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A mission gone horribly wrong leads Scott Summers to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends. But is he really dead? Or something more sinsiter going on? Scott/Jean, Kurt/Kitty, minor hints...

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Between Life and Death
Chapter 8: Awakening


He was in a state that felt like dreaming and reality at the same time. Everything around him was completely dark. He was dazed, dizzy, and confused. He didn't know how he had gotten here, who he was, or even where he had come from. What was this place anyways? Was this death? Was this some kind of prison we're there's no difference between the tangible and the abstract? No matter how many questions he asked, no answers came.

The only sound that could be heard was the slow, rhythmic thumping of his heart and the short, anxious gasps of his breathing. He tried moving in one direction, but nothing happened...It was all the same. He tried moving in another...But it only delivered the same result. There were no walls, no ceiling, nothing...This place seemed to have no meaningful form. The ubiquitous blackness began to close in on him as he tried to find something...Anything that would give him some answers. His mind was going a mile a minute, but no answers were coming.

"Hello?" he spoke in deep voice that he didn't even recognize even though it came directly from him, "Is anybody there?"

His voice didn't even echo in the darkness. It was as if it was swallowed and consumed by the void he was stuck in.

"Where am I? Who am I? What's going on here?" he asked aloud, but nobody was listening...No answers were coming.

He couldn't remember his name, his life, or even what had led him into this strange, ambiguous place. There were no hints, dreams, or flashes to go on...Only nothingness. Closing his eyes, he grasped his head and tried to probe deep into the recesses of his consciousness to find the answers to the seemingly simple questions that were driving him mad.

"Somebody?" he said again, "Anybody?!"

His anxiety only grew as the darkness began to feel like a cage. He tried running in one direction, but there wasn't anything to run towards. Everything was the same...There was no escape. As he grew increasingly frustrated by this endless darkness, he let out a loud, angry yell at the top of his lungs...But the darkness only absorbed it like it had everything else. Nothing was changed and nothing was giving him any answers. But the questions just kept lingering...Pestering him like a red hot mark in the depths of his brain.

"Please...Somebody! WHO AM I?"


While the rest of the Acolytes rested and recovered throughout the next day after the battle with Mr. Sinister and the Nasty Boys, Magneto and Mystique stayed awake and kept a constant watch on their new guest that they had extracted from Sinister's laboratory. The young man known only as Blake Hellstrom to them remained in a deep state of unconsciousness, yet his body was slowly yet surly healing itself back to the real world.

He had been moved into a spare bedroom so he would wake up in more comfortable surroundings rather than a cold, sterile hospital bed. There, he had been closely monitored for any signs of change or disturbance since the scans of his body had turned up some very unexpected readings. They didn't know how his mind would function or to what extent his powers would be, but they hoped to get these answers soon enough. If he was indeed Sinister's only test subject then they had succeeded in stopping the mad scientist from carrying out his insane dream and delayed him indefinitely. But even if this was a victory for them, Sinister was still out there and he would let something like this stand in his way. As long as they had this young man, they would have what they needed to keep him at bay...For now.

"Any change?" said Mystique as she entered the main monitoring room that watched over Blake's condition via surveillance camera.

"I'm afraid not..." replied Magneto, "His body is still healing at a slow, constant rate. But so far I think my estimates are on track and he should awaken within the next 12 hours."

"Any ideas on how to handle him once he does wake up?" asked Mystique, feeling that simply watching over him was the easy part and dealing with him in a confused state would be the real challenge.

"That...I still haven't been able to surmise," admitted Magneto, much to his dismay, for even a man of his intellect couldn't even begin to ascertain how he would go about ensuring this young man's stability both mentally and physically, "Maybe you would be better at it than me. After all, you were principal of a high school at one point. You should have at least some knowledge on dealing with confused young men."

"Well with all do respect Eric," argued the shape shifter in response, "This isn't some nerdy, insecure misfit or some undisciplined troublemaker...This is a guy who's had his mind wiped out by a madman and had his entire body structure messed up and reorganized. And need I remind you...I wasn't even that liked as a principal, so don't think that's anything to go by."

"But you'd still probably be better at it than me," said Magneto he looked back at the image of the unmoving young man on the monitor screen, "The most experience I've ever had was with Wanda and Pietro and look what that led to."

