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Destiny for Expected Lovers

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Sequel to Unexpected Lovers, a Timmy-Trixie fanfic. Contains some light violent scenes.

Category: Fairly OddParents - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance - Characters: Chester McBadbat, Timmy Turner, Tootie, Trixie Tang - Published: 2007-01-29 - Updated: 2007-01-29 - 2693 words - Complete


by Dumas

DISCLAIMER: Fairly OddParents are created by Butch Hartman and owned by Nickelodeon (c) Nickelodeon.

Little author's note: I let once again Cosmo and Wanda doing the job.

Wanda: This is a sequel to the fanfic «Unexpected Lovers»

Cosmo: And this time it's a Timmy-Trixie fanfic and...(Wanda pull his ear)OW!!!!

Wanda: Let's go on with this story before you mess everything, Cosmo!

It's a nice sunny afternoon in Dimmsdale elementairy school. All the students goes out when 3pm arrived. All kids are happy....except Timmy who's wonder if Trixie will finally stop to avoid him and if Vicky would stop haunting him. He wonder if destiny would bring him luck, he's lost in his taughts until he was suddenly interrupted by a familiar voice, Tootie.

Tootie: Hey Timmy!

Timmy: Oh no! It's Tootie, I got to run!

Timmy wants to start but someone is holding his arm. Timmy turns his head and was really surprised to see who's holding his arm, it was none other then Chester.

Chester: Why are you such in hurry to run Timmy?

Timmy: It's because...(suddenly saw then Chester and Tootie holding their hands each other)...Hey!!... Since when you're...?

Tootie: That's a long story, but thanks to Chester, he convinced me and...

Tootie is interrupted by the arrival of Francis.

Francis: Ready for the afternoon beating Turner?

Chester:(to Francis) Hey, Francis, are you ready to fall again in the pile of doug and manure if you touch Timmy?

Francis: (suddenly very afraid, tried to hide his fear as possible) Huh....I got to mom calls me, later! (run away)

Timmy:(stunned and perplexed) Huh? Why Francis is now afraid of you?

Chester: As Tootie will said, that's a long story to explain, we got to go, so me and Tootie won't be late to see the movie: Crash Nebula vs the Crimson Chin and Catman. See you later Timmy.

Tootie: And for how we got the money to see the movie, it's up to the readers of the fanfic to imagine how we had it. Bye, Timmy.

Timmy:(a bit confused) Huh?....Bye guys, see you later...(speaking to himself)...Now how can I ask Trixie for a date?

Timmy walked in the school yard and saw Trixie talking to Tad, Chad, Veronica at a corner.

Timmy: Hi Trixie!

Trixie: I'm not standing with the losers.

Timmy: You're right, I'm a loser and I'm proud of it.

Trixie: (perplexed and intrigued) What do you mean?

Tad: Come on Trixie, we have to go.

Trixie: Wait a minute, Chad. I want to listen Timmy what he wants to say.

Timmy: The reason why I'm proud of a loser and not a rich popular kid is I'm not trapped in a golden cage being restricted to strict social activities instead of reading comic books and playing video games. If one day, after years of hard work I became rich, I'll let my kids doing what they want to do instead of strict and boring social activities, as long it's not unorthodox stuffs like tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

Trixie listened carefully and pondering in herself the harsh of strict social activities. She's lost in her taughts until Tad calls her.

Tad: Are you coming Trixie? I don't want to lose time with that pick-hat boy.

Chad: Tad is right Trixie, come on.

Trixie: Where? Playing video games and going buying some comic books?

Tad: Are you crazy? We don't want to lost time in that!

Veronica: (being suspucious) Since when do you have a huge interest for comics books and video games? And who else known your interested to that?

Timmy: (launching an unexpected spontanaous reply)I know who, it's Timantha!!

Veronica, Tad and Chad are speechless. Meanwhile Trixie begin to realize something.

Trixie: (to herself) Oh my... God! Timmy... and Timantha...are... the same and one person!!
Timmy did all this for I can help him to get out of an upcoming trouble to arrive? (call her bodyguard) SECURITY!!!!

