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Chapter 4

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Futuristic fic about the reincarnated Erik living as a very successful music artist in America, after a botched pyrotechnic episode on stage Erik came away with a bad injury to the right side of hi...

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The girls limo pulled up outside of the Mulhliem estate, as the chauffeur rounded the car the opened the door and assisted the two girls from the limo. "Evening ladies enjoy your night."

"Thanks Nate," Meg smiled and the two girls smiled and waved as he drove away. The two turned to head towards the house and were greeted by a large body guard. "Invitation please ladies," the body guard asked; but before the girl's could answer a slender hand came to rest on his shoulder. "They are alright George they are with me; this is my niece Meghan and her friend Christine."

The bodyguard smiled and allowed both girls to pass through following Annette towards the house, "Follow me girls; we shall talk in my room." Annette's room was on the second floor, it gave Annette a little snicker to watch the ladies behind her gawk at the magnificence of Erik's estate, , the caterers and planners had done an amazing job setting up for the festivities of the night. The three climbed the stairs and made their way down the hallway, "I didn't know you lived here!" Meg exclaimed as the Annette unlocked the door to her room and ushered the girls in.

Annette smiled as she closed the door, "Erik and I have been friends for many years I think of him as a brother. As such he offered me many things over the years, housing was the least. He's a very giving man."

Meg smiled, " I am so happy you asked us out here, Mom was surprised." Meg looked around the room at all the pictures and pointed to some baby pictures next to Annette's bed." Who is that?"

Before Annette could answer Christine interrupted her," Where does this lead?" She asked pointing towards the French doors behind the group.

Annette looked from Meg to Christine, "It leads out to the rose garden, its in full bloom right now its quite lovely." She turned her attention back to Meg, "That's you sweetheart. Alright the party is getting ready to start, there will be many important people here tonight so be social and have fun. Your rooms are down the hall, and tomorrow we'll talk more. Tonight enjoy yourself, I will introduce you to people as they arrive." Annette handed them both a small box wrapped with a white bow, "Inside is a gift to all of Erik's performers, only those on the tour will be wearing them. It only belongs to a select few people and a way to identify your new friends."

Meg and Christine smiled and eagerly opened their gifts, inside was a crystal teardrop necklace attached to a fine gold chain. The two looked up at Annette, in unison they thanked her, "It is just a gift from Erik it is he you should thank. Now quickly ladies, put them on and let us join the party. There will be time tomorrow for catching up and questions, not to mention your audition Christine." Annette moved to the door and opened it, "Now come it's time." The two ladies put the necklaces on each other; setting the boxes on the table the two ladies moved to follow Annette back to the party.

Nick moved into the room closing the door behind him, "Ah well good to see you're up and about, and now if we can get you out of this room. The party has begun and I think you need to make a little appearance if only just for a minute."

Erik laughed sarcastically, "Yes, I'm cured lets go party and get completely cocked! Are you joking?" He growled looking over the balcony into the garden, "I didn't ask for this whole evening."

Nick made his way towards Erik cautiously, he knew that Erik was not in his right state of mind and was aggressive. " never asked for anything. We do this because we care about you."

Erik kept his gaze on the garden, "Nick this was your idea, your party. Nothing about this night is for me, this party; this night... Do you think it will make Elizabeth return, make the dark fade away replace this mask on my face!"

Nick stepped back, "I cannot make what happened go away but I can help ease what pain I can."

"Yes because you know my pain! Right?! You understand what I'm going through and can sympathize." Erik retorted glaring at Nick.

Nick was startled, he didn't know how to respond to him; the only response he could produce was weak but all he had. "No Erik, I don't know what you are going through. I know this, but I've seen you on stage; performing your music. It has got you through the darkest points in your life as well as the best ones; why not let it be your salvation once more."

Erik spun around to meet Nicks gaze, "I can only write so many songs about this, this torment. Eventually words will escape me and all that is left will be pain and this mask."

Nick gave a slight curl of his lips into a sad smile," friend is hard and full of pain. You can either give up on life and mourn the death of yourself or celebrate the beauty of this life in front of you; a life that ordinary people would kill to have even for just one day. Live Erik!"