The master of magnetism's mood shifted into a more sour demeanor as he mentioned his estranged children. Not long after he had been freed from Apocalypse's control, he told Wanda the truth about what he had done to her as a little girl and how he threw her away into an insane asylum because she was too angry and unmanageable. It was one of the hardest things he had ever done and naturally...Wanda didn't react to it very well. The screaming and yelling that ensued still hung strong in his mind to this day, but she deserved to know the truth, even if it meant once again losing his daughter to his own personal stupidity. However, even after he had told her and he didn't flee or fight her wrath...She did not kill him like he thought she so desperately wanted to. She ended up simply hexing him away and simply collapsed in a wave of tears...And he had not seen her since.

Mystique, however, had watched over her and Pietro dutifully ever since her freedom from Apocalypse as well. She often reported to him how she and Pietro were doing and over the past few months, she had given him hopeful reports that they were on the road to recovery. Pietro, after a lot of hexing and coaxing on his part, had managed to slowly rebuild a relationship with his sister after Magneto said that he had nothing to do with what he did to her and he forced him to follow his plans. But it still didn't mend the rift in their familial relationship. Magneto tried to remain hopeful...But with his war against Sinister taking up a great deal of his time and energy, the rebuilding of their relationship would have to wait.

"I guess we'll just have to worry about it when the time comes," said Mystique, finally breaking the awkward silence that had ensued after the mention of Wanda and Pietro, "The best we can do now is play it by ear and hope we don't screw up."

"Very eloquently put Raven..." said Eric with a slight laugh, but still not seeing how to go about dealing with this young man, "But if all else fails...I guess that would leave only Xavier to turn to."

"Let's keep that as a last resort Eric," said Mystique, still not wanting to get her kids caught up in this complicated affair, "You know how I feel about that."

"Indeed I do," said Magneto as he turned away from the monitor and kept it on stand by for now.

"Where are you going now?" asked the shape shifter.

"To get some rest," replied Magneto, "I would urge you to do the same. It's going to be a long day tomorrow and need I remind you that neither of us has slept much in three days."

"Well with all do respect Eric, I'm quite use to sleepless nights," quipped Mystique as she remained near the console, not feeling ready to turn in yet.

"As am I...But keep in mind the situation here Raven," said Magneto as he opened the door and prepared to retire to his quarters, "We're going to have to deal with a dazed and confused young man with a great deal of power. Trust me...We'll all need our rest."

Raven Darkholme took that under consideration as she watched the master of magnetism leave. Now it meant she was probably the only one up at this point given the late hour of the night. But for some reason or another, she found herself standing watch over the monitor. Blake was still a ways from regaining consciousness, but he would eventually and he would require a great deal of help. But for both her and her associate, it was unclear whether or not they could provide such help given their track record in dealing with confused, mutant adolescence. While she was no poster girl for understanding troubled youths, she was no stranger to hardship.

Ever since her experience with Apocalypse, she had been very different in terms of personality. For the first time in a long while, she wasn't working to cause or prevent some great destruction be it against humans or mutants. She even returned to the Brotherhood for a brief while, working to fix up the house and get them back into school with her influences. It was a quiet, peaceful existence...And it was the first time in a long while she had experienced it. But upon learning about Sinister from Magneto and hearing the kind of things he would bring from Destiny, she once again found herself in a struggle.

Compared to Xavier, Sinister was a far more difficult opponent with a far harsher agenda. Now that she looked back on it, fighting Xavier almost made her just like that mad man...Angry, twisted, and full of hate. Fighting Sinister was almost like fighting everything she hated about herself, but even if they did eventually kill him...How would that change her?

For many months now she had been contemplating this and many other questions about her path in life. Destiny had always warned her about the dark person she was becoming, but she never listened...She only worried about where she would end up and not how she got there. She had already alienated her children forever and now she doubted they even acknowledged her existence anymore. That day in Egypt where they rejected her hurt more than she ever could have imagined. But like it or not...They were still her kids.

Returning to the Brotherhood had been nothing short of therapeutic for her and even Destiny agreed that being less a boss and more a guardian to them was really helping her cope with what she had been going through. She remembered how Eric once commented on her being less Mystique and more Raven Darkholme. Even the Brotherhood boys were becoming more fond of her and she had actually developed somewhat of a friendship with Wanda after she learned the truth. But still...She yearned for that same kind of feeling with her own kids. It may have seemed like an impossible task...But still, she could always dream.