Tad: I'm glad your come at your sense and...(surprised to see then Trixie pointed to Chad)

Chad: (being grabbed to by body guard) HEY!!

Trixie: (to the bodyguard) You know what to do?

Bodyguard: Yes, Mrs Tang. Come on you fool time to do a little trip.

Chad: Hey!!! Let's me go, I got power, influence...I'll (CENSORED) and I (CENSORED)....

Chad continue to yield with insults and swearing when the bodyguard hold him and retires.

Timmy: Boy, Chad really showed his real face and...(punched by Tad) OW!!

Tad: (angrier) You menaged to get rid of Chad but I'm still there and I'll eleminate the competition!
Timmy: (groaning painfully and going to get up) Agh!!!.... So I guess the real Tad isn't a real gentleman after all,... you dropped your mask... to finally showing your real face.

Veronica: (freightened a little bit) Would you excuse me? I got to go, later everyone (runs away)

Trixie: (seeing Veronica and reply with a sarcastic tone) What a friend. (turns to Tad) Tad!! Tad!! Stop it!

Tad: (throwing another punch to Timmy) Now, would you let Trixie alone?

Timmy: And lefting her with a real jerk like you? Never.

Tad: You'll regret this and...OW!!!!

Tad receiving a punch on his face, Timmy saw it and couldn't believe it what he witnessed, Trixie Tang who punched Tad. Some others kids including Chester and Tootie arrived there by luck as well as Principal Waxelplax and Mr.Crocker.

Principal Waxelplax: We got to stop them, they'll hurt the class president.

Crocker: AH-HA!!! I knew it!!!! Tad losing his temper and Trixie Tang punching Tad! Either there some negatives vibrations or it's the work of...(spazzing and spamming)...FAIRY GODPARENTS!!!!!

Principal Waxelplax: (seeing Crocker) Not again! Ok, guys! He needs an other visit.

Two guys with a straight jacket arrives, put Crocker in a straight jacket and goes up to the mental asylum.

Crocker (in a straight jacket): Heh!!! HEY!!!! I'm normal and cured!!! I told you!!! It's FAIRY GODPARENTS who are behind this FAIRIES!!!!

The 2 guys threw Crocker in the same room as his uncle Albert with his collection of lamps including the lamp where Norm the Genie is.

Crocker: It's FAIRIES!!!! It's the faults of FAIRIES if Trixie punched Tad!!!!

Uncle Albert: No, dear nephew, that's the works of GENIES!!! GENIES!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Crocker: No, it's the FAIRIES!!! FAIRIES!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Uncle Albert: I told you, it's the GENIES!!!! GENIES!!!!

Norm: (in his lamp) Oh great! Looks like I won't be able to watch my favorite soap «All my Biceps» and the Genie Bowl! I guess I have to report my project of invading Canada later again!

Meanwhile, the fight still continue between Tad, Trixie and Timmy. They watched to each other like the 3 guys in the final duel scene in the western movie «The Good, the Bad and the Ugly», you can even hear the theme song of the movie playing thanks to the courtesy of Cosmo.


Cosmo: (located backstage) Hey, it's more original and exciting compared to the elevator music! And it's the fits the plotline for a better suspense!

Wanda: We already know it Cosmo! Now, let's continue with the show!


Tad: Now Timmy! You had a bad influence on Trixie. I'll put Trixie back on the right track.

Timmy: (with a grinny smile)Hey, now you call me by my real name? Does this mean then the roles are reversed and I'm not a loser anymore?

Tad: Don't jump too quickly in conclusions, Timmy Turner!

Tad threw his fist right on Timmy, Timmy closed his eyes being ready to receive a fist on his nose, a fist who didn't come on him. Instead it was Trixie who putter herself between Timmy and Tad who received the fist on one of her eyes.

Timmy: Trixie!!!! ( putting his arms around her and some tears on his eyes) Trixie!!! Why?

Trixie: You have suffered long enough Timmy after all these years. I don't want you being hurted anymore. I did it for you Timmy!!

Timmy: Trixie.....

Trixie: You can beat it Timmy, I'm sure you can win!

Timmy: Thanks, but I don't know if I really can.

