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Chapter Five

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enter Brendon, Ryan and Pete.

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okay well i bet you're still in suspense!!! well okay without further adue here's the fifth chapter!!! ENJOY!!!

Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Ray, Bob and Davey ran around the corner of the still dingy dim hallway.

They all follow Davey running down the hallway the doors flying past. They slowed down as they saw what was wrong.

Ryan had his head stuck in a hole in one of the open doors. Brendon was trying to pull him out and Pete was standing there looking very worried.

Ryan kept crying out in pain as the splinters hit his neck and pierced his flesh. "OWWW!!! STOP BRENDON!!!"

Pete said sounding frantic, "Brendon!!! Stop!!!"

Brendon exclaimed, "Well what the hell do you want me to do leave him!?" He had let go of Ryan and backed away from him a little bit.

Gerard, Frank and Bob stood there not knowing what to do.

Pete and Brendon started to argue while Ryan was starting to struggle with the door.

He had gotten scratched and started to bleed a lot. Blood was running down his neck and down the door.

Ray and Mikey went over to Ryan to see what they could do to help.

Gerard and Frank snapped out of it and went over to try to break up the fight between Pete and Brendon. Davey had joined the fight as well.

Bob stood there in the shadows of the hallway waiting for the chaos to stop.

Ryan was nearly in tears from all the splinters and sharp wood from the door.

Ray and Mikey were trying their best to help.

Ryan asked sniffling, "P-pl-please help m-me..."

Mikey said worried, "We will don't worry....Ryan you said your name was?"

Ryan replied scared, worried, crying and in pain, " g-get m-me out-t!"

Ray said as soothe as his voice would allow, "We are please stop crying. The more you move the more you'll get hurt."

Ryan held back his tears and tried his best to stop moving around.

Ray shouted over to the others, "WOULD YOU GUYS STOP!!!!"

Gerard, Frank, Davey, Pete and Brendon all looked up.

Mikey said loudly but not shouting yet, "Your friend is in pain you guys need to help him not fight!"

Jade came from the shadows, "Move."

Everybody was startled except for Davey.

Ray asked loudly, "And what makes you think we'll trust you!?"

Jade said in a soothe voice, "Move. Or else Ryan will get hurt more."

Ryan asked choking back his tears, "H-how do you k-know my n-name?"

Jade said still peaceful, "I know all of your names. Ray, Mikey move or else Ryan will most defiantly get hurt more."

Ray and Mikey confused at what was happening stepped out of Jade's way.

Jade walked swiftly but quietly over to Ryan, who was still stuck in the door.

Jade said in a different soothe, calm and peaceful tone, "Ryan...this might hurt just a little okay?"

Ryan replied as he choked back his tears once again, "O-okay..."

Jade said in the same tone, "Brace yourself..." He placed his hands on Ryan's neck.

Brendon finally able to talk said his voice loud, "Wait! How do you know what you're doing!?"

Jade sighed, "Stop this. Let me help him then question all you want."

Brendon becoming mad was about to retort when Pete placed a hand on his shoulder. Brendon looked at Pete and Pete held his grip firmly. Brendon sighed and gave up. Jade nodded to Pete and placed his hands back onto Ryan's neck and pulled hard.

Ryan cried out as waves of pain wracked throughout his body from his neck down.

Brendon, Pete, Davey, Gerard, Frank, Mikey, Ray and Bob all stood there worried looks crossed over their face as Jade continued to free Ryan's head from the door.

Finally after a few more tension filled moments Ryan's head finally came free. Ryan and Jade were pitched backwards, Ryan landing on Jade.

Ryan got up shakily, "Oh m-my god i'm sorry!!!"

Jade sighed, "It's okay." Jade stood up not bothering to brush the dirt off him.

Brendon and Pete went to Ryan's side.

Ryan leaned against the wall shaking and scared. Tears silently flowed down his cheeks as blood flowed down his neck.

Jade said quietly, "You need to stop the blood flow. You can use this..." He hands Gerard a first aid kit and walks off down the hallway.

Brendon called out after him angrily, "That's it you're just going to walk away now!?"

He was about to go after Jade when he didn't reply but Pete said, "Brendon being angry won't help Ryan right now!"

Ryan choked out another sob and tried to stop crying.

Gerard went over to them and handed the first aid kit to Pete.

Pete said trying to be calm, "Thanks...your name?"

Gerard looked up at him, "Oh uh Gerard. Gerard Way."

Pete nodded and offered a slight smile before replying, "Pete. Pete Wentz is the name."

He turned back to Ryan to see what he could do.

Davey had already slunk away into the shadows of the building they were in.

Bob stood there still trying to figure a way out. He was quite emotionless at that moment.

Frank and Gerard stood there not really knowing what to do.

Mikey and Ray were helping Pete out with the first aid kit telling him how to use what.

Brendon stood there worrying and scared for his friend.

Ryan winced and cried out lightly as Pete dressed his wounds and pulled out some of the splinters of wood.

Pete mumbled, "Sorry Ryan..."

Ryan cried out in pain again as Pete put a final bandage on his wound.

After everybody had calmed down and the tension in the air had disappeared Gerard asked, " you guys are?"

Pete introduced, "I'm Pete, this is Brendon and this is Ryan..." He gestured to them both. The whole group offered a small and weak smile.

Gerard replied, "Well...i'm Gerard, this is Frank, this is Bob, this is Ray, and this is my brother Mikey....wait...where did uh...Davey yeah where did Davey go?"

He looked up and down the hall. Everybody had a blank look on their face.

Ryan asked in a shaky voice, "W-where are w-we?"

Frank replied shaking his head, "Nobody knows..."

Brendon sighed.

Pete said to break the tension forming in the air, "Why don't we go see if there's a way out?"

Gerard said catching on, "Yeah sure...c'mon you guys..."

Everybody followed silently.

The hallways were narrow and each one was as bare as the next.

Hours later they seemed to get turned around and confused.

Suddenly it hit them: They were lost. Hopelessly lost in a maze of hallways that looked all the same. Scary, dingy, bare, dim hallways........


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