"Raven...Raven, wake up!" said an urgent voice as Mystique felt someone gently shaking her from her unconscious state.

The shape shifter found herself groggily awakened from her current position on the table where she had fallen asleep.

"Eric...What is it?" she groaned, still tried from over three days of sleep deprivation.

"It's Blake...He's waking up sooner than I had anticipated," said Eric, now shifting to a more serious tone, "Come on...We have go. He could grow unstable from confusion if we're not there."

Upon hearing this, Mystique proceeded to shake off her sleepiness, rise to her feet. She followed Eric down the hall and towards the room where the young man had resided since they moved his body over a day ago. Even though he only appeared to have no memories, both mutants were prepared for anything unexpected, given that this was Mr. Sinister they were dealing with. It was still unclear exactly what he had done to him and the effects it had were still in question.

As they opened the door into a darkened room, Raven turned on the dim lights...Keeping the room from being to overwhelming once he woke up. As soon as they both entered, they noticed him stirring. He didn't look as though he was in any physical pain, but there was no telling how quickly that would change once he became more aware.

"I thought you said he wasn't going to wake up for another 12 hours," Mystique whispered to Eric as they stood anxiously over the young man's bed.

"It's been six hours Mystique...Remember, you fell asleep," reminded Eric.

"Oh...Right," replied the shape shifter sheepishly.

"His body simply must have healed faster," surmised the master of magnetism, "He must have wanted to wake up..."

"Wanted to?" questioned Raven, "I thought he was in a coma?"

"He was..." said Eric, "But strange things can happen to people when they are at death's door. And given that Sinister was involved with this...Don't rule anything out."

Suddenly, a low groan came from depths of the young man's body as he began to stir more. Both Mystique and Magneto stood ready for anything, but chose to take a more subtle approach in dealing with something like this.

"Blake...Blake can you hear me?" said Magneto, keeping his distance and giving the young man as much space as possible.

The young man that was stirring from a coma he had been stuck in for days now could barely make out the sound of his voice as he struggled to collect his jumbled mess of thoughts. He struggled to open his eyes in his weakened state, the effects of the coma still hanging strong over him. While his body still hadn't completely healed from it, his mind was working faster and had fought through the darkness back to the world of the living. His vision was very blurred, yet he could sense two presences near his side. He tried turning to face them, but he found it very difficult given that his head felt like it weighed fifty pounds.

"Blake?" repeated Magneto upon seeing his eyes open to the world for the first time after an undetermined amount of time.

Even as his hearing cleared up, he didn't recognize that name. Who was Blake? Was that who he was? But if it was, why didn't it feel like him? He tried to say something, but he couldn't get anything out. It was almost as if he had never used his voice before, but he knew how to speak. He tried to sit up, but his body was still somewhat under the effects of the coma.

As his vision cleared, the two figures before him became clearer...But he still didn't recognize either of them. The white haired man in a cape and the blue skinned woman with yellow eyes didn't spark any kind of reaction in him. They were two strangers in a strange place that he had never been. He tried to remember how he had gotten here or who these people even were...But there was nothing in his head by darkness. He tried to remember his name and who he was...But he couldn't even remember that.

He tried not to panic and determine just what the hell was going on here, but he could draw nothing from his mind other than a total blank. There wasn't even a hint of familiarity with anything...It was as if he had just come into the world with absolutely no memory to begin with. Upon feeling his strength return to him, he finally managed to speak in a deep, raspy voice.

"Where...Am I?" he said.

Even his own voice didn't sound familiar. It was as if somebody else had just talked and not him. It only added to his confusion as he tried to probe deep into his mind for any hint of understanding or clarity, but nothing was there.

"You're in my lair," answered Magneto, "Don't worry...You're safe now."

This only added to his confusion as he slowly brought a hand to rub the sore temples of his head.

"Safe? Safe from what?" he asked, desperate for any answers.

"Safe from Sinister...Don't you remember?" asked Magneto, even though he felt he already knew what his response would be.

The young man tried to think...But he couldn't even remember Sinister. There were no hints, dreams, or any images to help him...Just emptiness and many unanswered questions.

"I...Can't," he struggled, grasping his head even tighter.

"Well I guess Sinister did a real number on you," said Mystique, "The reason why you can't remember is because he wiped your mind clean of any memories. He probably would have gone further if we hadn't stopped him when we did."