"Fine!" Erik was tired of this conversation and too tired to fight anymore. "Fine, I will come to the top of the stairs, wave and leave. I will appease you and make an appearance."

Nick just smiled and moved to Erik, "Thank you! Now my friend," He placed his arm around Erik's shoulder. "Let us get this first step over with little steps at a time." The two men exited out the room towards the stairway over looking the ballroom.

For the hour after the girls had arrived Annette walked around introducing the girls to fellow colleagues on the tour and other important people who arrived to celebrate on behalf of Erik. Meg had made her way over to the bar and grabbed drinks for herself and Christine, Annette had declined her offer. As she made her way back to the group the attention had been drawn to the top of a balcony overlooking the room where at dark haired gentleman commanded everyone's attention. Meg handed Christine her drink and whispered," Who is that?"

Annette leaned back a bit towards Meg, "That is Nick or 'Z' he works very closely with Er..." Her voice trailed off as her eyes drifted to the darkness of the hallway and a flash of white caught her eye.

As Nick requested everyone's attention the ballroom quieted, "Good evening everyone! Thank you all for coming to help kick off Erik's new tour. With out further ado, the man of the hour himself would like to say a few words." Nick stepped back and started clapping as a thunderous cheer came from below. Nick opened his arms towards the shadows as Erik stepped back a bit into the hallway a bit, Nick let his eyes drift to the crowd and started to get worried. "Just a minute, perhaps he's got a little stage fright."

Erik took a few deep breaths and closed his eyes stepping out into the light. Erik joined Nick near the railing holding his head up high. He looked down over the crowd and nodded to the group, there were some sudden gasps, not to mention the crowds clapping had died a bit as he stood there. "I want.." he cleared his voice, his deep tone flowed quickly and strongly over the crowd. "I want to thank you all for coming; I look forward to this tour." Erik gave a weak smile over the crowd as whispers hit the air. It started to overwhelm Erik, "Thank you," he responded and retreated quickly past Nick towards his room.

Nick quickly stepped forward to the railing, "Never one for many words lets give our star another round!" Nick's eyes wandered behind him to the slamming door, as he encouraged the crowd's reluctant applause. "Again thank you all, now please enjoy the rest of the evening."

Erik growled as he threw his chair across the room, it was the exact reaction he had expected from the whole crowd. He could hear the music from downstairs, it only fueled his anger. He needed out, this room was too confining and the music pulsating in his ears was driving him mad. Erik moved quickly to the balcony doors grabbing his coat as he pushed through the doors and made his way down the long pathway to his rose garden, the one and only peaceful haven he actually had left in his tormented state.

'What did he expect?' Erik's mind practically screamed as he thought back to the crowd's reaction. 'Did he actually believe that they would welcome me with open arms, like nothing happened?'

Annette started towards the stairs Meg and Christine in tow, Meg was the first to speak, "Where are we going?" She asked and Annette turned around, "Ladies, I have some business to attend to, please continue to enjoy the party. I will meet up with you soon." She quickly turned on her heel and ascended up the stairs passing by Nick and heading down the hallway towards Erik's room.

"Annette wait...." Nick called after her and started after her. He hesitantly followed into the room behind her hoping not to run into a highly brassed off Erik.

"Erik...Mon Ami?" Her eyes scanned the dark room looking for any movement; a slight breeze brought her attention to the open doors leading out his bedroom.

Nick came up behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Maybe I pushed him a little far, he wasn't ready yet."

Annette nodded, "He needs some time, lets leave him be. He'll want to be alone, let us return and save the rest of the night."

Nick nodded and took her hand leading her out the door and back to the party, both trying to hold their heads high for their friend's sake.

Meg and Christine had watched Annette climb the stairs but made no attempt to follow her, the two stood motionless unsure of where to go next. "So..." Christine muttered looking around the room.

"Well we could go get something to snack on, I'm famished." Meg admitted nodding to the other room where the banquet layout was set up.

