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Chapter 5

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Futuristic fic about the reincarnated Erik living as a very successful music artist in America, after a botched pyrotechnic episode on stage Erik came away with a bad injury to the right side of hi...

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Meg stood at the door scanning the crowd trying to locate Christine, she had promised to meet her by the buffet to grab dinner but she never showed and was no where to be found on the balcony.

"He'd better be worth it," a male voice scared her and brought her attention to the gentleman standing behind her. "I'm sorry what did you say?" She asked.

The man stepped beside her and smiled at her, "I said he'd better be worth leaving you standing here all by yourself. Someone with your beauty should be escorted to the dance floor and swept off her feet." The gentleman finished and bowed his head.

Meg blushed; she was unaccustomed to such attention from the opposite sex. She couldn't help but smile as she nodded to him, "Thank you."

The gentleman held his hand out for Meg's, "May I ask the beauty's name standing before me?" Meg just smiled and lifted her hand to his, "My name is Meghan, but you can call me Meg. And your name sir?"

He brought her hand up to kiss the back and smiled, "Well Ms. Meg, what a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Raoul Chagny at your service ma'am." Raoul lowered her hand and gestured to the dance floor with his other hand, holding securely her hand. "May I ask you for a dance?"

Meg couldn't help but nod and smile as she starred at him while he led her towards the dance floor. Raoul glanced back at Meg and pulled her to him placing his hand on her hip and taking the other in his hand. The band had started up and played a soft melody as he gracefully lead her across the floor in a slow sweet movement. Meg kept her eyes locked on his as she let him lead her through step after step.


Time just seemed to slip by as they stared at each other; Erik towered over Christine and as the moonlight shown brightly off his ghostly white mask she seemed mystified, enchanted by the sound of his sultry voice and the deep pained look in his emerald eyes. Somewhere deep inside Christine found her voice, she coughed a little to find her voice, " have a very beautiful voice, completely mesmerizing."

Erik's eyes lowered, his head involuntarily turned away hiding the mask as best he could.

Christine watched him start to shy away, "Please, please I'm sorry. I didn't mean to follow you or to impose on you, I just...I saw you moving towards the garden and it peaked my curiosity."

"Curiosity..." Erik whispered and raised an eyebrow at her. "Was responsible for killing the cat."

Christine's brow rose, "Lucky then I've 9 lives....Trying to scare me." She retorted quickly giving a sly smile. "Why? Because I've witnessed the barest part of you." She stated strongly.

Erik rolled his eyes, "A song is not baring my soul." He retorted and turned from her, his jacket flowing behind him as he moved away from her.

Christine followed after him, "Funny, aren't that your exact words." She called out to him causing him to stop in his tracks. "'My songs bare my heart and soul, whatever I'm feeling goes into my songs.'"

Erik turned back to her and just stared at her, he remembered that quote from the cover of his first album. "Good evening Madame." Erik turned on his heels and headed back towards the house, hoping to escape the lady behind him who knew so much about the man he used to be.

Christine watched him walk away; part of her cried out to follow after him but the sane part of her knew she had already stepped over her boundary in his own home. She just watched him as he headed back into what she assumed was his room she slowly started making her way back to the party.

Annette stood atop the stairs looking over the guests, she'd watched Meg practically the whole night and smiled; she had turned into a beautiful woman graceful and amazing. She would be a wonderful addition to the tour and having her so close would be a painful experience but it was a welcomed beautiful torture. One day she would tell her, one day she wouldn't have to lie to her. Suddenly a noise from behind her broke her thought process, "Annette?"

Annette spun around quickly to see a beautiful vision before her, "Elizabeth! Oh my dear how are you?" She asked moving forward to hug her.

Elizabeth smiled and embraced the woman, "How are you?" she asked.

Annette smiled, "Preparing for tour, where have you been my dear?" She asked keeping her arm around the younger woman.

Elizabeth's smile faded as she glanced unconsciously at her hand where her engagement ring used to be, "He didn't tell you?" she asked just above a whisper.

