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(SEVEN) When I'm Home Alone I Just Can't Stop Myself

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*last chapter, not ending as strong as i would have liked, but this was my first shot.

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Seated on top of the table at the "merch" booth, her legs swinging over the side, she kicked the ball back to Dirty every time he tossed it in her direction. Spending the majority of her free time hanging out with him, she had yet to conclude what his real purpose on the tour was; he drank too much, made a fool of him and amused everyone around him, nothing more, nothing less. Holding the position of one of Pete's very best friends, his sidekick if you will, he was assigned the position of looking out for her, officially inducting her into their entourage and making sure she was content and safe at all times.

Searching for ways to amuse herself, never having any real work to do, she would hang out here selling t-shirts, or ditch him to circulate herself around, mingling with fans, keeping meet and greets in order and in line, preventing or supervising any havoc he would try to cause; she admitted to herself she couldn't have asked for more, having the time of her life, wondering how she had gotten so lucky.

With a huff, blowing a stray strand of her auburn hair out of her eyes, she dropped her suitcase at his feet, awaiting the security of his arms around her. Laughing at the frustrated expression on her face, he pulled her to him, immediately brushing his lips against hers, longing to feel her touch; it had been far too long since his lips had felt such pleasure. Taking his irrational advice and giving into his heartbreaking pleas, she quit her job; packing her bags and dragging them onto an airplane, only to pull them off again at an airport in France where he had anxiously awaited her arrival.

Making a drastic irrational decision before the time and distance crept up on them; he had convinced her to visit him on the road, in Europe, for the remainder of the tour. Too far for weekend visits and video conferences, he had convinced her to quit her job, assuring her he would find her something to do, he would make a position for her; demoting a few people along the way, he dropped her in an administrative position in his company, Clandestine Industries had itself a new Vice-President of Sales. Unsure if the position he had given her even existed, she hesitantly accepted; at least she would get to see him more often. Acting as her boss, his only request was that she spent time with him, putting her work off until a more convenient time came along.

Finding herself at the very same place, on the very same table with the very same man later on that night, she scrolled through her sidekick, swinging her feet off of the edge of the table. Sitting with her through their set, he laughed out loud to himself, in awe; she was the only girl he knew that would sit through an entire bands set, singing every word to every song that had in fact been written about her, with a smile on her face; to him that was an amazing feat to accomplish.

Jumping off of the table, flipping her sidekick screen shut, the picture on her home screen forced a smile to spread over her lips. Love was an unexplainable force, and watching him run around the stage like a madman, she couldn't help but smile at how unexplainable their love was, and how it was as unexplainable as love could get; causing a smile that would soon fade in the later hours of the very same night.

Aggravated and stressed, exhausted and on edge, he had completely lost it, snapping immediately. Unaware of why they were even fighting, she did her best to fight back the tears that were forming behind her eyes, unwilling to let him break her down. Screaming at each other down a long hallway somewhere in the venue; she was selfish and cold and he was ungrateful and inconsiderate. Letting his aggression get the best of him, he told her that he wasn't sure that she was even worth his time anymore, a statement he immediately regretted letting slip through.

As the hurt and sadness filled her eyes, the tears broke through, destroying the barrier that had been holding them back. Fighting the urge to slap him across the face, she sniffled back the tears and walked away. Grabbing at her arm to pull her back, he attempted to start an apology, but she shook it off and continued on, storming past Dirty and Patrick who stood at the end of the hall shaking their heads at him in disappointment.

Leaning against the wall Pete let his forehead rest on the cold concrete, sighing heavily in anger and frustration. Patrick did what he knew needed to be done, taking a small envelope out of his back pocket; he removed its delicate contents and forcefully handed it over to Pete, pointing toward the door. Following her wouldn't let him take back what he had just said, but watching her walk away was only going to make his heartbreak worse.

Racing through the building he fumbled with his phone, dialing her number as fast as his fingers would recall the movement, searching frantically for any sign that she was still there as she ignored his call, a feeling he was all too familiar with. Pulling his hood down over his head, he ventured outside into the pouring rain, picking a direction and hoping he knew her as well as he had thought. Three blocks away, Paris in the night time; there was only one place she could be going, a site he promised he would bring her to before they left to return to the states, a site he promised to make historical and romantic.

Far too impatient to wait for a cab, he sprinted the distance to the monument, rain falling down hard on the sidewalk below him, the cool air of the night burning in his chest as he ran. Reaching his destination, completely out of breath, he held himself up on the nearest lamp post, leaning against it for support as he steadied his breathing and surveyed the area.

Spotting her several yards away, she sat contently, Indian style in the grass, gazing up at the tower before her; catching her breath from running away from him as fast as she could; clothes stuck to her trembling frame, soaking wet strands of her hair sticking to her face, damp with falling tears and falling rain.

Nervously taking a seat next to her in the wet grass, he hadn't even had a chance to apologize before she assured him there was nothing left, popping up from her spot, she turned to walk away, she had become so good at walking away.

Chasing after her once again, he refused to let her go, he refused to let love slip away, falling through the cracks of his fingers. Turning her around by a grip he caught on her forearm, he briskly but only briefly pulled her lips to his before she violently shoved him away, reminding him she wasn't worth his time; continuing on her way, with no destination and no intention of stopping.

Instead of following, he stood in the wet grass as the rain crashed down hard on his face, mixing with the tears that had begun to fall; calling out to her, he was giving up. Desperation in his voice, each word cracking more with each syllable; this is what stopped her in her tracks, giving him one final chance to redeem himself.

Calling out her name, the tears fell as he apologized for anything he had ever done to hurt her, and anything he would do in the future. Practically begging for forgiveness, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her; she couldn't turn her back on him now, he needed her so much. Inside, her heart was breaking; walking away again was the last thing she wanted to do, she was too much in love with him to give up this time, she had grown to love the boy trapped inside of the man she once knew. Turning to face him with tears in her eyes, she found him on his knees in the grass, his head in his hands; knowing he had failed her and failed himself, he couldn't go on.

Taking to her knees next to him, she grasped his hands in hers, pulling them away from his face, and placing her lips gently to his. In Paris, at night, in front of the Eiffel Tower, in the pouring rain; a B-rate novelist couldn't write the scene to be anymore romantic and heart breaking, there was no way she could go on and leave him there, a broken and lonely man.

Shuffling through his pockets, he had to do it now and pulling the ring out of his pocket, he dropped back to sitting on his heels, they were both kneeling, and he needed to be slightly lower for romantic effect. Rocking back on his heels, he took her hand in his, the rain still falling down hard around them; he confessed his faults and desires, his life dreams and never-ending love for a girl he met by chance too far back to even remember the date. Battling his demons and fighting through the lowest of lows, she had proved herself more than worthy; all he could ever give to her would never be what she deserved, a saint in her own right, his saving grace, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, he needed to spend the rest of his life with her. Unwilling to risk losing her ever again, he took the leap he had planned to take days from now, at this very site, in a more romantic, well thought out situation; but it felt right now, and no time would be better than this very moment to ask her to marry him.

Without thought or hesitation, she had agreed. In love with everything he had become and everything he would turn in to from now on, she was willing to stick by him, no matter what was in store for the future. Making a promise to herself and to the love of her life, she wouldn't run anymore, she gave in to him and gave him her heart, promising eternity, sealed forever; making him the happiest he had ever been. Ensuing happiness would bring them through thick and thin from that very moment forward, now if only he knew what he would write about from now on.
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