Christine was getting a little overwhelmed with the whole situation; she had never really been one for big parties. "Why don't you go ahead, I'll meet up with you I'm going to step outside and get some air for a bit. Ok, I promise I won't be long."

Meg nodded, "Ok, but don't be too long. You know I'm not the social person."

Christine nodded and made her way out across the ballroom to the doors to the back of the house.

Christine relished in the crisp air against her exposed skin, most guests only ventured outside to catch a quick smoke and returned inside to party. It was too stuffy inside for her, and the evening was completely beautiful; too beautiful to spend it inside. She slowly turned taking in the complete sight of the back of the estate; Christine's eyes were wide with wonderment. 'This is beautiful,' she thought giving a bright smile. 'I know where he gets his inspiration from now,' she thought taking in the beautiful display of colors and gardens.

Christine had been a fan of Erik's since his first album hit stores, she memorized every song. She smiled a bit moving to the rail of the balcony overlooking the grounds, so many times she'd imagined singing along side him the beautiful songs created in his enchanted mind. Christine hummed her favorite tune softly when something caught her eye; a dark figured stormed down the walkway towards the rose garden Annette had mentioned earlier. Something about the figure had peaked Christine's interest and she followed the shadowy figure, making sure to keep her distance so not to startle whoever it was.

The figure past the rose archway and headed into the center of the rose garden, Christine couldn't help but pursue the dark figure.

Erik continued down to the garden, walking through the rose and vine archway. He made his way past the large rose bushes and small pond to an angel statue centered in the garden with its arms raised towards the heavens. He stood in front of the statue looking up sadly at it, "Why have I been cursed?" He whispered out loud, the sad tone in his voice heartbreaking. "What have I done? What was it in this life or past lives to deserve such torture?" The cold statue offered neither solice nor answer as her eyes continue to stare to the heavens.

Christine remained near the archway, she felt a little awkward eavesdropping on the pained stranger, but she had yet to see anything but his backside. The voice was so familiar, but the pain in his words tore at her heart.

Erik looked towards the sky he closed his eyes and let his passion heal his pain.
"I'm dancing in the fire....maybe I'm addicted to pain
I feel just like a prisoner....riding on a runaway train, I've waited so long..."
His song filled the air, the pain seeming to subside while his voice released his tortured soul to the wind.

Christine's eyes went wide when she realized who she was watching, this was THE Erik Mulheim. The Angel of Music she had so longed to meet, the song was her favorite song; she knew it by heart. For so long she had desired to accompany him through the beautiful lyrics; his voice had so much pain and need in it she couldn't help but answer his lyrics.

Christine sang out sweetly towards him "I believe that your day will come..."

Erik stopped and spun around to the voice; he tilted his head to the side but continued, "I've tried to hold on..."

Christine stepped forward towards him, "Your gonna get your moment in the sun."

Together the next lyric reached perfect harmony, both voices complimenting the other, "And if it takes forever, we'll make it together." Erik started first as Christine answered him, "Say you will, say you will say you will. Every time you feel your spirit grieve, don't think about it baby just reach for me."

Erik took a step towards her, "I'll be there to hold you in my arms."

"Let me be the one that you call," Christine answered right back.

The two continued to make their way slowly towards each other, "Every time another cloud rolls by, And your heart is heavy and you wonder why, When the rain comes down, I'll be there
I'll be there through it all ...Until the last teardrop falls."

Christine had made her way within feet of him, "My heart was fading fast, sinking like a stone in the well. My love was out of time, I needed you to break the spell."

"I've waited so long," He practically cried out.

"I was looking for the perfect bliss," She smiled.

"I tried to hold on," his heart sang, he completely forgot all the pain of the past weeks.

"Now I know the ride is worth the risk," Christine answered.

Together they finished the rest of the song, "And if it takes forever, we'll dream it together. Say you will, say you will, and say you will. Every time you feel your spirit grieve, don't think about it baby just reach for me. I'll be there to hold you in my arms, let me be the one that you call. Every time another cloud rolls by, and your heart is heavy and you wonder why, when the rain comes down, I'll be there I'll be there through it all ...Until the last teardrop falls."

The two stand in front of one another never breaking eye contact.
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