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Chapter Three.

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enter Mikey and Frank.

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Gerard, even more confused than before, opens the door entirely and walks out looking behind the door. Mikey was laying on the floor.

Gerard exclaimed, "Oh god!!! Mikey are you okay!?" He rushed to his brother's side.

Mikey had his hands over his face, "Uhhhh...yeah i think i'm okay.....i think i hit a door...."

Gerard said worried, "Yeah you did. Are you sure you're okay?"

Mikey nodded and sat up. He smiled reassuringly, "Don't worry i'm okay..." His voice trails off as he sees his brother in full perspective. He continues more worried than Gerard was, "God you look like shit...what the heck happened?!"

Gerard grimaced as Mikey rose his voice, "Ow please don't shout..."

Mikey said still worried, "Oh sorry...but what happened?"

Gerard said his head still spinning from what had happened, "Somebody attacked me and i fell and hit my head hard."

Mikey stared at his brother a loss for words.

Somebody turned the corner and saw them, they walked towards Mikey and Gerard. Both Mikey and Gerard were tense until they looked up and sighed with relief.

Frank said, "Oh hey guys..." He saw Gerard. "What the hell happened to you??"

Gerard mumbled, "Hit my head..."

Frank said a little amused, "Hit it hard enough?"

Gerard said feeling his face turn hot, "Oh shut up Frank."

Frank smiled, "So where are we?"

Gerard looked up at him becoming serious, "I don't know..."

Mikey said, "I woke up here...and then ran into a door."

Frank laughed. Mikey turned away from him feeling his cheeks turn red.

Gerard said, "Okay seriously you guys...we need to find our way out. And the others..."

Frank was about to say something when Jade cut him off, "You're not leaving." All three of them looked up at Jade, who was leaning against the wall of the dingy hallway they were in.

The walls were cracked everywhere and the light was dim. The walls were bare and there were doors leading off everywhere.

Gerard asked confused and still dazed, "What do you mean? Why can't we leave?"

Jade had his head down with his arms crossed still leaning against the cracked wall. He replied calmly, "Because you're stuck here. Nobody can leave."

Mikey asked his voice high pitched, "And why is that?" He was scared.

Jade shrugged his reply and walked off turning the corner.

Frank called out, "Wait you didn't answer us!!" Jade had already disappeared.

Gerard sighed annoyed. Frank said annoyed, "Why does he keep doing that? He did the same thing earlier to me..." Mikey shrugged.

Gerard got up still trying to gather his thoughts together. Mikey asked concerned, "Are you sure you're okay?" Gerard snapped out of his thoughts, "Yeah....yeah i'm okay..." Frank asked getting up, "Why don't we find the others?" Mikey said already standing, "Sure..."

They started walking off down the dimly lit bare hallway. Then out of nowhere a scream split through the air. They all stopped dead in their tracks and exchanged worried and scared glances.


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