"My dear, he tells us nothing, we are lucky he even speaks to us. What happened?" she asked smiling at a guest as they passed by.

Elizabeth shook her head, "He told me to leave," she explained pausing to compose herself. "He told me to leave and leave his ring on the nightstand that I didn't deserve to be with such a monster." The tears she had been fighting off threatened to overflow, "It was for the best I suppose, we live in two completely different worlds and I....I just can't be there for him in the way he needs." She lowered her head, "The first time I saw his mask...I ..."

Annette squeezed her tighter, "its ok honey."

Elizabeth shook her head, "No it's not, I gasped at him then I started to cry before he even took off his mask." Elizabeth took a few deep breaths to compose herself, "We moved too fast. I know that now, when you can't accept your lover in any form or be there for them in their time of need you weren't meant to be."

Annette's eyes were full of sadness, he felt for the girl and for Erik another love lost up to foolish pride. She hugged the young woman again, noticing a tall gentleman moving behind them.

"Lizzy, you ready to go?" He asked putting his hand on the small of her back.

Elizabeth looked back at her date and smiled, "Just a second Mike, Annette this is my good friend Mike. Mike this is my very dear friend Annette." Annette nodded at him and gave a slight smile, 'So upset she brings another man to her ex-fiancée's party?' She thought out of spite, she couldn't imagine what Erik would do had he seen the two together.

"Yes, well it was good seeing you Elizabeth, I really must be going to attend to the rest of the guests as they are preparing to leave. Good night." She smiled and nodded to the two of them.

Elizabeth nodded and took Mike's arm; she struggled to produce a smile as she watched the older lady take her leave. Elizabeth was completely aware of Annette's change in demeanor when she introduced Mike. The two made their way down the stairs and away from the party, it had been a long enough night.

Christine made her way back into the party; she noticed that the crowd had thinned out considerably since she had been outside. She scanned the crowd and noticed Annette coming her way; her body posture said she was upset about something. "Annette?"

Annette made her way quickly across the room, she was furious at Elizabeth. She now understood why Erik hadn't seen her in weeks though. Her mind was racing, 'Do I tell Erik or leave it be?' she kept questioning herself as a familiar face came into view. "Christine," she composed herself and gave the girl a bright smile. "How have you enjoyed the evening?"

Christine couldn't help but blush, "Very enjoyable, beyond words. Have you seen Meg?"

Annette beamed at her and pointed in the direction of the dance floor, "She's been dancing the night away with that gentleman all night. The crowd is starting to thin out, would you like me to show you to where you and Meg will be staying? She seems to be entertained at the moment."

Christine smiled at her friend, "Let her enjoy the rest of her night, I would like to get some sleep tonight to prepare for tomorrow."

Annette smiled and nodded motioning for her to follow her, "Come I will show you to your room and we can discuss what to expect tomorrow for your tryouts." Annette started leading her through the back hallways towards the other stair case to the second floor.

Meg smiled at Raoul as the band finished their last song of the evening, "I can't believe we danced the whole night away." She looked around and giggled, "Oh god we're the only ones left."

Raoul smiled at her, "Don't worry my dear, I promise my chariot won't turn into a pumpkin, and I'm not wearing glass slippers." He replied winking at her.

Meg laughed he escorted her off the dance floor to the bar to get a drink, "So Raoul, what brings you here tonight? Are you apart of the tour as well?"

Raoul ordered two drinks for them, as he waited for the bartender to finish he smiled, "Yes ma'am, I'm apart of Erik's band; guitarist." He motioned to her necklace, "I assume you are as well."

Meg nodded and accepted her drink from the bartender, "Yes, my Aunt Annette is very good friends with Erik and invited me to join the tour as a dancer. Looks like we'll be spending a good amount of time together then huh?" She asked winking at him.

"Funny, that would be my initial thought as well, care to take a walk outside to cool off?" He questioned, motioning towards the French doors to the balcony.

"I'd love to," Meg nodded and the two headed outside.

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