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Taking a Stand

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Monica talks to a woman who brings up the past and passes judgement on Monica's new life. Monica takes a stand and defends Gerard.

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Jerry was standing outside the van looking at his watch. "Gerard we need to get back," He reminded him.
"Yea, just hold up a minute," he said looking over to where Monica stood. The woman was now speaking to her. He moved a bit closer hoping to hear the conversation.
"Monica where have you been?' After Kyle died we weren't surprised you didn't come to services but after a month we were worried. When Brother Allen went by your house and found it empty we were shocked. How could you just leave without telling anyone?"
Monica looked down "The girls and I decided we needed to leave and get a fresh start somewhere new." She offered no other information.
The woman frowned "A fresh start? That is ridiculous. Alma is you home, that farm had been in Kyle's family for years. When we learned you had sold it no one could believe you had done that and without a word to Jenn. She was beside herself."
"Well, it was mine and it was my decision." Monica looked up at Constance and tried to steady her voice, "Look I really have to go. Nice seeing you again."
"Monica, tell me where you have been all this time. You had no right to leave like you did."
Anger flared in Monica "I had every right to leave. Now if you will excuse me" She took a step towards the van but was stopped by Constance's voice.
"Have you even been to see Jenn?"
"I have nothing to say to her. She is the last person on this earth I would want to see."
Constance frowned "That is an evil thing to say. She was always good to you. I'm not sure where this attitude is coming from but it is very unbecoming."
Gerard had heard enough. He walked over to stand beside Monica. Constance looked at him with distain. "Is this the kind of people you are associating with now?" she asked looking at Monica. "Men who wear make up and play that kind of unholy music?"
Monica flinched "Goodbye Constance. I have nothing else to say to you." She turned and walked to the van. Gerard followed her.
"What the fuck was that all about?" he asked keeping his voice low.
"Ask me later" Her anger was still growing. She got in the van but instead of sitting down she stopped. "Jerry I know we are in a hurry but please may I have just a few minutes more."
He nodded and watched as she got back out of the van and grabbed Gerard's hand. She all but pulled him back to where Constance still stood. "Constance I forgot to introduce you to Gerard my boyfriend. Yea he wears eye liner and is the lead singer of a kick ass rock band." Constance actually flinched when Monica said kick ass. "He is the best person I have ever known. He is loving, caring and kind. He is a good person who you judged without any knowledge of his true character."
"I don't want to know anyone like him," She answered with total distain, "I thought you had more sense than this Monica. I'm glad Kyle is in his grave unable to see how you are acting."
The color drained from Monica's face. She slightly swayed and Gerard put his arm around her. Constance sneered at them. "I'm sure you are living in sin with this man. Is that the kind of example you want to set for your daughters?'
Gerard started to open his mouth but Monica spoke first. "You are a hypocrite Constance. Your church teaches nothing but hatred. You judge people by their looks not their actions. You hate and yet you act so holy. I feel sorry for you. Someday you will stand to be judged and I don't think it will go well for you."
She turned and began to walk back to the van holding Gerard's hand tightly. He could feel her tremble. He wasn't sure if she was upset or just fucking pissed. As the van pulled out of the lot he found out.
"Stupid fucking bitch" she muttered.
"That was intense" Gerard said putting his arm around her. "Want to tell me what that was all about?"
She looked over at him. "Kyle belonged to the so called "Church of Love". I don't think it was really affiliated with any other church. He forced the girls and me to go with him ever so often. I hated it. They pretend to spread peace when all they spread is hatred. That was Sister Celeste. Lovely woman isn't she?"
Gerard thought a moment. "So who is Jenn?'
Monica put her head back and closed her eyes. "Kyle's sister" she answered. Her head was pounding full fury.
He knew she had been pushed too far. He moved her head so that it could rest on his chest. "I love you," he whispered into her ear.
She took several calming breaths. "I love you too Gee"
When they arrived back at the Expocentre it was time for the band to take the stage for their sound check. Monica told Gerard she has going to lay down in hopes it would help her pounding headache. The concern in his eyes touched her, "Hey it's just a headache, I'll be fine. I just want it to go away before the concert."
He led her to her bunk and covered her once she was settled. "I'm sorry you were upset today. That was one bitchy lady." He said while running his fingers down her cheek.
She knew he was hoping she would explain to him what that encounter had meant but she just couldn't right now. "Yea, she is. You better get going. I'll see you in a bit."
The hurt in his eyes caused her to look away.
He stood without another word and left the bus. She thought everyone had left so she was very startled when Frank spoke. "Monica all of us have accepted you as part of our family. If you have a problem its our problem too. I know you don't want to talk about is right now but just remember we have your back. You are one of us now." He reached out and briefly touched her cheek then turned and left.
Monica was deeply touched by his words. How was it she was so lucky to have all these wonderful people as friends? She smiled and closed her eyes. The headache was lessening. She drifted off to sleep.
The dream started off at the home she had shared with Kyle their whole married life. She was walking outside and it was a beautiful day, the sun felt warm on her face, not a cloud in the sky. She walked among trees that covered the property feeling happy and content. Slowly she made her way towards the pond. It was clear and the water was still, not a ripple to be seen on the surface. She neared the edge and stood with her feet almost touching the water.
Without warning the surface to the water began to swirl. She was startled and tried to back away from the edge. Monica screamed as something grabbed her foot and dragged her into the water. She couldn't break free and tumbled into the water......
"Monica wake up. Are you OK?"
She opened her eyes and screamed once more.
"Monica it's me Worm. Are you OK?" he looked as frightened as she felt. She forced herself to calm down. Taking several breaths she willed her heartbeat to stop racing. "I'm sorry, I was having a nightmare," she told him in a shaky voice.
"Shit you scared me. I had just come on the bus and heard you saying something then you screamed." He told her. He shook his head "Anyway, Gerard wanted me to tell you that they are going on in 15 minutes."
"Thank you. I'm really sorry I scared you." She got out of the bunk and stood still feeling shaken. "You go ahead I'll be there in a minute."
He nodded and left the bus. She went into the bathroom and was shocked by the face in the mirror. Her hair was tangled and she had dark circles under her eyes. Quickly she washed her face, applied just a bit of makeup. After running the brush through her hair she left the bus. She didn't want to miss a minute of the concert. She needed to see Gerard.
Gerard looked up as Worm walked into the dressing room. "Is she coming?' he asked.
Worm nodded. "Yea she said to tell you she would be here in a minute." He shifted from one foot to the other trying to decide if he should tell Gerard what had happened. "Man, she scared the shit out of me. I had just got on the bus when she screamed." He saw the look on Gerard's face and quickly added, "She was having a nightmare. She was saying something like "let me go you're dead, I saw you die" Then she screamed. " Man, I gotta tell you it was fucking unnerving. I've never seen anyone look so scared in my life."
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