On this moment, 2 voices echoed from the crowd, 2 voices familiar to Timmy.

Familiar Voices: You can do it, Timmy!!

Timmy: Chester!?!! Tootie!?

Tootie: If Chester was able to beat Francis, why you can't beat Tad?

Timmy: (a bit surprised to hear that news about Francis)...Yeah...Good point. I'll beat you Tad, prepare to fall from your pedestal!

Tad: Promises, promises and....(Tad receives a punch from Timmy on his nose) OW!!!


Cosmo:(on backstage acting as a sport commentator with Adam West in his role of Catman and Wanda) Tonight on Fairy Sports Network, we got the fight of the century, Timmy Turner against the upcoming loser Tad, and here my co-hosts Adam West as Catman and my lovely Wanda!

Wanda: Thank you Cosmo and....

Cosmo: Wanda, keep an eye on the fight!

Wanda: Hphm!

Catman: Well, Timmy threw a cat-left, a cat-right, an other cat-left and an other cat-right! A cat-punch right on Tad cat-smomach and...

Wanda: Ohhhh!!!

Cosmo: Ewwww!!!

Catman: Right under his cat-belt or if I was allowed to said that in front of a younger allowance, his cat-nuts!

Cosmo: Now Timmy imitate Bruce Lee and give a kick again...

Catman: ...on his cat-nuts again! We could said the cat-writer of this cat-fanfic lack some cat-imagination and hey, he stopped!!

Wanda: But why?


Tad: Lack some guts to end, Timmy Turner?

Timmy: No, I'll be too selfish if I didn't share it with Trixie! Trixie do you wants some parts of him?

Trixie: With pleasure Timmy, you're a real gentleman!


Catman: Trixie puts a cat-punch right on Tad's left cat-eye and another on his right cat-eye and threw a cat-punch....

Cosmo: Don't tell me she threw a punch right below Tad's belt?

Wanda: She threw a punch right below Tad's belt!

Cosmo: I ask you not to tell me that!


Trixie: Timmy, how about we threw the last punch together?

Timmy: With pleasure Trixie!

Tad: (seeing the fists of Trixie and Timmy coming on him, yelling in slow-motion) NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Tad received both the fist, and he fly backwards directly right thru a pile of doug and manure then the janitor left. The crowd cheered and applaused. Principal Waxelplax saw Tad.

Principal Waxelplax: Tad, what are you going to said for your defense?

Tad: I hate doug and manure.

Pricipal Waxelplax: I'm sorry Tad, but I have to remove you from the president class position.

Tad: WHAT? You can't do that! I have money, power to buy you and this school and you (CENSORED), you (CENSORED), (CENSORED),...

Principal Waxelplax: (who put her hands on her ears) What a harsh language, Trixie, could you call your bodyguard, please?
Trixie: With pleasure principal, SECURITY!!!!

Tad: (grabbed by the bodyguard) HEY!!! You can't do that! I'll arrange then you'll lost your job and...(CENSORED)...(CENSORED)

Bodyguard: Come on, you'll join your pawl Chad!

Tad: Huh?

Meanwhile, in the boys toilet room, Francis takes care of Chad.

Francis: (hanging Chad upside down) Heheh! It's more fun to take care of these guys.

Chad: Let me go! I have money! I can pay you! (Check on his pockets but discover his wallet had disseapeared) Hey where my money goes?

Francis: Don't you know it, your bodyguard payed me to do the job with your money and give the rest to Vicky!

Chad: WHAT? How could that....(Francis put his head in the toilet) Glouglubglob!!!

Back to the school yard....

Principal Waxelplax: Since Tad's...what I can say...retirement, Timmy would you accept the post of class president and Trixie as class vice-president?

Timmy: No, I have to refuse.

Trixie: Same for me

Waxelplax: But why?

I know two others peoples who desserved it more then me and Trixie and here they are (he points to Chester and Tootie): Chester and Tootie.

Chester and Tootie: (stunned and surprised)Err...Us!?

Timmy: Why not, you can't do worse then Tad and Chad.

Chester:...Well... Ok.

The crowd: YEAH!!!!

