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"Where's the damn king, tell him to explain himself!" yelled one of the crowd members. The king himself stepped forward and took a deep breath. "Good citizens of Coras, how can thou all believe...

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Eric sighed angrily, "I do not understand, why did thou let him?"
Ophelia's body shook as she cried.
Wrapping his arms around her, the Mehtorian prince rested his chin upon her dark locks, "It will be all right soon, I promise."

The door flew upon, crashing into the wall as a servant ran inside, "Your majesty, the Princess has disappeared."
"Disappeared?" the king echoed, standing up.
"Yes sire, she is no longer in her room, and her window is open."
Sighing the king sat down, "Thou art dismissed."
Bowing respectfully, the servant left the room, closing the door quietly.

The dragons descended upon the peaceful, grassy plains of Coras. Soldiers dismounted quickly, all awaiting orders from the prince of Mehtoria.
"Ready?" Eric breathed, as he helped Ophelia dismount. Ophelia nodded in reply.
The small group headed toward the large, well decorated doors to the castle of Coras. The strong stone walls, protecting the ruler of Mehtoria and the many others that resided within the fortress. As the group of marching people entered, servants scattered about to alert the king of his daughters' return. Eric reached out and grabbed a servant roughly by the collar.
"Tell the king, that we would like a word with him and all the people of Coras."
Nodding, the servant ran off to deliver his message.

The king approached the landing the stuck out above the many heads of the people. The residents of Coras all stood below, wondering why they had all been summoned, after all, there hadn't been a speech given in years. Eric walked past the king and grabbed the railing with one hand as he addressed the people.
"Citizens of Coras, this king of yours has ruled for many a year, and I do suppose that trust is something that thou all hast given him."
The murmur of the crowd gave Eric his answer.
"Well let me ask this, there are strict rules for this country are there not? Then I wonder, is it right, for a father to violate his own daughter?"
Scattered mumbles and confused questioning voices told Eric that these people were not aware of the situation. After quite a while, the hubbub died down as all faces turned to the prince for an elaboration on what he had jsut said.
Sighing, Eric continued, "Why not ask the Princess herself."
Ophelia made her way to the railing, grabbing Eric's arm in a tight grip.
Eric wrapped his arm around her waist, giving her support and reassurance, "It will all be over soon, I promise."
The faces of the crowd below changed from their confused looks to pure shock as Ophelia told her story of how her father had raped her as child and how he would threaten to kill her if she ever let a word slip. Ophelia finished her story, and looked down upon the crowd.
"Where's the damn king, tell him to explain himself!" yelled one of the crowd members.
The king himself stepped forward and took a deep breath.
"Good citizens of Coras, how can thou all believe in this... this crap she talks of! Why in God's name would I violate my daughter. My own daughter! It is against a man's nature to do so is it not? She is just having traitorous thoughts so that as soon as I am out of the way, she will have the throne!"
Turning to his guards the king pointed a finger at Ophelia, "Seize her!"

Fleeon, the deserted island south of the large kingdom of Avasty. Ophelia was thrown roughly to the ground by a pair of guards. She stood up as she watched the guards sail away in their boat, back to Avasty. She sighed and sat down.
"Well, I'm exiled, what to do know..." she whispered to herself.
Whistling softly, Ophelia called out to her beloved pet. Meteor descended to the ground. Ophelia smiled as she climbed upon the back of her dragon. Pointing upwards towards the sky, she directed her dragon to fly. With no where to go, she decided to head for Selgan. And as her dragon flew eastward, another dragon rose, heading for the north, where Coras lay, Ophelia's escape, had been noticed...
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