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Chapter 3

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cute!!! Adie reveals her true weird feelins. The romance is fucked up for a reason!!!

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Wellz heres chapta 3! Writin usual...

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They didn't see Adie very much the next day.
She didn't wake them up.
She didn't clean the house.
She didn't blast her music.
She didn't practice her giutar, drums, bass or sing.
She just stayed in her room all day.
Gerard knocked on her door once, but something hard hit it so he decided to value his life and leave her be.
Frank didn't understand why he was standing outside her door.
Didn't know why he was staring at the black, wooden surface.
But he did know that somehow it was his fault they hadn't seen her.
It was his fault if she'd done something drastic.
He knocked lightly.
No answer.
He knocked again louder.
Still no answer.
He grabbed the door knob, but it was locked.
God please don't let her have done something drastic.
The door flew open.
"Oh jeezus..."
Frank said letting out a deep breath.
Adie glared at him.
"I-i was just...."
"Checking on me?"
Adie asked arching an eyebrow.
"Well...yea...we havn't seen you I just wanted to make sure your okay."
Frank said scratching the back of his head.
"No actually, I'm not okay."
Adie said crossing her arms.
"Look, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were a..."
Frank cut himself off.
Adie looked at him shockingly.
"So, what do you want?"
Adie growled.
"Come out?"
Frank asked.
"Boss us around, clean house, yell at us for leaving crums on the table, hate me."
"I don't hate you Frank. Infact its...nevermind..."
Frank looked at her.
"No tell-"
He was cut off by Adies lips pressed lightly on his.
She pulled away and closed her door.
Frank stared at the door again.
Then down the hall.
He felt his face flush seeing an awed Ray standing at the end of it.
"You never saw that."
Frank said.
Ray said walking to the living room in a daze.
Frank placed his hand on the surface of the door.
"Yea, ditto."
Then he followed Ray.
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