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Chapter 2

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Adie finds something interesting in Franks room...Frank finds something interesting about Adie

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Whoo Chapta 2!!! Wellz guess what? writing blindly...

Disclaimer: Dont own except Adie...bla bla bla...
Frank yelled through the house after 6 hours of cleaning.
It was REALLY messy
Adie struts around the corner, broom in hand.
She asks giving Frank a ha!-yea-right look.
He just stared at her.
She rolled her eyes and walked in.
It looked very clean.
Needed dusting and vacumming, but that was about it.
And an air freshener.
Adie glanced at the violating pile of clothes in the general direction of the laundary basket.
She yelled plugging her nose.
Frank rolled his eyes, gathered what he could and trotted out.
Adie had only been in Franks room to wake him up.
She began to snoop around.
She looked in his dresser.
Amazingly there were no dirty clothes in there.
Then catiously between his matresses.
She let out a sigh of relief when she found only one porn mag. Well it wasn't actually a porn mag.
It was more of a stripper mag, locally.
"This is..."
"What the hell are you doing?"
Adie spun around.
Frank was staring at her from the doorway.
A smirk formed on his lips.
He held up his digital camera.
Even from her distance Adie could see the pic.
"Oh shit."
She said.
Frank strolled over to her.
"So, how late am I sleeping in?"
Adie growled and stuffed the magazine back in its place.
"The great Adie looks at porn, huh?"
"I do not like porn!"
She ground out between clenched teeth.
"Oh really."
"I was just...checking for something..."
Adie lowered her head.
"For what?"
Frank said getting the mag out.
"Does it matter?!"
She crossed her arms over her chest.
"Yep, I havn't actually seen this one."
Adie snapped her head up.
She snatched the magazine from Franks hands and tore it up.
Then she ran out of the room.
Frank looked shockingly down at the scraps of his book.
Something caught his eye.
He bent down.
There was no fucking way.
But there it was, Adrianna Armstrong.
The name was printed in great big black letters.
Adie was a stripper?
DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!! Yep she's a stripper!! i don't really kno if Frank looks at...stripper they even exist? It's my story I don't care. Rate and Review...this is much more less funny than the first chap.
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