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I Won't Let You Forget

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The Topeka Kansas stop for the Balck Parade goes well with a few surprises.

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He was sitting on the edge of the sofa with his face covered by his hands. Monica walked over and sat down. "Sorry I meant to be here earlier but I fell asleep"
Gerard lowered his hands and looked at her. She was smiling but the smile didn't reach her eyes. "Bad nightmare?" he said so quietly she almost didn't hear him.
She had hoped Worm would not say anything to him. "Yea, it was just a stupid nightmare. I guess all of today's drama caught up with me."
He nodded sadly, "You really worry me, Monica. Something is eating away at you and all I can do is watch. I feel so fucking helpless."
"Gee, I'm OK really. Please stop worrying about me." She leaned over and kissed his lips but he didn't respond. "Gee please don't do this. I just want things to be fine between us. As long as I have you I will be fine." Her voice was almost pleading.
He looked down at the floor. "Monica when are you going to tell me the truth about what you are running from? I know I told you I didn't care if you ever told me but fuck I just hate to see you suffer. You are scared and I can't help. I want to make you feel safe and you won't let me."
Monica realized he was going to go on in a few minutes and he needed to focus on the concert. "Gee I promise you things are going to be alright. I'm dealing much better now. A month ago if I had run into Constance I would have had an anxiety attack. Today I just got pissed."
He gave her a slight smile "For sure you did. When you looked at me and said "fuck" I almost laughed out loud. By the way thanks for saying those things about me to her. She was looking at me like I was a pile of shit."
"That is the kind of woman she is. In her head you are one of the damned. She is so stupid and narrow-minded." She gave him a quick kiss "Everything I said about you is true."
"On in ten" Worm announced. He stood looking at Monica and she realized he was waiting to take her to her seat.
"Now put on a good show and stop your worrying." She brushed her lips against his but his time he reached out and pulled her to him. The kiss was hard and passionate. When they broke apart Frank and Mikey stood staring at them.
"Wow" Mikey said "is it hot in here?"
"Oh yea, it's fucking steamy." Frank agreed.
Gerard gave them a bored look and flipped them off.
"Nice, Gerard. Very mature." Mikey teased. "I'm gonna tell mom."
Monica just shook her head at them. She stood and after giving Gee one last kiss she followed Worm. "Hope you're not mad at me for telling Gerard about your nightmare. I was just worried and thought maybe he should know."
She hadn't wanted Gerard to know but she knew Worm had just been doing what he thought was best. "No it's OK." She told him. He nodded and took his place down in front of the stage. From her spot on the side of the stage it was easy to see the guys do their high-fives and wait for the house lights to go down.
Tonight's concert was as energetic as the night before. The first half was done as the Black Parade and was an epic story told through song. It was during the song "Mama" Monica got quite a surprise. Slowly Gerard lowered his body onto the monitor at the front center of the stage. He caressed and moved his body over the piece of equipment as if it was a lover. She watched him and couldn't help but say "holy shit" as he made that monitor his own, in a matter of speaking. Damn she thought to herself it was really hot in here now. The women in the crowd all seemed to agree with the screaming that erupted.
Later in the concert it was during "Famous Last Words" that Gerard gestured to Worm. Monica watched as he stopped singing and got down on the stage to speak into Worm's ear. He had spotted a fan who was in trouble in the crowd and needed help. Worm responded quickly and the woman was helped out of the sea of bodies. Monica was in awe that he could be so caught up in performing yet still notice that someone needed help. The man was so amazing.
Once again it seemed the concert passed by so quickly. When the band had finished and had left the stage she caught up with Gerard. She hugged him once again ignoring his remarks about how sweaty he was. It wouldn't have mattered if he had been covered in mud she would have hugged him. "You are so amazing" she whispered in his ear.
He gave her a tired grin. "Go ahead on to the bus and I will get there as soon as I can, honey. I want to check on the fan Worm got out."
She nodded and gave him one final kiss. Tonight she walked alone to the bus. The night was clear and cold. She passed several band members from Rise Against who nodded and said hello. The bus was right ahead of her when she realized she wasn't alone. A young boy stepped out of the shadows. A cry of alarm escaped her lips.
"Excuse me, but I'm supposed to give you this note" he thrust out his hand and she took the folded paper. He turned and sprinted off into the darkness.
"What was that all about?" Jerry asked walking up to her.
Monica shrugged, "I don't know," she answered honestly. Once inside the bus she moved over to one of the lights and unfolded the note. Her eyes scanned the lines. She began to tremble. Neatly printed were two lines.


Jerry saw her reaction, "Hey Monica are you alright?"
She refolded the paper and stuck it deep in her pocket, "Yea, fine." She lied. "I'm just fine."

Authors Note - OK most of you probably know about the infamous video on YouTube where Gerard is humping a monitor on the stage during the song Mama. I just couldn't resist putting that in the story. There is also a video from the same night that does indeed show Gerard pointing out a fan to Worm who needs help. When I first saw it I wondered what Gerard was doing. If you read the posts the person who was filming explains about Worm and the fan. God love him, Gerard really looks out for the fans.
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