This was a lot for such a confused young man to take in, but at least it offered some explanation as to why he couldn't remember anything. As he managed to bring himself up to a sitting position, he got a better view of the two mutants before him. He was still dazed, but at least now there was some hope for him. If these two knew what happened that made him feel so confused, then maybe they knew the answers to the questions that were plaguing his mind.

"Just...Who are you? And why did you bring me here?" asked the still weakened young man.

Magneto chose to answer this one. So far, the young man had not shown any open hostility or any hints of Sinister controlling him. The only thing that seemed different was his memories. And if he was not an enemy, then hopefully he would prove to be an ally.

"My name is Eric Lensherr...But others know me as Magneto," he told him, "And this is my friend Raven Darkholme...Also known as Mystique. We are both mutants. We were born with special powers that allows us to do things that normal humans could never do. I have the power of creating and manipulation magnetism...Hence the name. Mystique is a shape shifter, meaning she can mold and mimic her appearance in any way she sees fit. We both have great power written in our blood...And you are no different my boy."

"You mean...I'm a mutant too?" he asked, finding all this somewhat strange to process.

"Indeed, and we have the scientific scans to back it up," added Eric, as he let the young man take all of this in.

"But...If I'm a mutant...Then what can I do?" asked the young man, now feeling as though his mind was just being bombarded with more questions.

"We're...Not exactly sure," said Magneto as he recalled the strange scans that were done earlier, "You see...While you are a mutant, you're genetic makeup is unlike anything I have ever seen in my long, illustrious life. Most mutants are classified by certain classes and levels. Most of those who actively manifest powers like myself are call alpha class mutants. The level within that class often depends on the intensity of the power, so naturally Mystique and I are at a fairly high level. You, on the other hand, possess more than a simple X-gene...You possess a completely enhanced genetic structure that does more than just give you a unique mutant ability. It also gives you enhanced body functions...Everything from brain power to healing, which would explain why you awoke from your coma earlier than I had calculated."

Hearing that he was a mutant was shocking enough...But hearing that he was something so exotic was something completely different. In his mind he struggled to comprehend the true meaning of this strange new knowledge. It was hard enough without any memories, but being some kind of freak only compounded his situation.

"So...What am I?" he asked.

Eric Lensherr was forced to pause and think about that for a moment. In all his years of studying mutation, he had never come across a case like this before. Now he found himself in a position he hadn't been in since he worked with trauma victims over two decades ago. It was at times like this he wished he had Xavier's uncanny ability to connect with those who were confused about who or what they are. Normally, he would have been more commanding when faced with a new mutant, but he was not out to create a team for world domination or to punish all humans. Apocalypse had changed his goals and his mind in many ways, but the experience had not taught him to handle something like this.

"I...Honestly can't tell you with absolute certainty," said Magneto after he considered his confused words, "The man who wiped your memories clean, Mr. Sinister, did something to your body and DNA to make you the advanced mutant you are now. You are now in a class and level that mutant science has not yet come to ascertain, but you are still a mutant none the less with your humanity still intact. That alone is something to be thankful for."

Eric had hoped to lift his spirits, but it appeared his words had the opposite effect and a look of anxiety spread across his face. He didn't seem to take any comfort in the fact that he was now a highly advanced mutant who still alive had everything that made him human. Instead, this only compounded the situation with his memories. Now part of him wasn't even sure if he wanted to know given that he was this strange, genetic anomaly.

"So I'm a freak..." he said in deep voice, "A freak with no name."

Not getting the response he had hoped for, Mystique chose to step in and try her luck. While this was not like settling a dispute with the Brotherhood boys or dealing with high school students as a principal, it was still a matter of helping someone and that's what she was going to try to do.

"You're not a freak...Hell, compared to my real appearance you're downright normal," said Mystique, trying to lighten the mood with a little humor, "And you do have a name."

The shape shifter proceeded to show him the folder she had extracted from Sinister's lab. A small look of hope actually began to show as the confused young man looked at the small, brown folder with intent on finding the answers it had to offer.

"According to these records, your name is Blake Hellstrom," said the shape shifter, "You are 19 years old and you are an orphan from New York City. Is any of this ringing a bell?"