The other children sourrounded and taked Chester and Tootie on their shoulders

The crowd: Chester!!! Tootie!!!! Chester!!!! Tootie!!!! HIP-HIP-HURRAY!!!!

The crowd retired followed by Pricipal Waxelplax leaving Trixie and Timmy alone together in the school yard.

Trixie: I have a strange felling.

Timmy: What kind of felling?

Trixie: I fell like a sort of free guy, not being anymore prisoner in a golden cage.

Timmy: ...Yeah...
Trixie: Is something wrong Timmy?

Timmy: In a way, yes.

Trixie: What's bother you?

Timmy: It's Tad, we sure we both gived him a good run for its money but I'm scared Trixie, scared if Tad might decide to take revenge on us by indirect ways like hurtings our parents or even to our children in the future.

Trixie:...Timmy...No matter what'll happen to us, we held and we'll stay together.

Timmy: If you said so...

Timmy and Trixie hugs each other. Cosmo and Wanda appeared.

Wanda: Congratulations sport! Even if you know...

Cosmo: Yeah!

Timmy: Cosmo!? Wanda!? What are you doing here? Oh no!!!!

Trixie: Is that your fairy godparents?

Timmy: sigh Yes, (waiting for Jorgen to appear), why Jorgen don't appear? And how do you...?

Unknown voice: Maybe I can anwser to that question.

Wanda: Oh dear...

Cosmo: What's wrong Wanda? You seems then you saw your sister Blonda?

Wanda: It's because IT IS Blonda!

Trixie: Hi Blonda!

Timmy: Wait? It's Blonda is your fairy godmother!?!? Since when? I taught she was a star in the fairy soap-opera «All my Biceps»?!?

Trixie: Blonda is my fairy godmother as a partial-time job.

Blonda: Since they reduced my salary for «All my Biceps», I need another job and also Jorgen's assistant Binky is my stunt double for some scenes.

Timmy: What kind of scenes?

Meanwhile on the Fairy's studio set of the soap-opera «All my biceps»

Director: Ready for the next scene?

Binky: (with a wig and disguised to look like Blonda in a car going over a cliff)Oh dear....

Director: And....ACTION!!!!

Someone push the car over the cliff

Binky: AHHH!!!!!!!
Narrator of the soap-opera «All my biceps»: Will Blonda survive to the accident? Stay tuned for the next episode of «All my biceps»!

Back to the school yard.

Timmy: So that's why you're being relunctant to see me with Trixie Wanda? Because of your sister?

Wanda: Well,...yes!

Trixie: And that's why Blonda recommanded me to stay away from Timmy, Blonda?

Blonda: In a way, yes!

Cosmo: And fairies can interfere with true love.

On this moment Jorgen Von Strangle appears

Jorgen Von Strangle: Yeah and for once, Cosmo is right on the target! And now if you can excuse me! I'LL GO BACK WATCHING «ALL MY BICEPS» and if you bother me when I watch my favorite soap-opera....

Timmy, Trixie, Cosmo, Wanda, Blonda: We know, don't worry we won't bother you during your favorite tv series.

Jorgen: Thanks...(he disseapeared)

Wanda: Now, what we gonna do?

Cosmo: I think Trixie and Timmy needs a romantic and peaceful moment together.

Blonda: I guess Cosmo is right again?

Wanda: Yeah....Now we got to let you together. Later everyone

Timmy and Trixie: Later guys.

Timmy and Trixie watch the sky and the sunset. Timmy and Trixie looked to each others and walked holding their hands and shared a deep kiss.


--Author's note-- I let the job this time to Veronica

Veronica: Hi everyone, for the conclusion of this fic, the author got the inspiration from a fanfic called «Fairly Oddlove» writen by a guy nicknamed Possibledogcat then the author saw on, and besides you can't interfere with true love even if I loved Timmy. I wonder if Remy Buxenplenty will accept a date with me? And when I read this fic, Timmy mentionning his children to Trixie, is it a nod to the episode «Channel Chasers»? Oups, I think I mentionned some possible spoilers for possible future fanfics, talk to you later guys. (She's retires)

Cosmo: Looks like I'm not the only one who mess here! Heheheheheh!
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