got in the way. Then we were torn apart again and the time never seemed right.

I'm sorry we never got the time to get to know each other as adults (if you are wondering, I planned on leaving a different version of this letter as time progressed) I hoped so much to see you mature into the fine man you were obviously destined to become.

You always were destined to become my Heir, as with many Pureblooded males I was sterile, which is why we did the blood bond. The interbreeding is going to be the downfall of the Wizarding world, that and single child families.

I must give you a warning, the bedroom next to mine is the Master Bedroom, only the Master of the House and his wife can enter it. If you enter the room with someone you love, you will be compelled to make love with them. There is a charm on the room that ensures that the witch you enter with will become pregnant. This is to ensure that the Black family line continues.

I hate the idea of this and have been trying to remove the charm with the help of the Gringotts' curse-breakers and Professor Flitwick. To date we have been unsuccessful.

Enjoy your life Harry, defeat Voldemort and kick Snape's balls for me.

Your Godfather

Sirius Black

Slowly they turned to face each other, each saw a mixture of fear and joy in the other's eyes. As one they spoke "Harry/Hermione, I love you"

One month later they married in a quiet ceremony, their only witnesses were Hermione's parents, Lupin and Tonks. Two months later Hermione's pregnancy was confirmed. Neither had returned to Hogwarts and had spent the time researching Horcruxes.

The Slytherin Locket had been returned by Mundungus Fletcher along with many other items he had stolen from their house. Gradually they traced the remaining Horcruxes and one by one they were destroyed with the help of the Unspeakables.

They also used the time to study for their N.E.W.T.s, and by Christmas were ready to sit them. In one of his many letters Ron told them they were mad, but both knew that although they'd never have to work, that to gain respect they needed those qualifications.

As March drew to a close the threat from Voldemort that had been building came to a climax. The Death Eaters attacked Hogsmeade and were rampaging toward Hogwarts. As Harry left their house Hermione was taken to St. Mungo's by her mother, her contractions had started as the Patronus message had summoned Harry.

Harry Apparated onto the platform of Hogsmeade Station, casting a spell to disillusion himself he made his way into the village. He bypassed the many individual fights, he had two goals, one was Nagini the Snake, the other was the Snakemaster himself. He circled round and spotted the large reptile and removed the spell he had cast on himself. Quickly he transfigured some rocks into mongooses and set them on the snake. While it was distracted he sent a ribbon cutting curse at it, severing it's head from it's body.

He looked up and saw a large group of Death Eaters surrounding their Master, he needed to get closer. Silently he climbed a tree until he was looking down on the battle. From the depths of a bottomless pocket he drew out a M-82A1 sniper rifle and steadied against the trunk of the tree. After weeks of work he was highly accurate and they had managed to charm the gun to be silent and recoilless. He set his sights on Voldemort and fired. He put two shots into his head and two more into his body as he fell.

The Death Eaters felt their master die through their link to him and Apparated or Portkeyed away.

Harry looked round, no one had spotted him. Gathering himself together he Apparated to the Maternity Ward of St. Mungo's.

He heard Hermione before he saw her, she was cursing up a storm at her Healer. Among the curse words he heard. "This baby is not coming until his father is here, get it?"

Having cleaned himself up he walked into the room. Jane Granger gave him a hug and went to leave. "No mum," he said. "You deserve to be here."

Fifteen minutes later, a squalling infant was handed to his father to cut the cord. The midwife rapidly cleaned the baby up and handed him back to Harry.

Harry walked over to the bed where is wife was lying back totally exhausted by her ordeal. He handed their son to her and said. "Hermione, have you decided on a name?"

They had discussed many names and had never been able to settle on one and had decided to wait until he was born.

She looked at the already unruly black hair her son sported and said. "James Sirius Black-Potter, meet your daddy."

The End?
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