He tried to remember, but even his name didn't sound familiar. However, it was at least one answer he had been seeking, although hearing that he was an orphan didn't raise his hopes too much in finding someone out there who knew who he was.

"Sorry...But I still can't remember," replied Blake.

"Well there isn't much else in these records other than papers from the orphanage you were at...Which I'm afraid to say is long gone now...And some old foster homes that we couldn't track down. But from the looks of it, you were somewhat of a drifter before Sinister took you...And I guess that's all we really know at this point."

They were answers...But not very hopeful answers. He had no family, no home...Nothing. Even if he could remember...Would it really be worth knowing? Blake didn't seem to respond to this new data and simply sank back into his bed, turning away from the two mutants that had saved him. He closed his eyes, wanting to simply return to his coma and not be faced with this confusion any more.

His reaction was one of surprise to Mystique, for she wanted to tell him more. But before she could, Eric placed a hand on her shoulder, shaking his head to dissuade her from doing so. He then proceeded to lead her out of the room, closing the door behind them and leaving the young man to digest everything that was happening to him. Raven didn't want to leave, but Eric knew from experience that it was better if he be given time to himself.

"Give him time Raven...He needs to rest," said Magneto as he saw the shape shifter look back at the closed door, "A lot has happened to him and it's definitely something that he'll need time to process. He'll need all the help he can get in getting back his memories...Although from the looks of it, there isn't much I can see worth remembering."

It was a solemn notion, knowing that he had no family or life to go back to, nor many things worth remembering in the first place. As hard as it was for him to take in what had happened to him, both mutants could help but wonder...Was it better this way if he didn't remember? Wouldn't that be less painful for him? Mystique didn't know what to think knowing she could never know how Blake truly felt. And she wondered...If she had her memories wiped clean, would she even want to recall any of the misery that her life had been? It was clear that the young man needed help, and from the looks of it only she and Eric were the ones that could give it to him.

"But still...There must be something we can do," she said, never one to give in that easily.

"You know...That sounds like something one of Xavier's student's would say," smiled the master of magnetism, hoping to lighten the mood.

This earned him a brief scorn from the shape shifter, but it wasn't too far from the truth when she thought about it. If he had said the same thing just over a year ago, she might have taken it as an insult. But after having been saved from Apocalypse by the X-men and seeing how dark and bitter she was, it didn't seem like such a bad thing anymore.

"Just don't tell the rest of the Brotherhood," said Raven, managing a smile despite the remark, "I don't want them thinking I've gone soft."

"Don't worry...If there's one thing you know I can do, it's keep a secret," said Magneto as they made their way back down the hall.

"I won't deny that," replied the shape shifter, "So what are we going to do now?"

Magneto considered their next course of action now that they had delivered a devastating blow to Sinister and one of his unfortunate victims to take care of. Since this was something he didn't have a whole lot of experience in, he was somewhat in the dark. He knew that this was more Xavier's field, but he still didn't want to bring his friend into this meaningless war. Sinister was his problem...And it was his duty to take care of him. Not to mention, he knew that Raven didn't want to put her kids in any danger. After what Sinister did to Blake, she was now probably more determined than ever to keep her children out of it, for she owed them that much after all the mistakes she had made.

"I'm not exactly sure Raven..." answered Magneto upon pondering the possibilities, "So far, we've been able to determine that Blake is not under Sinister's control and he poses no real risk. He's just a confused young man in search of answers...Something I'm sure you and I are no stranger to."

"That's putting it lightly..." commented Mystique, knowing the truth in those words.

"Indeed, which is why he must stay here," said Eric, "I'll inform the rest of the Acolytes. It's best that they know the situation."

"Good...You do that. I'll keep watching over Blake just in case something happens," said Mystique as she turned back towards the monitor room, "I think it would be best if check on him as well in order to let him know that he's in a friendly place."

As she walked off, Magneto couldn't help but laugh again as he turned back to face his shape shifting friend.

"You really have gone soft haven't you Raven?" he laughed, prompting Mystique to turn around and face him with an ill-humored grin on her face.

"Hey...I don't tease you about it so the least you can do is not tease me about it," she responded.

And with that, they both went their separate ways.


In a large, old building not far from the boundaries of New York City, Sinister and his Nasty Boys entered what appeared to be on old military laboratory. There was an array of old, rusted machinery strewn along the unkempt floor and the smell of old chemicals hung strong in the air. This area around the more shady parts of the area did not look like a great place to set up shop for the kind of advanced genetic experiments that Sinister liked to do. And if this truly was where they were going to set up shop, then it only further reinforced the notion that this man was a few beakers shy of a chemistry set.

