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Chapter four

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enter Bob and Ray!

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la la la...yeah i got bored and thought of something new!!! yay!!! okay here ya go...

Gerard, Frank, and Mikey ran down the hallway looking for the source of the scream. They turned the corner and stopped.

Frank and Gerard burst out laughing. Mikey was shocked.

Davey choked out, "H-help m-me pl-please..."

Frank and Gerard were too busy laughing. Mikey asked, "Bob what the hell are you doing?!"

Bob replied paranoid sounding, "He was trying to attack me!!!"

Davey choked out, "I-I w-wa-was n-not!!! J-just le-let m-me e-explain m-my-myself!!!" Davey was gasping for air.

Mikey cried out, "Bob for christ's sake let him go before you kill him!"

Bob replied, "No!" as Davey gasped out again.

Gerard and Frank had started to calm down. Mikey ran over to them and tried his best to pry them apart.

Bob was about to punch Mikey when Jade said calmly, "Bob let go of Davey." Bob asked still paranoid, "And just who do you think you are!?"

Jade replied calmly as Davey gasped out for air again, "Just let Davey go. Davey why haven't you changed yet? I told you no white from head to toe." His tone was still very calm.

Davey choked out, "Jade please just help me!!!" Jade said still calm as can be, "Bob let him go now."

Bob reluctantly let Davey out of the headlock. Davey fell to the ground gasping for air holding onto his neck.

Frank and Gerard calmed down from laughing.

Mikey asked his voice raised a little, "Bob what the hell's your problem!?"

Bob said menacingly, "He tried to attack me!!! He should've backed off!!!"

He looks down at Davey on the ground. Davey whimpered and crawled off over by Jade before Bob could hurt him again.

Davey finally caught his breath after five minutes. All the while Bob and Mikey were arguing.

Davey got up his breathing still a little irregular. Jade asked still as calm as can be, "You okay?" Davey nodded winded.

Frank and Gerard were trying to break up Bob and Mikey.

Jade shouted still very calm, "SHUT UP ALL OF YOU." Bob, Mikey, Gerard and Frank looked at Jade.

Jade said quietly and calm once again, "You guys need to get along. Stop fighting." He walks off again.

Gerard said to his retreating back, "Wait would you!?"

Davey followed Jade off down the hallway and out of sight.

Mikey asked confused, "Why do they keep doing that?" Frank and Gerard shrugged.

Bob said ready to leave, "I'm so getting the fuck out of here. NOW."

He walks off. Gerard's hand shot out and he grabbed Bob's shoulder.

Bob turned sharply and said nearly yelling, "LET THE FUCK GO!!!!!!!!"

Gerard said trying to be calm but his voice was a little shaky, "Bob please. Just calm down. Stop being all paranoid." Bob stayed silent.

Mikey said a little calm, "Why don't we all look for Ray?"

Bob sighed and calmed down quite a bit, "Okay c'mon we can't leave him here alone..."

Gerard let go of Bob and his hand fell to his side.

Gerard asked a little scared, "Where do you think he's at?"

Bob said a little annoyed and still paranoid, "Why do you think we're going to look? Idiot."

Gerard said resentfully, "HEY!"

Mikey and Frank laughed. After everybody had calmed down they all walked off down the dimly lit hallway.

The walls were still bare and there was no sign of life anywhere. There were cobwebs and everything looked age old.

Mikey asked disgusted, "How can anybody live here?"

Gerard said, "Dunno..."

Bob was ahead of everybody and he turned the corner and cried out.

The others looked at each other and quickened their pace and turned the corner.

Bob and Ray were on the ground staring at each other.

Frank asked, "What happened to you guys? You both look like you saw a ghost..."

Ray said scared, "W-we...ran into e-each other..."

Bob was breathing heavily, as was Ray.

Mikey asked, "Do you guys need help up?"

Ray, his breathing returning to normal, "Y-yeah..."

Frank held out his hand to help up Ray as Mikey helped up Bob. Gerard stood there concerned.

Davey ran around the corner out of breath he shouted seeing them, "!!!

He ran back around the corner. The group exchanged worried looks and took off running after Davey.


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