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(SIX) What You Do On Your Own Times Just Fine

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this is my first attempt at this, so if its lame or weird, im sorry.

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Unpacking boxes only to pack their contents back up again, he prepared to leave her, to fire up his love affair with the best thing he's ever done with his life, leaving behind the best thing to ever happen to his life. Perched on the edge of their unmade bed, she watched him carefully organize his life into an array of suitcases and duffle bags.

With love in their hearts, taking a giant leap of faith, they moved in together, into his newly furnished condo, fusing their lives together the best they could, searching for a cement connection to hold them together. Time would never permit settling and a house warming party would never happen; tonight he was leaving, leaving her alone in their new home, surrounded by boxes of their belongings, waiting to be unpacked with nothing but the dog to keep her company.

Retreating from the bedroom she couldn't watch him any longer, her heart breaking as each shirt packed tightly against the next, fighting the tears with each fold. Reminding her of why she ran from him in the beginning, falling back into the games and the drama, slipping deep into their own depression as the miles stretched between them, causing a void in their lives and a drifting sensation in their hearts. Soon enough she would be spending hours on an airplane, wasting weekends and vacation time flying to wherever he was plotted at that very moment, climbing onto a tour bus behind him, or checking in and out of an endless array of hotels. Heartbreak would cause her to turn to work to keep her mind away from him, he would have less time to talk to her as each minute passed and they would drift, it was inevitable.

Bracing herself at the kitchen sink, she tried to hold the tears back, letting one slip through and drop to Hemmingway who was sitting contently at her feet. Catching her from behind, he ran his course hands down her bare arms, his lips brushing the sensitive skin on the back of her neck, sending chills through her entire body. Spinning around on the balls of her feet, she wrapped her fingers in his belt loops, pulling him into her, running her fingers under his shirt, along the brim of his jeans. Brushing her lips against his, too eager to move in for the kill, but too devious to grant him the pleasure, she ran her finger nails lightly down his chest.

Cupping her chin in his hand, brushing his lips against hers once more he wiped a tear from her cheeck before giving in to the urge, fighting her soft lips for domination, as she wrapped her arms around his neck, adding a passion and intimacy his body longed for. Tugging at the edge of her shirt, she hurried to pull it over her head while he mimicked her actions with his own.

Lifting his arms up to rest on her shoulders, needing them out of the way, she fumbled with his belt buckle before unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans and sliding her hand into the warmth of what was hiding behind the constricting fabric. Gasping as her slender fingers ran over every inch of what he had to offer her, he trailed kisses along her neck and ears, nipping at her earlobe, his lips never breaking contact with her body.

Kissing her neck and down and around her collar bone and back again, he wiggled out of his jeans as she pushed them over his hips and down his thighs, backing against the kitchen table. Kicking the chair behind him from beneath the table, he hoisted her up onto it, laying her back, her exposed flesh shivering against the chilled wooden table top.

Running his lips down the length of her body and back again, he trailed kissed along the brim of her bra strap and down the cups, pushing her pants down her legs as he worked his way to the newly exposed flesh of her legs. Placing gentle flutters of kisses on her stomach he moved to the nerve abundant skin of her thighs and between her legs, teasing but never entering. After feeling the warmth radiating from inside of her, he made his way back to her lips and slid himself deep inside of her in a desperate attempt to find the source of her heat.

Thrusting at a steady pace he tried his best not to rock the table, gripping the edges for support as an exuberant sigh escaped from beyond his lips. Wrapping her legs around his waist she pulled him into her as far as he could possibly go, letting out a moan to rival his sigh of desire.

Sitting up to meet his eye level, their lips crashed together once again, desperate for the taste of one another. Dropping her arms around his shoulders she clutched onto him as he thrust harder into her warmth, filling every part of her with all he could. Gripping his shoulders for support she dug her nails into his sensitive flesh, sending chills through his entire body as he thrust into her at an alarming pace. Burying his face into the nape of her neck he let out a deep moan into her skin, placing kisses on her neck and along her shoulders.

Calling out his full name, she pleaded for speed and an increase in intensity, a demand he was more than willing to oblige to. Rocking her hips in time with his she called out his name once more, provoking him to let a deep groan escape in between soft kisses on her neck. Lips colliding together once more, he let out a moan into her mouth before pleading for her to come with him. Using his hands to pin her hips still to the table, he thrust twice more before filling her with everything he had, his body almost convulsing against hers as he ushered her to an epic climax, her body tensing, twitching and then relaxing against the now drained form she clutched onto.

Holding onto the table for support, he forced his knees to not give out from under him, as she let herself fall back down to the table top once more, her weak naked form spread out on the chilled wood before him.

Showering some time after, he tried to wash her touch off of his skin, hoping to scrub away the sadness she was causing inside of him. It was going to work out this time, he wasn't going to let her slip away, but here he was, packing his life into a suitcase, ready to run away from her to a new city every night, to stand in front of a new crowd or a new camera, the flashes blinding him from all that he had left behind.

With his arms wrapped around her, he must have kissed her goodbye a hundred times before leaning down to pat Hemmingway on the head and walking out the door. Watching him walk away she dried the tears from her eyes, he never turned to look back, knowing that if he did, he would run back into her arms, unable to force himself to leave her. Life didn't stop for her while she was gone, and he didn't expect her to wait around for him to call; but every night he would hope and pray that this time, this time would be different, this time, he wouldn't screw it up; hoping the past would stop repeating itself.
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