"Ugh..." said Emma as she saw several rats scurry across the center of the room, "You can't be serious Essex! I mean...This place? It ought to be condemned!"

"Quiet Emma..." said Sinister in an annoyed tone, who was in no mood for anybody's insolence at this point, "Follow me..."

Sinister led his team of Nasty Boys through several uninhabited rooms, each as dirty and unkempt as the last. No parts of this place showed any of the qualities of a kind of laboratory that a guy like Sinister would use and Betsy and Emma both remained skeptical about what they were doing here.

After a brief trek down one of the halls, Sinister stopped in front of what looked to be an old elevator, which seemed illogical because from the looks of it the building didn't have any power.

"What are you doing now?" said an exasperated Betsy, "This place doesn't look like it has any power."

Sinister merely grinned as he pushed the button to activate the elevator and held it for several seconds until it lit up.

"Looks can be deceiving Psylocke..."

Then, as the doors opened, the Nasty Boys were surprised to see a fully lit elevator standing before them in the darkness of the building.

"Come," ordered Sinister, "Let me show you just how much I've planned for this momentous time..."

As they all followed Sinister into the elevator, a strange keypad opened up in the side of the wall and the mad scientist pushed a series of buttons, entering a code of some sorts by the look of it. Once he finished, the elevator suddenly started moving down several floors beyond the basement level and into someplace more hidden. Then, as the elevator doors opened...Both Betsy and Emma looked in shock at what they saw.

"Welcome to my secondary laboratory..." said Sinister as the glowing lights illuminated what looked the kind of high tech place that he would work at, "This is the place where I did the research that helped me construct the 'Final Step' before I formed the Nasty Boys. All the data I need to make another one is right here...Hidden from the rest of the world and from Magneto's prying eyes."

It was a strange sight seeing such an elaborate facility accessed through a seemingly abandoned building outside New York City, but then again...Strange happenings were something that Sinister had come to be known best by in all the time that they had been working for him. In seeing this new lab, Psylocke once again became more hopeful that she could somehow get her old body back, but didn't look forward to going through the same ordeal as last time.

"Sinister...Does this place have the necessary stuff to make the body for me that you promised?" she asked intently.

"But of course..." grinned Sinister, "And these servers have a cluster of backup files that include the information to clear the name of Emma Frost from the ever omnipotent Hellfire Club."

This caught Emma's attention just as much as it had Betsy's. The prospect of getting what they had worked so hard for over the past months after seeing the old facility destroyed once again bolstered their hopes...Even if it meant working for this madman once again. But in the end, they hoped it would be worth it.

"So what do you plan to do here?" asked Gorgeous George as Sinister activated several computer mainframes and brought up a detailed schematic on the screen.

Mr. Sinister was never one to take defeat lightly and Magneto had done a good job of deceiving him and delaying the completion of his ultimate dream. However, time meant nothing to the old man who did not age or deteriorate like normal mortal humans. He had worked patiently for decades on this one project and he would finish it no matter how long it took. Nothing was going to stand in his way...Not Magneto, not the Acolytes...Nothing.

"It's simple...I am going to rebuild my machine right here," he boasted, feeling all the more determined to upstage Magneto and show him just how pointless his resistance meant, "I have all the data I need and you all are going to help me. But there's one vital component that must be used and handled with great care..."

"And what might that be?" asked Vertigo.

A dark grin then spread across Sinister's face as he stood ready to rebuild that which Magneto thought he had so successfully destroyed.

"My creation...Blake Hellstrom."


AN: Strange, is it not? Magneto and Mystique don't know that Blake is Scott and now even Scott doesn't know who he is either. And Sinister has once again proven that he can be knocked down, but he can never be knocked out. It's getting complicated...But don't worry, there's plenty more to come! So what do you think of Magneto and Mystique's transformation? Part of it came from my portrayal of them in my last fic, "Extermination" and the hints dropped after the last episode. There will be more of that later on, but for now...Things just have to clear up for the most part. So what do you all think? Do you like this story thus far? Please tell me! Send me your reviews via email or post them on the fanfiction website! Thank you all for reading and I wish you all the best!

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